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Friday, 10 August 2018

4 Useful Future in Artificial Intelligence for Retail Sector

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4 Useful Future in Artificial Intelligence for Retail Sector
In recently, I’ve been to some crucial event organized with attend by retailer sector, many brands and boost companies finding to grow traction in the retail ecosystem. Current year, I’ve detected continues boost in the number of AI-driven technologies and companies experiment solutions for retailers. I’ve also tested boosting like in these innovations among retailers? Because as gain chain for retailers without broken to find age-old issues such as incorrect listening, stock-outs and balance, overstretched and  untrained store associated and minimal pricing, latest in AI targeting these issues are improving their ROI.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence, human intelligence or other intelligent behaviors believed by computers and machines that are “trained” by data to create independent decisions. AI offer to that we couldn’t past? It helps vast number of data, frequently from huge reference to test goal and solutions.

This blog is the first of three that execute AI in retail. Here, I’ll cover the main use cases for AI in consumer-facing functions and share some i.e. of organizations that have developed AI application for retailers.

Consumer Identify Facing Using AI

At Coresight analysis, we’ve described the advance framework for retail AI use cases, which highlight to communication, optimization of efficient cost, build relationship and factual retail. The framework highlight illustrates how retailers can use AI to better busy consumers through transmission and experiences better support inventory and price products transparency.

Advance Framework for AI in Retail


Retailers are using AI to transmission with buyers through individual online experiences, informal automation and chatbots, and voice shopping. Its functionality in terms of customize is my target here.

Popular e-commerce sites gather consumers on consumers’ own terms: they show buyers what they need to watch and get the information they want in order to make decisions and purchases. Mobile handsets, with their small screen sizes, make personalization even more remarkable. AI can help retailers create the best use of screen retail on mobile handsets, according highly relevant blog for each customer. It can acquire millions of customized home pages and email variant and personalize in-app experiences.

One organization that individualize the e-commerce shopping experience by bringing the power of AI to behavior ecommerce standard or rule is Israel-based Personal. The company’s platform acquire the choice pricing gets and motivation for each shopper, based on the individual’s behavior layouts within the shopping session and in the past. Personally is paid only depend on profit influences, so the ROI is improved.

How personal’s Incentive Personalization Platform Behave

Optimization of Pricing

Organization such as Amazon have huge amounts of pricing data and widely pricing applications that enable them to quickly respond to custom in competitors’ pricing and customer demand but long tern retailers haven’t classic had the similar tools. Now a days, AI debut and serves are easy the playing sector for old retailers by offering applications that modify prices not manually based on non-store data such as weather, local function and candidate advertising.

Wise Athena, a revolutionary or innovator based Texas, guess SKU-level demand for CPG organization using machine learning, business intelligence and econometrics, fair improving the companies ROI on adverts. Wise Athena’s application optimizes data from competitors’ services entire retailers, locals and categories. It also tests how a company’s services interact with each other. The application and algorithms anticipate likely outcomes from pricing method with consider to cannibalization and service cross-elasticity, so CPG organization can collect the optimal promotion strategies to send to retailers.

Example of the Insights Wise Athena Provides

Justifications of Inventory

AI-powered retail applications not only tested gap bud predict inventory and venue orders but also help low excess stock set-up, creating retail more efficient. Handle stock few ends up being checked down but AI application can help tested services that are given to be stocked in startup based on their ancient tendencies and block them from new startup.
Startup gather data an analysis report suite that uses predict future and machine learning to survey retail inventories by offering models of future purchasing patterns and conduct. The company’s plan analysis application helps dealer aware how different products impact overall assortments. By testing underperforming products. Retailers can also watch which sector are being over allocated and those that have growth unique, so that they can re-setup mixture accordingly.
A view of collect’s mixture test dashboard, which according influencing receipts at selected store.

Experiential Retail

AI has offline retail applications, too, and retailers can use it to aware offline activities with online vision. India-based Tailspin and US-based Peg are two companies that have deployed AI-powered mobile-/tablet-ready applications to help store connect get help and suggest to consumers. Other companies, such as Karros, use face identify and AI to identify consumers and aware store associates about their predication, as well as to calculate foot audience and demographic trends throughout the day, and even catch shoppers’ moods and regularity spans. Team can get this detail into account to deliver more personalized service, including displaying buyers with provides that are triggered by their past buy history.

AI technology can assistance companies use all of these data to send better experience to their consumers and programmers continue to fetch AI application overall business functions. We think that the quicker retailers acceptable the technology, the greater the edge they’ll have versus their peeks.

eCommerce site must need to test their individual strengths and drawbacks and include AI accordingly too busy with consumers effectively. The core framework can assistance online store pin down which of their online store method need quick attention.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Top 4 Brand Protection Strategies for 2018

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The Top 4 Brand Protection Strategies for 2018

First of imagine with customer idea across social network, web and different mobile apps. This Omni channel to grow network with complete engagement but also review your company to digital brand risk.

Proof key online risk defense spy after your perimeter to convey discovery and security that protect your create valuable and consumer valuable brand.

Secure Against Social Account Hijack

Striker use a huge variety of tools to hijack social media profile so they can post malicious content on behalf of your brand, distribute malware, and more.

Proofpoint secures you from the fallout of social account takeovers. Our solution takes a snapshot of approved account profile settings and persistently optimizes for any unauthorized changes.

Secure Against Brand Fraud

Criminals masquerade as your reputation to bait your consumers with phishing, scams, and counterfeit goods. No matter what form it takes, online fraud or cheat hurts your consumers and reputation fall down your brand. We discover and facilitate take-down of fake social accounts and mobile apps, as well as fraudulent domains, including those ready for use in an email phishing attack.

Brand Hashtag Hijacking Protection

Brand hashtag hijacking occurs when someone uses your brand-related hashtag for a unlike reason than you prepense. Sometimes, it’s used to air wrong. Other times, not good perform use your hashtag to dupe your fans and followers with malware and phishing attacks.

Here some brand solution optimizes the social globe for your brand-related terms and hashtags, as well as locates attacker paper to misapply your brand across domains, mobile apps, and social accounts.

Read more - 6 Way to Increase Brand Value Using Content Marketing

Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes

Most of customer aware about to handle with accidentally broadcast an embarrassing link or publish sensitive detail. Risk secures your brand from the fallout that available with guilty publish. For your collective trusted brand accounts, Social network not manually tested with high risk content and can remove spam in seconds. For most of employee social media programs, Social website automatically notify your employees when one of their posts comprise inappropriate links, information, or language. With Proofpoint, you can capture on social media and rest assured that your brand is protected.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

How to Influence Ecommerce Marketing Strategy for a Future?

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How to Influence Ecommerce Marketing Strategy for a Future?

Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies Vivo launched the entry-level smartphone Y53i in its Y series. The company has also launched the smartphone at just Rs 7990. The mobile phone will be competing with smartphones such as Xiaomi Redmi 5 and latest Nokia 2. The company has not yet officially submitted it, but Mumbai-based retailer Mahesh Telecom shares details of the smartphone.

ViVo Y53i's modern feature explain with some other detail include into a blog: The smartphone has a 5-inch display. No HD resolution is given in the screen resolution. However, the HD screen is available in its competing phones. Qualcomm Snapdragon with 425 quad-core 2GB RAM and 16GB storage is provided in Y53i. Micro SD card slot is given to increase the powerful storage. The phone works on Android's old OS 6.0 marshmallow. Here the phone some disappoints a bit. That too when it came to Android's latest OS Oreo even more than 7 months ago.

Camera: In the case of photography, the smartphone has an 8MP rear camera with LED flash and a front camera of 5MP. The Face Unlock feature is provided in its selfie camera. The phone has 2500 mAh battery. Dual SIM smartphone supports VoLTE with 4G LTE.

Latest Redmi Note 5 specifications: Redmi Note 5 has been introduced with different Redmi 5 metal finish bodies and plastic frames. It is being said that Redmi 5 is the slowest phone in the Xiaomi phones ever launched. Speaking of features, the smartphone has a 5.7-inch 18: 9 display. The phone features Qualcomm Adreno 506, 2GB / 3GB / 4GB RAM and 16GB / 32GB / 64GB internal storage with 14nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa-core processor. The phone works on MIUI 9 based on Android 7.1.

Camera: Redmi 5 and Redmi Note 5 have the same camera. The phone has 12MP rear and 5MP selfie camera. Amazing mode 3.0 has been given in its front camera. Where 4000 mAh battery is provided in the Redmi Note 5. At the same time, its Small Version Redmi 5 provides 3300 mAh of battery. Fingerprint sensor is also provided in the rear of the device. Its connectivity options include 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3.5mm audio jack etc.

Features of Nokia 2: It has a 5-inch HD LTPS display with a pixel resolution of 720 x 1280. The strong protection of Gorilla Glass 3 is given on this. This smartphone is equipped with 1.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor and 1 GB RAM. It has 8 GB of internal memory, which can be extended up to 128 GB via micro SD card. In order to power the phone, it has a capacity of 4100 mAh. This phone works on Android 7.1.1 knot.

Camera: For photography it has an 8-megapixel auto focus rear camera equipped with LED flash. At the same time, a 5-megapixel fixed-focus front camera has been given. This phone will be available in Computer Black, Computer White and Copper Black Color Variants. For connectivity this smartphone will have GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi 802.11, FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity options. This phone supports Dual SIM (Nano).

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

What is the need for supply chain management in retail business?

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What is the need for supply chain management in retail business?
The retail sector accepted different challenges in 2018, including digital transformations at the government rules, modern technology wise and also in terms of working capital for visibility. Success in 2018 and going, will depend majorly on reputed brands’ with online retailers’ ability to manage with their respective customers

The Indian retail industry, which accounts for over some minor part cover of the country’s GDP and around 8 per cent of the employment, has shown many opportunities in 2017, exclusively with the entry of different brands and new experts.

A massive grow in brands, stock keeping units (SKUs) and digital transactions in the last decagon has increased the opportunities and also, thrown challenges in terms of space required, working capital availability, trackability regarding consumers, transactions and taxations. The current variations of change in taxation has developed a short-term uncertainty.

Customer retention and purchase, exceeding the regular and walk-in customers, continues to be another big challenge along with boosting cost of manpower and limited show of retail assistants. The wanted and demand has passed from unskilled labor model to semi-skilled and skilled labors.

Most amazing things, lack of use of technology has attended to humongous amount of badly in online retail, also leading to grow in leakages, ending up with shrunken profits.

 We need to focus on solutions, anticipating the upcoming markets and how the various ecommerce or online industry should be riding the newer waves.

Trends in 2018 and Moves:

Technology is giving a best Opportunity to Engage with Consumers Directly

Technology is growing at a faster pace than what was imagined earlier. The brands and retailers who are able to engage with their customers and stake holders will be successful. Both Online marketing and offline marketing are growing faster. Measuring the RoI is possible only if the engagement is percolating to end consumers.

Omni Channel Continues to Boost

The growth in retail is understandably visible in both offline and online. One can’t afford to ignore one and target only on the other. Most brands counting that of FMCG should be able to help their consumers on both channels. Beyond this, they should be able to know the consumers, their needs and grievances, irrespective of the channel that they have chosen to shop with.

Creating an Engaging Experience is Remarkable

Engaging consumer’s experience and brand engagement is important. Customer engagement is moving to be the next biggest challenge. Especially when the market is highly scattered and many business deals are happening at the multi-brand outlets, brands and retailers should be able to know the technology and avenues that could help them to identify their consumers/customers.

Personalization is the Key to Brand and Retail Success

The crucial of personalisation in retail, cannot be supposed, to be a need only in online stores. Personalisation is about significant a customer well and able to project their wants and expectations to allow the engaging experience. Personalisation should be expend to offline retailing too. While online transactions are increasing, it is also true that large portion of the retail still happens via offline. Even online-only stores are opening up more offline stores. Knowing the customer at the point of sale is close to build an exciting experience.

Social-connect-share-buy Trend

Customers are more social and their judgements are really boosted by social community. Brands should be capable of being connected on social platforms, share their products and should create it possible to tread in customers to purchase then and there. The experience is further improved by delivering as rapidly as possible by connecting all offline stores that sell those products. A brand/retailer is now capable of making these outlets virtually a mini warehouse. Thus, being able to deliver from the nearest store, quickly, will delight the consumers.

Small to be Successful in India and Small is Back Globally

India is control by small format stores. Many of them, originally, were worried about getting wiped out due to many reasons including the threats from online and large format stores.

But the trend throughout the world is demonstrating the reality that small format are back and will showcase success. Even large formats are opening small formats along sides, to be in the competition.

Convenience, smaller quantities and repeat buying habits along with the awareness of fresh and new models are increasingly becoming the reasons for smaller format trends coming back.

Success in 2018 and moving, will dominate mostly on brands’/retailers’ capability to engage with their separate consumers. The right-thinking brands and retailers will target and put efforts on developing a future by adopting technology that guides in integrating in-stores, mobile-stores, cloud, analytics and social media in a unified technology to boost customer engagement.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

eCommerce - Guest Blogging and Guest Posting Sites List

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eCommerce - Guest Blogging and Guest Posting Sites List
Numbers of eCommerce's are literally some of shopping sites or online portal out there and it’s really various to cut through the clutter. There are sites list that cater to everyone – the all-encompassing jack-of-all-trades contributors and then others that are super relevant category – vendor only different product computer mouse etc. Here we feature a rather comprehensive selection of sites that are niche to you, our geeky reader. For any website to be featured here it had to meet one criteria - it should sell products that are of interest to our reader. Gadgets, gizmos, electronics, smartphones, tablets should form part of its repertoire. Maybe because the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of some sites may not be good enough to propel it to the top of relevant search results. In such cases it helps to manually get to the right site for the product category of your choice.

Friday, 17 November 2017

12 Trends in the E-Commerce Industry (Online Retailer Shop) In Future

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12 Trends in the E-Commerce Industry (Online Retailer Shop) In Future
People have started looking at Online shopping in the current years very seriously. If you belong to the e-commerce business, you must know the current trends. Go with the flow to achieve success. Scheme to enlarge your business care the 12 trends in the e-commerce industry given below in mind.

1. Website Contents

Depend of any e-commerce business recline on the stuff of the site. Content that offers the wanted detail to make buying decision enables the customer to stay connected with your site.

During traditional shopping, we prefer visiting stores that has customer friendly sales professionals who give more inputs about the product. The website takes that place in e-stores.

Make sure to provide unique content with all details required to make the online shopping bother free. Also, absorb live chat options in your website to attract more traffic.

2. Payment Options

Most of us want to purchase things. But when it available to paying all of us search for more options. To boost your E-store sales just be workable on various types of payment methods. Include Apple Pay, PayPal Express, Credit and Debit card payments. Separately from adding multiple alternative create sure to select the user-friendly payment gateway.

3. Shipping and Delivery

OK, had a great online shopping knowledge with pretty content and secure payment options. What next? Shipping and delivery. One of the keys to success in online business may talk about rapid delivery. But, do you know? 58% of online buyers add different items to their cart if free delivery option gets tagged to that item. It does not stop there, every 83 consumers out of 100 buyers don't mind waiting for long to collect their products if the shipping is free.

4. Return Policy

Even purchase journey does not get over after delivery. In fact, it starts after that. Pondering, how? Yes, after receiving the product people look at the return policy for various reasons. To stay ahead in your business in 2017 you have to construct yourself to absorb the transport cost not only for delivery but also for returns. People will get enticed to order online on your site if they can replace it without charge after fetching at the item in person.

5. Customized Shopping

The digital store owners have concur that personalized shopping attracts more consumers than general shopping. Without any doubt, this swing will tend to grow in the coming years.

Boosting your online portal with advanced technology. Provide more brands and more options to select a product. Customize the loyalty programs. Understand that all customers never think alike. Get their pulse right to sell your product.

Are you aware? Your competitors started moving ahead of this trend. Don't wait to start planning to customize the shopping needs.

6. Videos

You Tube videos had got its name in 2016 for e-commerce shopping.

2017, the focus has shifted to using videos on-site. Products that contain video explanation had more conversion rate. Case Study performed by Tassimo shows that the conversion rate reached 74% and 340% customer engagement with on-site videos.

7. Voice Search

Voice searches have picked up in serious online business. No longer voice search act as a fun tool. Make use of voice search on your site to boost your sale effectively.

How to benefits from voice searches? Optimize the content on your website in such a way it appears in Google search results. This helps customers to find a product by just talking with Google's voice search provision.

Look at the Google's research report confirming that voice search contributes 20% of search requests.

8. Mobile Apps Shopping

Needless to say, the mobile shopping has started galloping PCs. Just click this to know more. Keeping in mind as an online retailer not only create a mobile responsive site but also combine mobile wallet functionality hooked on your store.

E-commerce giants such as Amazon, Apple,, Walmart, etc. use their mobile based application that contributes a significant share of revenues.

9. Tool to Alert Fraudulent Activities

Imagine that you construct an expensive house and fail to provide doors. Yes, building a brilliant online site and not having any fraud management tools pushes your business down.

Customers do not shop online when privacy and security bars don't match their expectation. 2017 will continue to have a significant impact on this trend.

10. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday and Black Friday gets more attention by customers to shop online. The trend in 2017 has confirmed that the distinction between Black Friday and Cyber Monday fades out. Both the shopping holidays have moved online.

11. Multi-channel Shopping

Shopping trend has gained popularity through the multi-channel. We know that people want a device for their shopping. Shoppers who pass by your store does not physically visit your store. But do not worry he/she pulls out a smart phone and look online to gather product information. Next, he/she places an order after going home. Think storage Google Apis says that 42% of shopper’s current in the store manual order online debuting with deliver at home. Sounds funny? No, it's true.

12. Social Selling

Social selling trend will grow all through 2017. Every online store owner focuses on promoting their brands using social media platforms.

At the beginning stage of online business ignite your online sales using Facebook live videos and showcase the product features. Once your business starts picking up incorporate on-site videos.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in India -

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Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in India -
The wager to give the cheapest bet in the market nowadays, many websites including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues for online shopping are doing this work. Some of which only sell some special products. Includes clothing, shoes, gadgets, etc. Heavy discounts on these sites, especially on products, are unavailable. Here we show you one of the websites from which you can buy the cheapest gadgets with a heavy discount.

Ø  Available on this site 'Free Ka Maal’...

The name of the websites we are talking about is "Free Ka Maal", yes, this site has the same name as its name. No products here are available free of charge, but cost is very cheap in price terms.

Mobile, Laptop, Computer, Health and Beauty on the Site Mobile recharge, electronics, kitchen appliances, travel and other categories have been given. Best deals and offers are unavailable in all these categories.

Ø  Works like this website...

The information is available from the site, which is available at the lowest price, which means that this is a platform where any fixed model gets the cheapest place. Suppose someone is getting a mobile flipkart at 1000 rupees, at Rs 990 on Amazon and Rs 997 on Snapdeal, this will list the Snapdeal phone.

Smartphone Models found at the lowest price are listed here

Live Redmi note 4 From Rs. 9999 onwards (limited stocks)

Live Redmi 3S From Rs. 8999 onwards

STEAL - Apple iPhone 6 (Space Grey 32 GB) at Just 26499 + Free Shipping available

New Lunch: Alacate Pixie 4(7) Wi-Fi (8063) GB 7 inch at Just Rs. 3999 + free shipping available

New Lunch: Asus Zenfone Live (2GB, 16GB ROM) at Just Rs. 9999

Sale on 30th May 12 P.M. Redmi 4 From Rs. 6999 onwards + Free 400 Rs. Mobik

Lowest: Micromax Bolt Q326 plus Dual Sim 8 GB (Grey) From Rs. 2898

LG G6 Full Vision (Astro Black) @Rs. 42,999(22% off)

iVooMi Me1 & Me+ (5" HD, 4G Volte, Fast Charge, 6.0 Android) + Extra 10% CASH BACK

Thursday, 18 May 2017

6 Important Benefits of Using a Shopify API Integration

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6 Important Benefits of Using a Shopify API Integration
Shopify is a remarkable e-Commerce platform that has received the trusted brand for providing approximate business enabling features to association and experiences dealers. However, businesses issue operative trouble in integrating Shopify data with other applications. Shopify API integration tool guides a concern in merging Shopify with any on thought and cloud based application network. A modern integration tool guides business teams in extending their capabilities and gaining a strategic benefit. Here are top 6 benefits of using a Shopify API integration solution:

  • Saves Valuable Time and Resources: Integrating Shopify with other software is advantageous. However, a lot of time and resources are incurred in manual Shopify API integration and it also involves complex technical coding. The process is quite tedious and often termed as a strength zapper. Experts estimate that businesses spend over $200K on integration - which can be saved with a B2B integration tool.
  • Minimizes Errors and Data Duplicity Issues: During critical integration processes, the staff needs to enter information in multiple forms and fields. But the manual method to enter data is vulnerable to errors. Further problems appear when the errors are not tracked. An automated solution can be used to simplify issues and remove data duplicity issues.
  • Authorize Data Driven Settlement: The Shopify API integration tool can offer expensive customer-centric information transferred from one app to other (Shopify to Marketo or Mailchimp, etc.). The unlocked data can contribute annoyed retail or up-sell occasion and drive the topline advantage.
  • Delivers Flexible Creativity: A viable API integration platform gives more control to the developers and business owners over integrations. The solution also enables stakeholders in making changes to the IT setup without affecting the functioning of other systems.
  • Greater Partner Collaboration: Simple methods to integrate applications enables partners, stakeholders, vendors and business leaders to coordinate effectively. A Shopify API integration platform can foster intellectual engagement and customizes workflows as per critical business rules. This enables teams in making the most out of their IT investment. A powerful integration system not only simplifies the processes but also ensures coordination at the micro level to help IT teams in taking informed decisions.
  • Integrates Application Network: The IT landscape continues to change forms as new and complex types of software are being developed at a rapid pace. Therefore companies need to have a mechanism to get all the software working together. The same thing applies to Shopify as well. It must work along with accounting software and CRMs. An integration software solves this purpose and enables Shopify in syncing with other enterprise level software.

Div Skynews at Technewsky who has credible skills in the area of database automation, data validation, exception handling and back-end data integration. His expertise resides in his ability to quickly diagnosing the roadblocks to mission-critical IT initiatives and generating a need-based response. Leveraging his in-depth knowledge with a wide spectrum of software, i.e., ESB integration, Data Integration, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business-to-business (B2B) Integration, and Business Process Management (BPM) Prince has helped many reputed client in accomplishing their business goals.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Top 10 Most Popular Ecommerce Online Shopping Websites in India

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Top 10 Most Popular Ecommerce Online Shopping Websites in India
Looking for Best ecommerce online shopping sites in worldwide, here in this blog describe about top 10 popular with growing fast market cover in worldwide.
Once used only by the tech savvy to purchase desire things not available in the neighborhood mall, it has now become ubiquitous, thanks to a surge in internet use, and some heavy duty advertising by ecommerce bigwigs.

Globally have their peculiarity and individual requires when it comes to online shopping. Globally leading shopping sites aren’t necessarily the ones most popular within the country. Also, while Amazon India is top of the list in the shopping category, overall, it ranks sixth, behind Google (both global and India), Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo.

For many years, online vendors have been haunted by the thought of Amazon using its technological prowess to crush them into powder. That combat has mostly crucial role out on Amazon's home turf, the world of online shopping.

Now the battle is coming directly to sellers on fix streets around the worldwide, where Amazon is slowly making a fleet of physical stores. And while most of the regular basic has been achieved on Amazon's produce retailer’s dreams true, the company has a more aspiring gathering of especially.

We're developing a Better Form of Commerce
Our community many users of vendors and retailers around the world, empowering people and creating economic moment for all.

What we do
Whether you are purchasing new or used, modest or luxurious, average or rare, market trend or one-of-a-kind – if it exists in the world, it probably is for sale on eBay. Our assignment is to be the world choose able target for discovering great value and unique selection.

Connected Commerce
We are developing a better form of eCommerce that is enabled by people, supported by technology, and open to everyone – building more opportunity for all.

Our History
eBay startup on September 1995 to grow everyday achieve new remarkable target every year.

Snapdeal is leading eCommerce online shopping company based in India. Today, it has 275,000 retailers, over 30 million products and arrive of 6,000 cities and cities across the country.

Talking about history to start on Feb 2010 as daily based product platform with small level in marketplace.  Today, most of user to craze in young generation to prefer snapdeal and Flipkart.

Flipkart is one prominent name for eCommerce site that has made it possible for customers even in the remote areas of India to available products from the top brands at cost efficient range in online. Including different things the present lifestyle of people, it's no shock that they preferable to purchase online most of the products that they require on a daily lifestyle basic thing list as clothes for men and women, electronics, mobiles, home appliances, products for personal beauty and etc…. The final usability of having to basic browse through their favorite online shopping website and place orders from the comfort of their home, and get it delivered in the shortest time possible at their doorstep is a service that is unbeatable.

Paytm - India’s largest mobile e-commerce platform is an ultimate destination for advert various Online mobile recharge, electricity recharge, Dish TV recharge, gas bill payments and another bill payments across in India. Enjoy stress-free anytime or anywhere online recharge with 24X7 open to use service along best online discount from various recharge.

Latest market trend with mainly focus on youth generation and available various different options just exit from spoilt of choice. Our online trend to fuel by creating the modern marketplace modern clothes, wearable shoe and other things to use in daily base. Online shopping provides a huge platform standard quality of products to choose from. With your quick revising lifestyle, online shopping schemes rapid, simple & a save money with good experience in online shopping. is a youth and energetic company that goals to offer top quality trusted products. serves to the fashion essentially of men, women and kids entire footwear, apparel, jewellery and accessories.

At we attempt to reach the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our efficient solutions for E-commerce website, dedicated team, light footed warehouse systems and state of the art customer care depending provides consumer.

Alibaba is one of chines ecommerce online shopping and online product manufacturing company that offer C2C Consumer to consumer, B2B Business to Business and B2C business to consumer sales online portals. It also offers e-payment transaction a search engine and data centric cloud based services. It goals to support buyers and suppliers from globally.  It was founded by Malaysia in 1999.

Shopclues is founded on 2011, It real online shopping hub or portal. When people are gathering from non-stop solutions for online store to another best bargains on an overall products list with attractive discount. It founder “Sandeep Aggarwal” was awareness his observation of a budget-friendly online trend in India.

HomeShop18 is the online & on-air retail marketing and distribution play store of Network 18 Group that was announced as India’s first 24 hour Home Shopping TV channel on 9 April 2008. The television network can be seen on cable, DTH, and some land base channels in India. HomeShop18 hired, an online books, movies and music retailer in August, 2011 for an undisclosed amount. 

HomeShop18 has partnered with most of smartphone brand owners such as Reebok, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Philips, Kaya, and Godrej. G S Home Shopping of Korea, the third largest home shopping company in the world, has a 15% stake in the company. Network 18 has the controlling stake of 51%. Some of the present HomeShop18 hosts are: HomeShop18 has won many industry awards and accolades.