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7 Tips to Protect Your Facebook Account by Hackers

Now latest update trends in global world, The Internet users are a convenience and compare of as discomfort is growing. Now social media sites Facebook users more crowd increase day to day. If you any users please some tricks or tips to be secure your FB accounts.

Hackers some users to be hack account and miss use, so, you should be check your account no other hands or hackers to use.

Here some important tips to be follow and easily check your account to be secure or not and hackers no muss use your account what, where and when it happened Open your accounts.

Tips or Tricks: This way check
  • First of users to login first own accounts.
  • Another step right hands go to setting option to click
  • Here security option to click “Where You're Logged In”
  • Here you can fetch out details from only Current Session
  • Here you will see the time, location and which device type to use
  • Which lets you know where you can and which time to access
  •  This way to close your accounts

Continued to close the account of by mistake somewhere, this way to close account

For this you “Where You're Logged” right hand this option to click on End Activity. Actually this procedure done few moment you Facebook account to be close and logout.

Often happen, please change password of your Facebook account. If something wrong for your Facebook account please check your personal detail. That can be happen of your nickname, birthdate, email id etc. blurring may occur.

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