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How to Stole WiFi security Using Android Apps?

Today, of course, the distance between PC and mobile is over. You can do it all from your phone to a PC can. Did you know that many of these apps come a data or Wi-Fi to use can help.
Now many apps available in market to share important information in your PC or mobile. If you share your data phone to pc can. Did you know that many of these android or iPhone apps come a data or Wi-Fi to use can help.

Here some crucial apps listed as below

1. Wi-Fi Kill
Wi-Fi Kill is an android app through which you can either disable Wi-Fi and can use Wi-Fi by removing himself. For this you must be rooted smartphone.  Install this apps complete support or control to increase speed and another over IP. It helps complete root access permissions.

2. Wi-Fi Inspect
Wi-Fi inspects android app you can find out which of them is trying to use your Wi-Fi. It makes you nor can others trace an IP address and MAC address of the device name, but can trace and retrieve data displayed in Network information functions.

3. DroidSqli Android App
Droidsqli android app helps you find vulnerable websites. Through this app you can hack it easy these websites.  It offers you to install SQL injection attach on specific target websites or URLs. This apps completely automated and not need any technical skill to handle DroidSQLi.

4. NMAP for Android
NMAP is android tools, it supports for rooted and non-rooted smartphone. Through this app you will find ports and details of the system can scan to network.  In iPhone users not use this apps because fully android version supported.

5. Shark for Root
The app works with Wireshark software. With this, any Wi-Fi network can be used to gather data. Most of professional engineer and hackers to use root access and capturing data collect.

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