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Thursday, 15 February 2018

How AI and Blockchain Is Helping Special Event Valentine's Spark for Online Dating

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How AI and Blockchain Is Helping Special Event Valentine's Spark for Online Dating

According to an inspection by online dating app "Coffee Meets Bagel," the recognition of Valentine's Day shows to have modified sizable. Singles are loud and proud, loving empowered and less pushed to have a date for the hallmark occasion -- and this isn't the best news for dating apps.

As a result, some operatives are trying to head off dating-app fatigue with tech solutions: from the design of in-person authentic experiences such as productions and cultural experiences, to leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence for courtship tip. Others may even accept cryptocurrencies for payment to match-making platforms.

Dating through the experience economy

With men again as active on relationship sites, recommend to countless analysis, a slew of dating apps have emerged catering to women already, providing ladies to call the shots. But active not multiple yearn for more than just algorithmic similar. A current opinion according nearly 80% of millennial sense that fulfilling live events can assist deepen their relationships? They create more genuine relation meeting people at parties, concerts, festivals, or races and themed sporting events.

Despite Coffee Meets Bagel's standard-over-quantity method, the app launched by three Korean sisters six years ago on this fateful day, has clear to coherent the experience economy ratio to bring their users real-life state to meet alternative in person. They estimating with a Run Date Festival in Hong Kong -- the city select because it has the most active everyday login rates worldwide, according to CMB cofounder and COO Dawoon Kang.

The 5K run is modified to be an offline experience "to explore our omni-channel master plan," much like e-commerce giants Amazon and Alibaba have currently done taking their online baskets to offline brick-and-mortars, says Kang. "Customer brands require multiple touch points," she adds. "We aim to make more of these authentic connections such as adult summer camps by engaging in shared experiences together." More than 2,000 locals took part in the charity run that pairs participants to complete interactive obstacle courses.

Connecting love on the blockchain

Viola's ability will include building the enterprise in checking both party's time-table, booking a restaurant of their liking, sending notifications and offering ways. Providing more than one billion record points in dating tips with artificial intelligence, the software has targets to help relevant guidance, and aggressive advert couples ahead of special occasions or relationship milestones to offer resolve issues before conflicts arise.
Making connections with Bitcoin

In an again effort to facilitate love and lust, one dating app has updated to mixture the idea of soulmate with satoshism. "Luxy" not private itself as the mobile app for affluent singles. The privacy Hong Kong-based founder, who only moves by his first name Tim T., vouches for the service's "easy verification procedure," which displays for "the wealthiest men" and "the most charm women."

Not a signal must show a yearly income of $200,000 or top to standard point for membership, or be voted in for free by community association depend on attractiveness. Its website declare one out of every two active members earns more than $500,000, while 41% are evaluated millionaires. The entire service can cost as much as $450 for an in-app premium buy that offers users to filter their search according to wealth. That payment can now be transacted using Bitcoin.

How to find love in 2018

With handle to unique matches just a swipe away, dating apps are an influencing normal tool for singles to meet new people. The question is how long can these apps retain the attention of users? Lunch Actual’s Lam says it's a double-edged sword, "If you do a bad job, they leave. If you do a good job and find them a successful match they leave as well."

Monday, 1 January 2018

Quickly Close 3 Setting of the Smartphone – keeping an eye on you

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Quickly Close 3 Setting of the Smartphone – keeping an eye on you
Here you are reporting about the settings of the smartphone, which should be off if you have it, because, these settings are being monitored by you. Your data may be stolen. This includes data from photos to contextual data. Generally, most users do not care about the settings of smartphones.

It is worth mentioning that this setting is turned on by installing the App. This means that when we download an application, we are giving it all the permissions which it probably does not need.

Permission for cameras, contacts and microphones to be given to those apps which they do not need. Here we are checking you to check the settings of the apps and close it.

Step 1

Go to Apps in the phone's setting. Go to App Permission here. Click on the camera in the open list here. A list will open in front of you just by clicking. In which you will see all the applications that have been granted permission to use your phone's camera. There will be many apps that do not require camera access. Close it and close it

Step 2

Go back to the contact and click on the contact. Here, the app's listing will be open, which has access to your contacts. There will be many apps that do not need contact access. Close it and close it.

Step 3

Go to the microphone option and even turn it off. For example, apps such as Facebook do not need microphone permissions.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Sony Xperia XZ Introduction & It’s 4K Features

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Sony Xperia XZ Introduction & It’s 4K Features
Talking about prominent Japan smartphone manufacturing company Sony. It spread market share on different country like as US, Europe and China. Its own native place just share 17.5% only in Japan rest of share in other county. Most of rumors like iPhone. The iconic huge e-store to withdraw of the smartphone game. Today, mobile manufacturing company to include chunky look, smart features, slim or attractive when Sony phones are still rumor-less. Sony designers are enough credit, stylish, rectangle look, they come with a year ago, which is equally balanced and art of design.

Every smartphone brands have some monopoly about his products. Now a days chines smartphone every user, it affordable with all feature include in cheapest price one and following Apple or Samsung are doing. I also avoid many smartphone in lunch 2017.
The XZ Premium is entirely user friendly to look at though. The shiny silver review unit I tested forcefully clone as a mirror, and not heavy weight reflects off the corner shape and stylized edges in a very pleasing way. I also valuable that the top and bottom of the handsets are completely flat, so that I can stand the phone straight up. The side-mounted fingerprint touch screen or reader is finally a genius move -- it can be simply reachable by either hand -- considering fans on Android forums have been stuck in the "front or back?" discussion for years. Overall, the smartphone device craftsmanship is top notch, save for of course, that huge brow and chin.

The insides are usually top groove, with a Snapdragon 835 processor powerful features on 4GB of RAM. As a power user I wish it had at least 6GB (OnePlus wreck me with its 8GB RAM phone), but 4GB is still enough for the standard user.

However, every phone today require a market trend, and with the XZ Premium it's the 4K LCD screen and "Super Slo-Mo" camera mode. The previous, while cool, is likely overkill for now, but the latter works like a glamour. I'll get into that camera trip later, let me first describe why the 4K display didn't matter to me: simply put, the human eye cannot see the various in resolution on a small mobile screen. We could tell the difference between 4K resolution and 1080p on a 50-inch TV, but on a 5.5-inch hardware, the superior pixel hardness is just about impossible to perceive. As a test I placed my Xiaomi Mi Mix (with a 1080p panel) next to the XZ Premium and played the same 4K video, and I honestly couldn't spot the difference at all. Check out the video I made below.

This doesn't mean the XZ Premium's screen isn't looking gorgeous. It's excellent to look at, with dynamic colors, but it isn't certainly crisper than a phone with 1080p display, the way 4K view of televisions look outstanding superior to their 1080p counterparts.

Now, the "Super Slo-Mo" camera, that's a feature valuable effusive about. The XZ Premium can’t shoot quickly on videos at a jaw-dropping 960 frames per second (the compare of iPhone 7 can only shoot at 240). Now, the phone can only shoot at 960 fps for two seconds at a time, and resolution drops to 720p, but the output are a joy to watch. I can see this mode making many riotous videos for domestic owners or leaders with children who engage in sports. Check out the samples I shot below.

Otherwise, the 19-megapixel camera (only one camera on the back, unlike every other phone this year) is just proper. Since this is a costly, premium gadgets, I compared its camera with the Samsung Galaxy S8, and Sony's photos came up short almost every time.

Sony most of capture or shot the top over-exposed sky-blue. Some sticker on bamboo poles haven’t enough detail. So, softer edger in Sony’s shot than Samsung version.

Samsung galaxy S8 premium photo to capture as XZ look like similar.

So, this week of testing SonyXZ with easily operated.  Perfect sound system to clear voice call than typical mid-tier phone. So, powerful media utilization gadget in globally. The all software or app is simple and easy to operate, though comparison Oppo, Redmi, LG etc... Have found secondary methods for conduct down the alert shade but leading smartphone company Samsung, Apple and Sony still preserve on forcing your thumb to extend. It's quite to expend on the XZ premium too, because this is a multiple phone.

I aware I keep going back to the phone's size, but its bulk actually is unexplained other than "Sony likes it that way." This is a handset that towers over the Galaxy S8 at 6.14-inches tall and is almost half an inch wider across the gadgets. And for what? You're not putting more screen, nor are you acquiring batter battery life (the 3,000 mAh battery here is smaller than batteries on most other 2017 handset). Guys who don't wear baggy pants will feel the stretch in the pockets.

The reason Sony phone sales have reduced year after year is obvious after extend time with the XZ Premium. Sony create useful phones that doesn't serve to the acceptable. The XZ Premium will have its fans (collectors, design geeks, and diehard Sony loyalists perhaps), but most general user will see the price tag (almost $800) and either give that money to Apple or Samsung, or go for something economic like the OnePlus 5.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

6 Important Benefits of Using a Shopify API Integration

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6 Important Benefits of Using a Shopify API Integration
Shopify is a remarkable e-Commerce platform that has received the trusted brand for providing approximate business enabling features to association and experiences dealers. However, businesses issue operative trouble in integrating Shopify data with other applications. Shopify API integration tool guides a concern in merging Shopify with any on thought and cloud based application network. A modern integration tool guides business teams in extending their capabilities and gaining a strategic benefit. Here are top 6 benefits of using a Shopify API integration solution:

  • Saves Valuable Time and Resources: Integrating Shopify with other software is advantageous. However, a lot of time and resources are incurred in manual Shopify API integration and it also involves complex technical coding. The process is quite tedious and often termed as a strength zapper. Experts estimate that businesses spend over $200K on integration - which can be saved with a B2B integration tool.
  • Minimizes Errors and Data Duplicity Issues: During critical integration processes, the staff needs to enter information in multiple forms and fields. But the manual method to enter data is vulnerable to errors. Further problems appear when the errors are not tracked. An automated solution can be used to simplify issues and remove data duplicity issues.
  • Authorize Data Driven Settlement: The Shopify API integration tool can offer expensive customer-centric information transferred from one app to other (Shopify to Marketo or Mailchimp, etc.). The unlocked data can contribute annoyed retail or up-sell occasion and drive the topline advantage.
  • Delivers Flexible Creativity: A viable API integration platform gives more control to the developers and business owners over integrations. The solution also enables stakeholders in making changes to the IT setup without affecting the functioning of other systems.
  • Greater Partner Collaboration: Simple methods to integrate applications enables partners, stakeholders, vendors and business leaders to coordinate effectively. A Shopify API integration platform can foster intellectual engagement and customizes workflows as per critical business rules. This enables teams in making the most out of their IT investment. A powerful integration system not only simplifies the processes but also ensures coordination at the micro level to help IT teams in taking informed decisions.
  • Integrates Application Network: The IT landscape continues to change forms as new and complex types of software are being developed at a rapid pace. Therefore companies need to have a mechanism to get all the software working together. The same thing applies to Shopify as well. It must work along with accounting software and CRMs. An integration software solves this purpose and enables Shopify in syncing with other enterprise level software.

Div Skynews at Technewsky who has credible skills in the area of database automation, data validation, exception handling and back-end data integration. His expertise resides in his ability to quickly diagnosing the roadblocks to mission-critical IT initiatives and generating a need-based response. Leveraging his in-depth knowledge with a wide spectrum of software, i.e., ESB integration, Data Integration, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business-to-business (B2B) Integration, and Business Process Management (BPM) Prince has helped many reputed client in accomplishing their business goals.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

7 Best Tips To Get Your New iPhone

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7 Best Tips To Get Your New iPhone
Now a days Christmas season and no any doubt about smartphones are being unwrapped globally. In this smartphone most of mobile device or hardware well familiar about smartphone and other hand new smartphone lunch in new features and new ecosystem. Coming up new apple iPhone 7 & 7 plus great selling in market and major cover of mobile market. A few classical devices have been gifted and a legion of fresh users are being welcomed into the world of iOS with their festive ‘phone.

In this article you'll find discussion points and suggestions to get the most out of your new Apple iPhone. Don't forget to check back ever week to read Apple Loop, our regular round-up of news from the iOS world (the Christmas edition of Apple Loop can be found here).

In this post, you’ll get discuss about and gathering information to get the most out new Apple iPhone. Please read and update latest news about iOS world Christmas scheme of Apple store found here.

Prefer accurate iCloud

Today, day to day new update or innovative idea coming on cloud based services and include file storage and backup, right platform, personal data and choose one primary cloud service.

You’ll be adverted to indicate on existing account or to create a fresh account during the elementary beginning process. If this is your starting base on an iPhone, I would recommend setting up the account occur signing on will be offered the prospect to restore any former iOS machines backed up to the iCloud account (which means providing back-ups to be sent to iCloud is an innovative idea).

You’ll also have the freedom to safe the account with two factor evidence. My information be to do so but ensure that you clutch a physical copy of your recovery key, secure and memorable. If you not use secure issue occurred.

Apple's Cloud Is Not the Only Cloud

New iCloud service much have great experience and other cloud services to use in online. Different social account to be exchange information one server to another server to simple setting on mail, contact and other accounts.

This kind of cloud service in android account with Windows 10 smartphone are still using small parts on the market. Google different service like as   Gmail, Google Calendar and the Google Docs apps; Outlook and Office 365.

Wait for Final Update

Today, updated market trend easily available between manufacturing products in retail store, a new version of IOS easily update on Christmas or holiday duration. Yet, there are reports of battery issues with December's iOS 10.2.

Updated version of iOS 10.2 is going to be ideal - at the end of December 2016 an especially holiday battery bug is issuing around that causes some iPhones to switch off when they reach thirty percent power remaining. For other issue or bug not to solve or update, but it's not yet a showstopper and Apple is relatively rapidly to fix bugs and errors in the iOS.

Best Camera Resolutions

Enjoy with new iPhone great resolution and capture originally adventure of picture.  High quality image resolution coming out of camera phones in general and iPhone specific.
With your latest iPhone, you'll always have a top camera and features with you, and you should be able to capture any moment in any time.

Great Customer Services

Apple is trusted brands for his excellent customer services and valuable produce service provide for iPhone. In the short term it's a maximum benefit product for Apple, but it's an option worth considering quickly. Even though you have a year to buy the extended warranty. While the cost might seem high, the replacement or repair cost of a new iPhone would be much more.

Easily Install Different Apps

In new iOS to easy update or software third party of application into your iPhone device. Install like social sharing sites, messaging, games apps and other news apps.

New Games Apps

It's rigid to evade the renown around Super Mario Run from Nintendo, and while the $9.99 price to unlock the full game is generate lots of negative reviews, Nintendo's skill in gameplay shines through. Grab the free download to try out the first few levels to see what you think.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Digital BHIM Apps most popular in 2 days, 10 big things that brought it to Learn

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Digital BHIM Apps most popular in 2 days, 10 big things that brought it to Learn

BHIM app within 48 hours after launch, the App itself has become very popular. Free apps based on the apps that have been downloaded the most in India.

BHIM app within 48 hours after launch, the app itself is very popular. Free apps based on the apps that have been downloaded the most in India. The app is currently only available for Android smartphones and soon it will also be introduced in Apple Aiaos. Let me tell you that this app can be run without an Internet connection. The app related 10 things we're going to tell you.

1.      This app is linked to any bank account number, which you, can be used by. Through this app you can send and receive money.

2.      The app can be downloaded free. Google is number one on the top free app list.

3.      10 million to 50 million users on Google Play, the app can also be downloaded.

4.      The app automatically using your phone number your details is confirmed. If you want to add another account, you can manually go. Ed at a time can be the same account.

5.      If you are sending money to a shopkeeper by BHIM app you open the app by clicking on the send money. Then add money to put shopper's mobile number ed. Money will be transferred.

6.      With this payment you can also scan the QR code. For this you must click on the Scan option. You may scan the barcode with your phone. You will be able to pay it.

7.      If you have an Internet connection, you can pay dial * 99 #. Here you can from any phone.

8.      If you are using the app for the first time, you must Verifai through OTP.

9.      If you experience any trouble to use the app, you uninstall the app and re-install.

1. Through this app you can do every day transactions of Rs 20,000.

Monday, 14 November 2016

How to Stole WiFi security Using Android Apps

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How to Stole WiFi security Using Android Apps
Today, of course, the distance between PC and mobile is over. You can do it all from your phone to a PC can. Did you know that many of these apps come a data or Wi-Fi to use can help.
Now many apps available in market to share important information in your PC or mobile. If you share your data phone to pc can. Did you know that many of these android or iPhone apps come a data or Wi-Fi to use can help.

Here some crucial apps listed as below

1. Wi-Fi Kill
Wi-Fi Kill is an android app through which you can either disable Wi-Fi and can use Wi-Fi by removing himself. For this you must be rooted smartphone.  Install this apps complete support or control to increase speed and another over IP. It helps complete root access permissions.

2. Wi-Fi Inspect
Wi-Fi inspects android app you can find out which of them is trying to use your Wi-Fi. It makes you nor can others trace an IP address and MAC address of the device name, but can trace and retrieve data displayed in Network information functions.

3. DroidSqli Android App
Droidsqli android app helps you find vulnerable websites. Through this app you can hack it easy these websites.  It offers you to install SQL injection attach on specific target websites or URLs. This apps completely automated and not need any technical skill to handle DroidSQLi.

4. NMAP for Android
NMAP is android tools, it supports for rooted and non-rooted smartphone. Through this app you will find ports and details of the system can scan to network.  In iPhone users not use this apps because fully android version supported.

5. Shark for Root
The app works with Wireshark software. With this, any Wi-Fi network can be used to gather data. Most of professional engineer and hackers to use root access and capturing data collect.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Facebook users now can sell your old stuff on the Marketplace

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Facebook users now can sell your old stuff on the Marketplace
Now social media is powerful part of Facebook. Most of internet user in the world are connected to each other via Facebook. Now inter connected friend share your innovative idea, friends chat and other thing share. But have you ever heard that you can sell through Facebook, your old stuff? Do not, we are going to tell you a similar story.

Facebook go ahead to get advantages of big part of social networking in world. Really, Facebook has launched a new online marketplace today. Allowing users to use Facebook will be able to buy and sell goods to each other. People can sell their old things (stuffs) in the best prices. This feature Facebook launched the online sales platforms is tough. Moreover, these features will also offer the option of a marketplace like eBay. You can easily sell or buy your product in international market. Now many websites available talk about Indian market olx and quikr.

Facebook product manager of Kerry told a post buy and sell stuffs that was started in groups and had gained.  Every month more than 45 million user buy or sell were facing. With the help more new feature included, just now some officially version lunch only after more powerful included it. Most of Facebook user to wait this new features.

Now user just product information, price tag and other addition information included in sell or buy ads. In discuss about selling your product in your area with set city and country. Buy or sell on Facebook user must completed age of 18 Country like United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia update in few days.

Facebook some area prohibited on buy or sell like as no weapon, illegal drugs, wild animal and adult services.

Coming day latest features roll out in Facebook community.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Google History with Top 8 wonderful and interesting things Google

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Google History with Top 8 wonderful and interesting things Google
The biggest search engine Google today is celebrating his 18th birthday in global world. Celebration today, Google has created a special doodle Image theme to search in Google.

Thus the many debate continues to which date, however, Google had celebrated her first birthday in 1998 but that was done officially decide after a few days, Google's birthday is September 27 celebrate. Since 2006 after Google this day officially celebrate for each year.

Most of people to use daily any step in real life but didn’t some fact about Google. First one How to company name Suggestion in Google? How to establish, How to earn money. In this post some crucial facts explain about Google.

Here some wonderful and interesting things Google

Goats hire Google

Google does not use any machine for cutting grass in headquarters but California companies “grazing” hire 200 goats for rent. Since 2007 Google acquire 200 goat rent for cutting grass. Goats working on 7 days into a month. One of the interesting thing 200 goats training to hire Jain younger man.  This is the 'Google' low carbon approach.
Using machine to generate carbon and air pollutions to danger for mankind that reason avoid machine and acquire goats for cutting grass. Goats not only clear grass but improve fertilizer in land.

Silly Spelling Mistake to Change Global World

If one silly spelling mistake not happen, most popular search engine is Google not standing our around.  Working on engineer name suggest on Googol but by mistake to write one on “Google”.  Google founder by spelling mistake name find it that reason company lunch on Google.

Car-garage, Google Incorporated

Success Story of Google Brand wondrous friendship between two students together of Stanford University in California.  Both friends had  a car in the garage, Google.
Larry page and sergey brin both friend meet together on 4 September 1988 Google incorporate in Milan park, California made the company one car garage, There he went to work, Just 2 years most popular in global world.

In September 2007, Google ended the first round, now internet global world completed successfully 20 years.

Was not among the Google Logo

If you talk about Google search engine design will be most attractive. The Google search bar and Google wrote above. There will also be people who know little of the early days of Google logo on the left side of the screen. Google's search page was changed in the March 31, 2001.

Google wants to acquire Yahoo

Yahoo Google at a time for $ 1 million (approximately Rs 6.38 crore) has offered to purchase. However, Yahoo, Google refused to believe the proposal. Google economic situation was down at this time.
Salary up to 10 years after the employee's death
If any reason to employee death, Company offers a salary up to half the next 10 years, partner or employee's spouse

Ultu-pultu GOOGLE
Google still has many domains; this created using misspells each domain to Google minor spelling. Like as,,

Google ceo sundar pichai 2015 massive earnings

Google ceo sundar pichai in 2015 $100.5 million massive earnings, 6 billion 69 crore 93 lakh 75 thousand 225 crore earn. Received a salary of $ 6, 52,500 as picante its release, according to a regulatory filing and also have given them a $ 99.8 million restricted shares, which shall be transferred to them in 2017. Pichai Company will offer compensation of $ 22.935 for the delay.

Multi-million dollar cost of employees during the year

Google almost $ 72 million a year for its approximately 445 employees, i.e. 53 million more than the cost of expenditure.  According to company policy, all employees are given free meals for a deluxe kitchen inside the campus. Which also manages soft drink with breakfast and given lunch. Google employees can take two times a day during the Kitchen.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Google Allo Most Powerful Features Never Show in WhatsApp

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Google Allo Most Powerful Features Never Show in WhatsApp
Android & iOS both user, Google introduce new chat app lunched “Google Allo”. Most innovative and revolutionary features were introduced in this app WhatsApp is direct fight or challenge.  This app most excellent 7 features a never show in WhatsApp messaging.

Google Assistant

Allo is the integration of Google Assistant. It gets inside of the app search functionality that reason user not need to outside browser or close another apps. Google assistant is easily find web information and YouTube video embedded on chat. If you chat on your friends, Google assistant will also another friend calling possible.

Example: if you search @Google what temples are near us? To type on apps, you can easily collect your near temple list.  Company says Google assistant in feature friendlier.

Smart Answering

In apps more one innovative feature is smart reply, you can also find in Google 
Gmail. This automatic answering suggests users save time. It reads text using 
intelligence and smart pattern also monitors users to reply. Smart based on this, 
it brings good with relevant Suggestions.

Staring based simply or beginner option display on chat after over the time phrases used by the user in the quick reply is Suggest.  If you type common word like hahaha or lol, this will make your communication pattern accordingly adjust.

Incognito mode

Now current trend privacy is more important thing is any users. Incognito mode in Google introduced aloe. This mode is based company maintain user privacy and secure chatting.  Incognito mode is user gets privacy with hidden message not show on the lock screen. Complete secure messaging mode.

Smart Image Recognitions

Google Allo smart image recognition software, this software easily recognize difference between dog and baby dog can understand and suggestion what you should answer. 

Gmail Account Synchronize

Google Allo primary identification option is through your mobile number but this option skip on synchronize with Gmail account. This will get you all the updates. For example, if you have a flight to catch, so it will notify you in advance.

To Delete the Message Autotimer

This is a nice feature, so you can set the timer for the message. The message will 
disappear after the set time.

This is an amazing feature, so you can set the time for the message. This message will disappear an after set time. For example, if you set 5 seconds after entering the timer as soon as the message will read the front, he would disappear.

Increase or Decrease Font Size

People can talk better or, to add Google has slider button. 'Whisper' and 'Shout' named users via these buttons to increase or decrease the font size.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to install Google Allo in Android Versions?

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How to install Google Allo in Android Versions?
Google’s published new smart messaging apps name is “Allo” definitely available. The apps most intense for easily messaging same as works on WhatsApp apps but Google product more user friendly and more transparent.  Also working on automated machine learning technology, it means automated response method to write type hello word suggestion words automated “How are you?” to provide contextual smarter information as when you desire in mind it. Here some crucial steps to easy download in your smartphone. 


  • First one go to app store finding search option and type “Google Allo”

  • Further Step go to Install option click and asking install screen to accept or not

    • Now Your applicatin ready for downloading above image "downloading processor start"

  • Now you can enter your mobile number with pin code number for country.

    • Now you can enter your mobile number with pin code number for country go to next step.

    • Now to set your profile picture with user name and go to next step

    • Welcome for smart messaging application “Google Allo”
    • Above screen start with different option. First one to create group mesaging like as WhatsApp and join group community in Allow messaging apps. You can private messaging and clear you other hacker to use incognito chat because to maintain your privacy

    • Google Assistant Different option with icon to show in above image Fun,translation, weather and many more check manually your way.