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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Why Your Company Needs AI

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Why Your Company Needs AI

AI's quickly flew in value-add has left agencies struggling to acquire this mostly complex technology. Chief scrap to understand it. At a basic level, the terminology is confusing, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, AI, etc... The business use cases are unclear, and the professionals are generally in academia, have their own startups or are at top tech companies.

How businesses try to accept AI

The accept process goes something like this: A decision marking reads or is told many times about how AI can do X for their business. The CTO or CIO looks into it and concludes that AI can probably help the company save costs. However, the benefits, AI behave and possible drawback may still be unclear.

Next, the company might judge to hire a niche research experience. They're managed to develop an X system and are left alone to work it out. Finally, the outputs and assumption don't match, and the team is disbanded or re-focused on data science applications. Soon, the business pails AI in the "hype" category and jump on.

I get it, getting an AI to work is hard - especially under business constraints.

1. Your CIO is a skill in engineering - not AI

Great CIOs aware how to optimize the software. They know the best ways of cutting prices or how to behave issues using the latest software engineering chart. However, she's unexpected to know about the new trends in AI and where they could help the company.

To keep up with the new trends, AI analyst reads papers on a daily starting point, attend conferences, and host private research according from visiting scholars. Just in the past few years, the amount of latest research published in machine learning has grown quicker than any other sector. Although many papers are minor improvements, your companies needs a believer to sort out the critical developments and the suggestion for the business. Could be as easy as a latest workflow for identifying text that could immediately open up an entire new business line for your company.

The CAIO should be someone who is greatly knowledgeable about AI and familiar with latest approaches such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, graphical models, variation inference, etc. Without this skill, they might place approve reaches which are slow to implement, costly to manage, or that don't scale.

2. A CAIO is your lifeline into the latest in academic research.

It’s no confidence that the world's top AI researchers at big companies like Google and Facebook also hold academic links.

Top IT agencies have found this method which provides them direct manage to the world's top AI qualify students. A strong academic link also provides for partnerships with these labs which can assistance gear hard business issues in exchange for the ability to publish outputs.

To engage top AI talent, hire top AI researchers. To keep talent, your AI team must be offered to distribute to the open-source AI network and post displays. If you don't, they'll go to Google or Facebook where they'll have that freedom!

3. The C-suite needs a branded professional who can build an AI to make new business lines

Many companies not successful to fully leverage AI because the C-suite often doesn't explain AI capabilities. Hire a professional who understands the technology and understands how to resolve business issues with it. An AI expert in the room will abate covers about the income impact of a new AI system and unique business risks.

I've seen worker with innovative ideas get shut down by the companies CEO because they don't understand the impact this latest system can have on the business. Don't let the c-suite lack of expertise in this sector track your organization from creating big AI-driven custom with vast unique upsides to your business. It's like not using the internet because you don't know how TCP sockets work.

A top AI expert, argues that the Chief AI Officer is someone with the "business skill to take this new bright technology and contextualize it for your business." In need, someone with both the strong education niche and the business awareness to solve business issues using AI.

4. A best CAIO includes feature to the C-suite

Don't introduce your next product or business line without planning for a future how AI can help. AI's use in business is so new, that it's unexpected anyone in the explore suite is thinking about latest business lines that are now available because of AI. Show for issues that are complicated to scale, or that need a set of multiplex standard, these are main candidates for AI.

Beyond the technical capabilities, your CAIO needs to have a good knowledge of the business. This is a person that knows when NOT to use AI. A good CAIO will create finally their team isn't searching for venues to fill AI, but instead fetching for issues that could profit from it.

5. Data is an income river

By now, organizations are actual that their data are widely valuable. If you trusts this predict, then it subscribers that you're mostly leaving a lot of money on the table by insert with classic methods that are known to perform other algorithms. A classifier that can piece users 20% more correctly means that you're mostly to put the correct products in front of that user. Why resolve for the machine learning charts that provide you 80% transparency when more new systems can get you to 90%?

The CAIO joins the analytical and business skills wanted to supercharge your data monetization strategy.

6. Highlight Wave

If your business needs to gesture that you put AI thoughtfully, then hire a CAIO. AI is an afterthought in most companies. Don't create the same issue. Point will assist you attract top talent, rebrand your company's public see and highlight to investors that you're still innovating.

7. Morality

AI's use for various cases has come under inspection in few years. Now a day, a revolt within Google forwarded the company to promise not to develop AI secret weapons. The AI analysis, networking has created to voice purpose over ethics in the past year. As an output, top analysis are unexpected to produce AI to issues they deem unethical. The CAIO can help as the voice for an organization and drive the use of its AI towards profitable, yet ethical use cases.

Monday, 13 August 2018

How to Implement IoT Technology in Education Sector

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How to Implement IoT Technology in Education Sector

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, refers to everything that is included to the internet. Any device that is connected to the internet, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, coffee machine or headphones are all part of the IoT. Recently we are showing more items than ever being included to the internet, such as clothing, electronic product and even windmills. The Internet of Things is changing multiple sectors in revolutionary, quick ways as it subscribers for more manage and automation. Machine learning is now being used in IoT, which can help companies gather huge number of data. Early adopters understand the importance of this industry, and how it will play a huge role in the future of technology.

Since more devices are being connected to the internet, we are also seeing more people turning to the internet for different uses besides work, social media, and online shopping. You can even take master classes online, learning from the very best in various industries. Online education is now a days reach a $107 billion sector, meaning there are number of options to select from, and it's an extremely convenient method of receiving further education. For those of you who are still scratching your heads about what IoT involve, you can easily put an online course on the subject.

Getting an Internet of Things online training course

Getting IoT courses online is a successfully way to learn about the industry time your free time. General IoT course curriculum contain introductory lessons on the Internet of Things, and the software and operating systems available to implement it. The educational program also puts a look at the hardware available to build for the IoT along with rudimentary programming of this hardware. The target audience of these courses is students and developers looking to gain a fundamental understanding of the Internet of Things. To ensure students are kept up to date, online courses are usually updated as the industry changes.

Getting a Certification from an Online Course

Most websites have options for taking certification exams at the end of the course. Study materials are provided, often in the form of online videos. These certifications are no any issue in their separate sector and many job boards, including LinkedIn, let you put this up on your profile page. Many colleges even allow college credit from an online course certification. They are available at a fraction of the price of taking a college course in person.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Top 10 Tech and Gadgets Gifts for 2018

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Top 10 Tech and Gadgets Gifts for 2018

These days we are getting more obsessed with gadgets and this obsession is increasing with every passing day. We can’t deny our addiction for tech devices and gadgets.

We use multiple devices in our daily life and these machines had made our life easier. We all love gadgets but we also have one friend or a family member who is truly gadget-obsessed and if you have one too then there will be no better gift other than a gadget/device for him/her.

But choosing a perfect gadget for your gadget freak companion can be really time-consuming and overwhelming task. The market is flooded with millions of new, advanced and innovative gadgets. The best way to choose a gift for a gadget freak is to choosing something regarding his/her interests. If the person for whom you are buying gadgets loves music or likes to spend time with drones then you must gift him/her a quality Bluetooth speaker or a drone camera respectively.

I have created a small but worthy list of top 10 tech and gadget gifts for 2018 and this list is surely going to help you in choosing a right gadget for your gadget freak friend.

1.Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the most successful products of Amazon and more than millions of units had been sold since launch. This device connects to a cloud-based voice service named “Alexa” to function.

The Amazon Echo can make calls, play music, set timers and alarms, check the weather, your calendar, sports updates, traffic and ask questions. This device can also manage your shopping lists and also can control your smart home devices if they are compatible.

Features and Specifications:
  • Connect with people by making calls and sending messages over voice commands with Amazon Echo.
  • Eco devices can connect to each other easily and hands-free.
  • The speakers are made with advanced Dolby technology and deliver immersive unidirectional audio, crisp vocals, clear highs and deep bass.
  • This machine consists seven microphones and has a noise cancellation feature too, that means Eco can hear you and respond even while the track is playing.
  • It can simply control the compatible TV’s, smart lights, thermostats, switches and more.

2.Quality VR Headset

VR headsets are one of the most popular gadgets these days. A quality VR headset can be an ideal gift option and I have featured ORB VR headset in this list.
Connect it with your smartphone and experience the virtual 3D world. The best part of this ORB VR headset is that it is compatible with most of the latest smartphones. 
  • Having decent compatibility with most smartphones
  • Content can be easily downloaded from Google or Apple Playstore
  • It comes with a headset port, soft-eye cushion, adjustable lenses and simple gaming functions

3.Drone Camera

If you are planning to buy a nice drone camera then you can go with DJI spark. This drone camera is loaded with multiple extraordinary features.

DJI is one of the world’s best drone camera manufacturers and is known for its quality products. Capture clear, crisp and vibrant aerial images with its 12 MP camera.

Flight Modes - DJI spark comes with different flight modes.
I) Tap Fly - Connect it with your smartphone and control DJI spark and capture photos by just tapping your smartphone’s screen.
II) Active Track - The active track feature of DJI spark makes it capable of tracking and recognizing nearby objects.
III) Gesture - This drone can be controlled by hand gestures too. Their Palm-mode control feature makes it possible to control this device with simple hand motions.
High-Quality Camera - Image stabilization feature makes it possible to capture shake-free and stable images. Its 12MP camera and CMOS sensors ensure capturing high-quality videos and photos.
Great Performance - This lightweight flying machine has an aerodynamic and sleek design. 
Flight Safety - No matter how far has your drone has gone you can bring it back by just tapping the return to the home button.

4. Wireless Earphone

Earphones are one of the most gifted products but it is always difficult to deal with the wires. If you are looking for an earphone for the gifting purpose then you must go with a wireless earphone.

I have included a Panasonic wireless earphone in this list. This wireless earphone could be an ideal gift for a fitness freak and the Panasonic BTS30 wireless earphone has a specific design to provide extra comfort and premium sound even during the busiest sporting activities.

5.Fitbit Tracker

A Fitbit tracker can be another ideal gift for a fitness freak and there is no other device available better than Fitbit for tracking your activities.

This machine is more than a fitness tracker, it delivers calendar alerts, alarm feature, provide guided breathing-sessions, tracks the quality of your sleep and also you can call and text after connecting it with your smartphone.

The large OLED screen makes it possible to access the tracker with ease and the interchangeable wristbands allow you to replace them. You don’t have to compromise with your style; this Fitbit tracker will compliment most of your outfits.

6.DSLR Camera

DSLR’s are all time favorite for the person who loves to spend time with gadgets. If the person whom you want to gift a gadget is good at clicking photos then you must gift him/her a nice DSLR camera.

I have featured an 18 megapixels Canon camera here and for beginners, it is a decent camera. You can capture high-quality pictures and videos and can share them wirelessly WiFi or NFC.
  • 18 MP camera
  • 3 inch LCD screen
  • CMOS sensors
  • 1080 pixels video capturing
  • Built-in flash
  • Rechargeable battery
  • The standard lens having aperture f/3.5-5.6

7. Latest Smartphone

At the time of writing this post about the top 10 tech and gadgets gifts for 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is one of the best latest smartphones.

This smartphone series has been appreciated by the top gadget blogs including Wired, Forbes, Mashable and Time. Its camera is just wow. Its dual aperture lens makes it possible to capture super quality images even in the low light conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are loaded with awesome features. Its camera has a unique feature of creating real-life emojis. You can create emojis of your own selfies with this smartphone.

8. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The best part of Bluetooth speakers is that they are small and portable but despite their small size, these speakers produce surprisingly big sound. If you think that a single speaker is not enough then you can pair two speakers with just one tap.

You can take this UE Wonderboom speaker anywhere you want. No matter if you are chilling at the pool, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be your companion at the beach and pool too.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Battery life of 10 hours
  • Can be easily paired with other UE Wonderboom
  • Compatible with most of the mobile devices


We all were addicted to video games in our childhood. If you want to gift anything to a teenager then you must spend money on a video game console and when it comes to video game consoles nothing will be better than Nintendo gaming consoles.

This ultra-portable gaming machine allows you to play high definition games on the go, at home and everywhere else in between. Dock it, connect with your TV and play games on a bigger screen or undock it to play handily.

10.Power Bank

We use multiple gadgets throughout the whole day and most of our mobile devices such as smartphones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and speakers get discharged.

Once your devices get discharged it becomes almost useless and you become hopeless. Spend money on buying a quality power bank if you yet don’t have one and this can be also used for gifting purpose. The Anker Astro 5200mAh portable charger will be a great option.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Ways in Which the IoT Is Changing Manufacturing

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The Ways in Which the IoT Is Changing Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the manufacturing industry, and fast. Some experts predict that by 2020, nearly all major factories will employ IoT solutions to some extent.

Manufacturers have embraced the IoT wholeheartedly because it delivers clear benefits. With the help of a creative digital agency, these producers are able to integrate IoT solutions into their production process.  Specifically, IoT devices allow manufacturers to monitor and track an item through every single stage of the process. This makes it easier to identify and address inefficiencies.

This boost in productivity will have a major impact on the way in which manufacturers do business. The following are just a few of the biggest changes we can expect in the near future.

Shifting Employee Priorities

IoT devices are able to share data with one another over a network. This means they’re capable of taking over many of the tasks that used to require human participation.

For instance, prior to the development of IoT solutions, manufacturers often had to give an employee the job of gathering data about the factory equipment’s performance. The employee (or employees) would review this data to determine if the equipment was performing reliably.

This type of role will soon be less necessary, as IoT devices can perform this task 24/7. Thus, manufacturers are likely to encourage employees to focus on more productive work. Again, this will make for a significant boost in productivity.

Case Studies

None of these claims are speculator. Major companies are already leveraging the IoT to improve their manufacturing processes.

Harley-Davidson is one example. In recent years, the popular motorcycle brand has struggled to adjust as its core customer base grows older. To keep up with the competition, it was necessary to improve efficiency in certain key areas.

Harley-Davidson turned to the IoT to achieve this goal. While coordinating with IT specialists, the company developed an IoT-enabled manufacturing plant that reduced a 21-day production schedule to a mere six hours. Estimates indicate doing so also reduced operating costs by about $200 million.

Harley-Davidson isn’t the only major company using IoT solutions in this capacity. General Electric has been experimenting with the IoT in one of its New York battery plants.

GE relies on IoT devices to monitor various factory conditions. Its primary goals are to address equipment performance issues, anticipate breakdowns earlier, and generally get a stronger understanding of what the company can do to optimize its manufacturing processes.

Even when a company is slow to implement IoT solutions, individual employees may recognize the benefits. That’s what happened at one Hershey’s plant. An employee believed that creating an IoT network designed to monitor the steps involved in manufacturing Twizzlers could boost efficiency. They were right; the network generated a savings of “$500,000 for every 1 percent of improved efficiency.”

What You Need to Know About IoT Development

Remember, according to experts, the examples listed here just represent the beginnings of a mini-revolution in the manufacturing industry. As the benefits of IoT solutions become even more evident, it makes sense that more companies will embrace them.

It’s worth noting that IoT programmers are also continuing to develop new tools to improve upon these already valuable solutions. Devices ranging from IoT-connected 3D printers to sophisticated inventory calculators will allow companies to manufacture goods more efficiently than ever.

Regardless of what industry you work in, it’s clear all factories can benefit from these tools. Start investigating how you can take advantage of them now.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

How to Earn More Money Using Web Based Technology

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How to Earn More Money Using Web Based Technology

 If you are a small to medium scale business, then you no doubt identify the importance of establishing yourself on the Internet. The Internet may already seem like a crowded market place, but if you want your business to stand out among the rest, then you are going to want to online invest in a strategy that clutch website or web based tech support as a means of extending out to your customer base.

Everybody is doing business on the Internet. But the good news is that you do not want to be a Bill Gates, a Jeff Bezos, or a Mark Zuckerberg in order to compete in the global marketplace.

The Internet has changed everything. The Internet has smooth the playing field for any Tom, Dick, or Harry who wishes to publish a presence for himself or herself in the realm of e-commerce portal.

But what if you have absolutely no clue how to set up a website? What if you have a great innovative idea for how you can implement into a website to help expand your business, but you simply lack the resources, the skills, and the time to design it?

That is where website tech support enters the picture.

If your core business is not in any way technology related, then you should not have to divert valuable business resources away from the primary target of your business. Let a competent website tech support company handle all of the design task for you.

Perhaps you want to set up an e-mail list so that you can keep in touch with your customers. Perhaps you need your consumers to be able to order products directly from your website. Perhaps you want to print coupons and sales promotions on your website. Perhaps you want to get your website listed on Google Maps or Yahoo Local whenever someone does a search for your particular product or line of service.

A competent website tech support company can manage all of the work for you. You just need to tell them what you want, and they will handle the rest.

But it doesn't stop there. Even after your web presence has been established, you will still have an ongoing need to update the website on a periodic basis. Business and e-commerce is always modifying. Very rarely will you fetch a successful business with a website that never modifies or gets updated.

Perhaps you will need to update the content to reflect new sales promotions or to create certain announcements. Perhaps you want to have the ability to send e-mails to your mailing list on a regular basis. Perhaps you want to modify the look and feel of your website to reflect the changing of the seasons or the approach of seasonal holidays.

You're going to need website tech support in order to maintain your website.

Furthermore, things can go not correct with your website from time to time. Just like your car wants to be tuned and supported regularly basis, so do the computers that host your website. And websites can experience issues too from time to time. They can crash. They can run very slowly. Somebody needs to be there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep tabs on your website and optimize it in the event of a problem.

Here some important question in SEO –
  • Would you like to know how many people are visiting your website each day?
  • Would you like to know how they found your website?
  • What keywords did they search for in Google to get to your website? What city, state, or country did they log onto your site from?
  • Would you like to know how long each visitor stays on your website before leaving it?

Website statistics may seem complicated, but that is where you can leverage the expertise of a website tech support firm to process all of this information and explore reports for you. You can optimize these reports and develop a sense of who is buying from your website and who is not. And you can use this information to discuss with your website tech support representative how you can improve your website or how you can improve its exposure to maximize your sales.

The good news is that website tech support does not have to be your biggest business expense.

There are many different ways to pay for website tech support services that don't break your bank. You can pay them for initial design work and then retain them on a contract basis to provide ongoing maintenance and support for example.

As stated above, the Internet landscape has been leveled. The financial barriers to entry have been lowered so that any small business should be able to afford to get on the web.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

How to Generate Powerful Blockchain Data Privacy?

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How to Generate Powerful Blockchain Data Privacy?

Data security has been a latest topic lately. The declaration that millions of Facebook users’ data were broken by the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica has sent a jolt through the tech world.

With the huge amount of data people collect to companies like Facebook, it’s necessary to have ways to secure information and keep sensitive data safe. Valuable weapon in the war for protection and security.

It’s a mouthful to say, but its probabilities are easy. Is a form of cryptography that proves possession of crucial information without releasing that information, and without any interaction between prove and verifier?

For example, specifics could use some proofs to evince their bank details hold a certain amount of money. But evinces wouldn’t release the accurate amount of money in the accounts. Only that they did—or did not—meet a certain monetary threshold.

These proofs are providing blockchain companies to develop smarter, automated systems that can attest to definite facts without revealing the data behind those facts.

That’s important because while greater transparency has long been the target of many blockchain advocates, transparency has its limits. Both companies and individuals have reasons to keep sensitive detail private, while still cutting edge the profits of a decentralized blockchain community.

Reputed companies are helping to do just that

Where did they come from?

Blockchain technology may seem latest because it’s being used in emergency systems, but the first zero-knowledge proofs were built in the late 80s. And the first zero-knowledge succinct argument was constructed in a paper by Joe Killian from 1992.

But advance structures of security form did not arise until decades later. In 2012, Alessandro Chiesa, a professor at UC Berkeley and co-inventor of Zero cash, co-authored a paper that coined the term.

How do they work?

Your childhood math experts possibly told you time and time again, “You have to show your work.” You had to prove the steps that led to your conclusion.

But in the real fact, people often don’t want to show their program. Their task may contain essential business intelligence or data they don’t want others to show. Financial information, passwords, identities or inventory information—it all has to be secured. 

It provides a way for a party to evince the exact or existence of one piece of data without actually revealing it.

For example, let’s say a man needs to meet a bar, but he doesn’t want to reveal his age. Obviously, that’s a problem. The bouncer needs to know he is 21 years old to comply with the law. If zero-knowledge proofs were involved, the bouncer could run a program to scan the ID and control whether the man was at least 21 years old. The age itself is not revealed, only the answer to whether or not the man meets the age requirement.

Have extensive uses today.

In the finance world, zero-knowledge proofs are being used to help security the catches of Cryptocurrency movement. Many people don’t aware that Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies expose every user’s payment history on blockchain. Which means anyone can look up the information surrounding a payment.

There are a number of conditions where the parties completing a transaction don’t want that information to be publicly available. Would a business require its customers to be able to look up similar how much each client is moved?

Finances and transactions are mostly held to be private information, the publicizing of which could put specifics or companies in compromising situations.

The digital currency Zcash is using zero-knowledge proofs to solve this problem. Its Zero cash secure, privacies the identity of the payer, the recipient, and the amount. Instead of making all that information public, users can select to pay others with anonymous “zerocoins.”

Forms are also require for the future.

Blockchain systems, like those offered by the San Francisco-based technology company, Chronicled, can provide track-and-trace capabilities and full visibility into supply chains in practically every industry. The problem is that even permissioned blockchain allow all node operators to access data stored on nodes within the network.

So, if multiple companies join one blockchain network, each of them can access all the data in the community. That’s a non-starter for most firms, especially those with sensitive business intelligence they need to keep to themselves.

Security form to provide an awesome solution to this problem. Rather than recording all the data from a business transaction or process, form access businesses to store only the proof of the transaction on a node. Companies can keep their sensitive data to themselves, while still maintaining confidence in a connected record of provenance.

As the world becomes further automated, and as companies gather more and more data, privacy and data protection will become paramount. There are dystopian shadow to some of the uses for blockchain and other emerging technologies. You only want to look at China’s new reputation score to see an unsettling notion coming to life.

That’s why both companies and specifics will profit from a system that uses zero-knowledge proofs to protect their identities, private data and competitive business intelligence while tracking necessary business information.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Technology Today: Five Reasons SEO is NOT Dead

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Technology Today: Five Reasons SEO is NOT Dead
Guest Post - “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” –Jill Whalen

SEO is dead.

Cue in deep breaths and sighs. For the nth time now, search engine optimization experts have once again declared the death of SEO. But is it really?

Over time and time again, people have constantly wondered whether this proclamation has any teeth to it. Is SEO dead? Is it no longer relevant in today’s contemporary traffic generation strategy? Well, believe it or not but a digital marketing agency in the Philippines or wherever actually detest this question. Not only because they capitalize on providing online marketing services (although that is one of the many reasons), but rather because the belief that SEO is dead mostly works to discredit or demoralize the legitimate endeavors of these digital marketing agencies in generating online traffic. Granted some of them are a sham and you would do better to invest your money elsewhere, there is still a significant majority of them that provides quality services. Moreover, with so many businesses persistently refining their strategies in SEO and even realigning some of their strategies to fit their SEO goal, could you really justify the statement that it is indeed dead?

No, in fact, one might argue that SEO is not only alive, but rather it is thriving. However, black hat methods and bad SEO is definitely dead—as it should be. In any case, if you have any doubts about whether SEO is alive or not, here are some of the reasons that prove it is still very much alive:

1.) SEO is evolving

…just like it always has and always will. Quite a lot of people are under the impression that SEO is dead simply because they do not recognize how it works anymore. A comparison of today’s strategies is drastically different from how it was five years ago—or even a year ago, for that matter. One significant contributor to how SEO evolves is how users change the way they interact on the web and how they search. As a result, search engines such as Google would constantly update its algorithm. In fact, Google has updated its core ranking algorithm several times since its inception. People utilize search engines to look for answers which resultant awards the web page with the first ranking which Google believes to be the web-page that answers the search user’s query best.

2.) SEO still continues to work for businesses

Companies and businesses who continue to utilize SEO is their online marketing strategies could still see a growth of visitors to their websites from year to year with its corresponding conversions. In the same regard, leads are also generated. SEO still works, those who say otherwise may not have been utilizing it properly.

3.) Google updates its search algorithm

Would it not be counter-intuitive for Google to continuously update its search algorithm if SEO were really, in fact, dead? Without SEO, search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing might even cease to exist. These algorithm updates are a strong indicator that SEO is still very much alive, kicking and thriving. SEO is dead, it is just changing and perhaps growing up.

4.) Search engines compete for ad dollars

There are two major reasons why search engines continuously tweak their algorithms. Primarily, it is to provide users who search with the best results complemented with the best user experience possible. Secondly, it is to constantly refine their product in order for it to be better than their competitors. Search engines continuously try to make their product (a search engine) better in order to encourage searchers to utilize their search engine. Resultantly, search engines with more searchers would have more in advertising revenue from other businesses. Revenue from ads does not come in the form of banner ads, but rather in the form of paid ads or PPC. Google has Google Adwords while Bing has Bing Ads.

5.) SEO is more technical than ever

Back in the day, all SEO experts had to do was stuff their content with keywords and comment on forums. Those two strategies almost always guaranteed them to get the job done and earn that number 1 spot and ranking. However, this is not the case today as SEO is a lot more technical that a successful campaign relies on more than just keyword stuffing and forum commenting, Today, you have to rely on so much more than just on-page content. To run a successful campaign, it is imperative to consider social engagement, siite code structure, content and keywords as well as link building.  

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