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Quickly Close 3 Setting of the Smartphone – keeping an eye on you

Here you are reporting about the settings of the smartphone, which should be off if you have it, because, these settings are being monitored by you. Your data may be stolen. This includes data from photos to contextual data. Generally, most users do not care about the settings of smartphones.

It is worth mentioning that this setting is turned on by installing the App. This means that when we download an application, we are giving it all the permissions which it probably does not need.

Permission for cameras, contacts and microphones to be given to those apps which they do not need. Here we are checking you to check the settings of the apps and close it.

Step 1

Go to Apps in the phone's setting. Go to App Permission here. Click on the camera in the open list here. A list will open in front of you just by clicking. In which you will see all the applications that have been granted permission to use your phone's camera. There will be many apps that do not require camera access. Close it and close it

Step 2

Go back to the contact and click on the contact. Here, the app's listing will be open, which has access to your contacts. There will be many apps that do not need contact access. Close it and close it.

Step 3

Go to the microphone option and even turn it off. For example, apps such as Facebook do not need microphone permissions.

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