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Google Allo Most Powerful Features Never Show in WhatsApp

Android & iOS both user, Google introduce new chat app lunched “Google Allo”. Most innovative and revolutionary features were introduced in this app WhatsApp is direct fight or challenge.  This app most excellent 7 features a never show in WhatsApp messaging.

Google Assistant

Allo is the integration of Google Assistant. It gets inside of the app search functionality that reason user not need to outside browser or close another apps. Google assistant is easily find web information and YouTube video embedded on chat. If you chat on your friends, Google assistant will also another friend calling possible.

Example: if you search @Google what temples are near us? To type on apps, you can easily collect your near temple list.  Company says Google assistant in feature friendlier.

Smart Answering

In apps more one innovative feature is smart reply, you can also find in Google 
Gmail. This automatic answering suggests users save time. It reads text using 
intelligence and smart pattern also monitors users to reply. Smart based on this, 
it brings good with relevant Suggestions.

Staring based simply or beginner option display on chat after over the time phrases used by the user in the quick reply is Suggest.  If you type common word like hahaha or lol, this will make your communication pattern accordingly adjust.

Incognito mode

Now current trend privacy is more important thing is any users. Incognito mode in Google introduced aloe. This mode is based company maintain user privacy and secure chatting.  Incognito mode is user gets privacy with hidden message not show on the lock screen. Complete secure messaging mode.

Smart Image Recognitions

Google Allo smart image recognition software, this software easily recognize difference between dog and baby dog can understand and suggestion what you should answer. 

Gmail Account Synchronize

Google Allo primary identification option is through your mobile number but this option skip on synchronize with Gmail account. This will get you all the updates. For example, if you have a flight to catch, so it will notify you in advance.

To Delete the Message Autotimer

This is a nice feature, so you can set the timer for the message. The message will 
disappear after the set time.

This is an amazing feature, so you can set the time for the message. This message will disappear an after set time. For example, if you set 5 seconds after entering the timer as soon as the message will read the front, he would disappear.

Increase or Decrease Font Size

People can talk better or, to add Google has slider button. 'Whisper' and 'Shout' named users via these buttons to increase or decrease the font size.

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