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How to use web WhatsApp on Laptop, PC and Tablet

To use Web WhatsApps easily connect your PC with a richer communication experience. This apps to open your smartphone and laptop, PC and tablet. Web WhatsApp invent to easy use computer based extension of your WhatsApp account on your smartphone. You can both way get message and send also computer with smartphone. Both device fully synchronize and easily handle your WhatsApp account. At a time to see your message receive both device computer and smartphone. Now you can use this apps on iPhone, Android and Window phone operating system. You can only one account through both device operate.

Some important tips for Web WhatsApp
  1. You need account to be active, not dead account access
  2. Some high speed need to be better access for both device.
  3. Few web browser to access like Chrome, Firefox Mozilla and Opera.

Here some crucial step to easy access

Go to officially website click

You can see QR code screen to scan your mobile

Now you can open WhastApp account into smartphone.

Now you can select WhatsApp web option and click this options.

WhatsApp web option to go ahead complete scan code for PC tablet and laptop.

Now enjoying WhatsApp account access or connect on your PC


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