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Facebook users now can sell your old stuff on the Marketplace

Now social media is powerful part of Facebook. Most of internet user in the world are connected to each other via Facebook. Now inter connected friend share your innovative idea, friends chat and other thing share. But have you ever heard that you can sell through Facebook, your old stuff? Do not, we are going to tell you a similar story.

Facebook go ahead to get advantages of big part of social networking in world. Really, Facebook has launched a new online marketplace today. Allowing users to use Facebook will be able to buy and sell goods to each other. People can sell their old things (stuffs) in the best prices. This feature Facebook launched the online sales platforms is tough. Moreover, these features will also offer the option of a marketplace like eBay. You can easily sell or buy your product in international market. Now many websites available talk about Indian market olx and quikr.

Facebook product manager of Kerry told a post buy and sell stuffs that was started in groups and had gained.  Every month more than 45 million user buy or sell were facing. With the help more new feature included, just now some officially version lunch only after more powerful included it. Most of Facebook user to wait this new features.

Now user just product information, price tag and other addition information included in sell or buy ads. In discuss about selling your product in your area with set city and country. Buy or sell on Facebook user must completed age of 18 Country like United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia update in few days.

Facebook some area prohibited on buy or sell like as no weapon, illegal drugs, wild animal and adult services.

Coming day latest features roll out in Facebook community.

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