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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

CEO of Sundar Pichai on Google for Data collection and privacy

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CEO of Sundar Pichai on Google for Data collection and privacy

Google CEO Sunder Pichai (46) was present in the US parliament on Tuesday to answer the data collection and data privacy. Here he was faced with the first Indian-American woman MP Pramila Jaipal (53). There were some private conversations along with the question-answer. Pramila praised Pichai.

Pramila questioned Pichai on sexual harassment

1. Pramila said that I am also born in the same state of India. Where you were born. I am very excited about the fact that you are leading the American company. A tourists have made a very good contribution to this country and you are pushing the same Silsila.

2. Pramila and Pichai comes from Tamil Nadu. Both were born in Chennai. Pramila went to America for study. She is the first American woman to be Indian-American woman. Pichai made Google appear in 2004. 11 years later, he became CEO of the company in 2015.

3. During Pichai's questioning in the US Parliament, Pramila questioned the statements of sexual harassment and hate propaganda. He asked Pichai, "Do you agree with the fact that social media has been contributing to spreading hatred against Rohingya?" How capable is Google to get rid of hate speech?

4. In response to this question, Pichai said that it is our important responsibility to get rid of hate speech statements. We believe it is clearly encouraging violence. This is an issue that requires a lot of hard work to do. We have included it in our policy. We have made a lot of improvements to make policies effective and this process is going on.

5. Pramila had said that the company's arbitration was inevitable for those victims of harassment. He said that employee already beyond demeanor is, it's unfair to them to be more annoying.

6. Pichai said there is no provision to provide private information to Google's arbitration agreement. In case of sexual harassment we have made changes in Arbitration Policy. In such case, if the victim is in need, she can go to the court directly. In this case we will make an amendment on the next. I also got personal feedback from employees about this.

American MP Keith Rothfus also praised Pichai

7. In the question-answer session, MP Keith Rothfus praised both Pramila and Pichai, saying that both successful immigrants are Indians. He said to Pichai that I am happy that you are in my country and I imagine that you have not even thought of such a thing like that of a young teenager in India. That you'll be here. Congratulations on her.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Google is going to shut down your Gmail Inbox

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Google is going to shut down your Gmail Inbox

 Google recently introduced Gmail's new avatar. Now news about Gmail's Future Inbox has started to appear. Meanwhile Google has announced to close its Inbox by Gmail till March 2019. In this case, the Google Inbox launched in 2014 is being discontinued after 5 years. Google has claimed that it will focus on new email solutions for all users.

Learn about Inbox by Gmail:

It was introduced in October 2014. Its main focus was the Smarter Email Management Experience. There are bundle grouping receipts, statements and messages related features. Apart from this, there are many features, including email slogging, follow-up. But when Google gave a new look to Gmail, many new features were added to its inbox. But now Google only wants to focus on improving Gmail and this will cause Inbox by Gmail to be shut down.

However, users now have a few months to use Gmail Inbox. Google is offering a transition guide to its users so that users can easily switch to new Gmail.

Read more - Google Allo Most Powerful Features Never Show in WhatsApp

Earlier Yahoo Messenger was completely closed on July 17. Yahoo said that users will be able to download all their messages for up to 6 months. The company is replacing Yahoo Messenger with a new instant messaging app, Squirrel. Users can now apply for beta testing of this new app. Yahoo Messenger users are now being redirected to Squirrel.

Learn why Yahoo! turns off:

Because of Yahoo Messenger, people like to start chatting service like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. Because of this, there has been a revolution in the world of chatting and so many messaging apps and service started. In the early 2000s, every user using the internet was using Yahoo Messenger. After all, what happened that caused Yahoo Messenger to close.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Google Creates Selling AdSense Simpler For Small Media

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Google Creates Selling AdSense Simpler For Small Media

Those playing big ad game within Google world are very aware with Google AdSense and Double Click forPublishers (DFP). As a unique, AdSense not manually fills unsold ad space listening or business directory for rapid and simply monetization, while DFP providing entrepreneur to handle the inventory, campaigns and third-party advertisers. Now rest of option that falls in between option to choose AdSense direct.

AdSense straight will overfill in the AdSense register space with third party strategy that the reporter has sold, but accurate setup to crease hassle free environment that available with DFP plus the invoicing and billing is naturally handles through Google wallet and paid its advertising in his account. So, expert blogger still needs to sell the Ad strategy themselves, it is now easy to explore or low cost method that may have previously gone unsold.

This service to take charge. Google get several extra cost for pay generate. For that, aside from technical set-up, the commitment that an entrepreneur and advertiser would usually arrange is now handled through Google.

Many entrepreneur providing useful to tip to implement whenever to publish a news or blog within My Ads tab on their Google AdSense account. Publisher set ads on side, niche, cost and duration then a send to backlinks over to the ads campaign. Publisher upload its ads to some creative, specific target and agree to follow all the condition to mention in account. Because this is execute through Google, they will also review the ads and destination URL—approval is estimated to take about two days otherwise terminate ads to inform into a mail.

AdSense direct campaigns must be set up at least five days before they will execute and ads campaigns must also output for at least one day but can’t extend beyond 90 days. Once the campaign is arranged to run, the generally AdSense ads will moved by the new direct ad creative.

Some criteria to include with all this satisfaction comes a yield of some control. These are flat rate campaigns that aren’t CPM (cost per one thousand impressions) based or CPC (cost per click). Moreover the ad spaces where the innovative will shows are predefined based on the entrepreneur AdSense setup. The media also can’t set restriction based on impression caps, venue place targeting, OS (operating system), IP address or any other modify set-up. This task both ways of course.

The ad campaign will income a direct rate careless if the ad media serves 10,000 impressions or one lakh. So it’s crucial for both entrepreneur and blogger to negotiate predications beforehand. Also, if the advertise need custom goal to individual pages and enumeration, they are better off set-up a classical campaign using a more power management tool – like DFP.

When everyone to said done all the thing, though, the slice of this new product that might get bloggers to provide it a screenshot is the not manually AdSense billing and payment -  cancellation the countless phone call and e-mails for overdue and unpaid invoices might be worth 15%.

Friday, 25 May 2018

How to Scan Your PC for Harmful Virus with Google Chrome

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How to Scan Your PC for Harmful Virus with Google Chrome

Google last summit to announce Google Chrome has become one of the quickest and rapidly popular in whole world. One of the main reason because Google primary focus on security.

How to protect harmful virus using Google Chrome to explain all part in this summit. What you may not have noticed is that Chrome’s ability to secure you from ransomware, hijackers and other pollution extends beyond the browser itself.

Believe it or not, Chrome can really scan your whole computer drive for harmful virus... just like a standalone work on antivirus program does. Here's how you do it.
Some step to follow
Open Chrome new tag and write any web address into address bar in top chrome. If you write display one history.

Here's what you should see when you do that:

Click the bottom button and Chrome will run scanning your PC. The behind-the-scenes malware observation is actually handled by ESET, a highly-regarded IT security company based in Slovakia.

Its valuable expressive that the browse doesn't just look for things like ransomware and other virus or harmful software’s. Google's policy is to look for all types of "unwanted software," which can include apps that you might not recognize you installed, apps that upload your data to remote servers without your knowledge or even apps that aren't trustful about what they're doing.

Google lists its formula on this web page if you'd like more information.

Chrome approve is a handy additional layer of defense against harmful virus. If you use Chrome to browse the web, it's valuable running a scan every now and then just to get a second opinion about the state of your computer's security.

Just remember that Chrome Cleanup is an on-demand only scanner. It does not offer real-time protection like a traditional anti-malware app does.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

What is the thinnest HP laptop?

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What is the thinnest HP laptop?

In 2018, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, launches the world's largest leopard Acer Swift 7. This laptop is more than 1 cm thin. Its thickness is only 8.98 mm. Which is its biggest peculiarity.

Features of Acer Swift 7

Resource at

  • Acer claims that this laptop is very mild to weight so that it can be easily taken.
  • Swift 7 has Intel's i7 processor.
  • Laptop has 4G LTE connectivity.
  • Laptop battery will last up to 10 hours after charging.
  • Laptop has 256 GB of storage. Which will work with the 8 GB LPDDR3 RAM.
  • A fingerprint sensor is also provided on the laptop.
  • Acer Swift 7 will work on Windows 10.
  • The price of this laptop is kept at US $ 1,699 (approximately 1.30 lakh rupees).
  • Aluminum antibody design makes Swift 7 attractive.
  • Laptop has a back-key keyboard. Can be typed easily, even in less light.
  • Oops! Google Translate does not respond: please try again!
·        This laptop may still take a few months to launch in India.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Do You Know How Search Engine Actually Boost Ranks Your Article?

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Do You Know How Search Engine Actually Boost Ranks Your Article?
Every SEO professional wants better search engine rankings output. It's always exhilarating if you show one of your backlinks appearing among the top 10 rankings in Google search results page. But how does Google's ranking algorithm actually evaluate your content or blog length, your specific criteria for links, or even your complete website? Is there a set formula?

Of course, everybody who has immersed in a bit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aware some standard tips of batter rankings. Publishing standard content based on your focus keywords, innovative & unique titles and encouraging people to link back to your article or blog, are all standard ways of optimizing for better search engine rankings. But these are not the only ways to get better search engine rankings. Google has blazed its algorithm (Panda & Penguin). It can no longer rely on publishers and Google webmasters to stick to its criteria. The ranking algorithm now crowd sources its ranking intelligence.

Accordingly, the way people behave to your content is as crucial as publishing optimized, high-quality content. Google boost your content based on user behavior vis-à-vis your content. Here are a few lesser-known facts about how Google actually ranks your content:
  • You’re CTR (Click-Through Rate) on the search engine result pages
  • How many people are clicking your website links from the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)?

Although your link may display on Google's 1st page, if it isn't attracting much traffic, it is moved to the second or third page, and the other links that attract more traffic, are slowly moved. 

Google takes your CTR into report while adjusting your rankings. Just because instantly your link is showing up among the top 10 results doesn't mean it is going to stay there consistent. Remember that Google is daily bases calculating not just your rankings, but rankings of millions of links other things depend on. So, your link is always performing being compared to competitor links and is being shuffled around accordingly.

This is how it happens:

·        Your link debuts to see up at rank 4 on the Google search results page.

·        There is other link that shows at rank 6 on the same as first page.

·        For the same keyword or search term both the links show up 100 times.

·        20/100 times people click your link.

·        40/100 times people click the other link.

This sends Google a message that the competitor link is more crucial than yours, and should be given eminence.

So, you are put in position 6 and the other link rises to position 4.

Since this is an ongoing process, all the backlinks that have a better CTR than you, startups to outgoing you and before you real understanding, your link has faded from the first or even the second page. The backend can happen if your click-through rate is better than the link displaying before you. If your link engages more clicks than the link before you, the standings are shifted. This is one of the lesser-known ranking secrets that shows to have been currently carry out.

Your bounce rate

The bounce rate is the number many people allowance your website after gathering the link they found on Google. If they leave your website without optimizing it further, Google thinks that your website is not solving the control of the search it is being featured for.

You want to deal with bounce rate from Google's ratio. Bounce rate doesn't mean a person coming to your website and then going to another website without further exploring your website. From Google's point of view, bounce rate means a person clicks a link from Google's search results page and then, without examining your website further, comes back to Google. If many people do this, you have a higher bounce rate which, giving to Google, means, your website doesn't have useful content.

The time an entrepreneur expends on your website

If a visitor quickly moves your website after collecting it from Google, it's noticeable that he or she didn't find what he or she is searching for. On the other hand, if the person contributes lots of time on the link that he or she found on Google and then also research your website further, it signals Google that your website holds quality content and hence, should be ranked better.

The traffic that you get

Google also takes into account the traffic that you are currently getting. You may wonder, if you don't have better search engine rankings, how does Google expend you to get more audience? From other resources. Google needs to encourage you to use another sources as authorize or as plain traffic sources. You can advertise your links social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can share your links on your social media business page or brand page. You can use your mailing list. The more traffic you can generate, the better can be your search engine rankings.

The Search Task Accomplishment  factor

When you search on Google, it is a task for it. You're looking for some information. When you come across a link, do you find the information, or not? If you find the detail on the link you have just found on Google, your program is ignored. If not, you come back to Google and move on your research. That link didn't help you carry out your research.

If a person finds your link, comes to your website and then immediately goes back to Google to carry on the search it means he or she didn't find the information he or she was looking for, and hence, the task wasn't accomplished. This is seen in a negative light by Google, and consequently, your search engine ranking negatively gets impacted. Therefore, it isn't just the quality of your content that affects your search engine rankings. Social validation and user behavior matter too.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

What is cloud computing? Different list of Cloud Computing

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What is cloud computing? Different list of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a simply term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet.

Cloud computing enables firms to ingest a compute resource, such as a virtual machine (VMs), storage or an application, as a utility -- just like electricity -- rather than having to develop and support computing structures in house.

Microsoft Azure

In 2017, Gartner's Magic Quadrant selected Microsoft Azure as a software company in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Nearly 90% of the most prefer in future IT companies are using cloud services provided by MS Azure 2017. Among the leading companies using Azure for cloud computing are Oracle, SAP, Rolls-Royce, NBC News channel, BMW, and GE Healthcare, to name just a few. The main reason behind choosing Azure is its effective management of physical servers and data centers on the cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform was developed from the ground up for transparent security and ease of use, to offer you a public-cloud structure that exact match your needs.

Also say about other cloud platforms, the “shared responsibility” security model means that you will essential a further layer of security when building sensitive workloads.


The OpenStack Open Source Cloud operation: to generate the universal Open Source Cloud Computing network that will perfect match your requirement of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.

Amazon EC2

In addition to offer free open source, ready to build Cloud Images, we also offer our Cloud Hosting, a subscription service that easy the procedure of coding and supporting open source applications to the Amazon EC2 Cloud. You can sign up for our free tier and learn more…

Google Apps for Business

Google Suite is a popular of cloud computing, efficiency and association’s tools, software and products built by Google, start up on August 28, 2006.

Google App Engine

There are some most useful benefits with hosting websites on Google App Engine. First, it should be more portable since your website or URL will get served through Google’s own data centers.

Second, if you have a low traffic website, it is highly likely that you won’t have to spend a paid for web hosting. You put 1 GB of free storage space for hosting your images, HTML web pages and another data and 1 GB of bandwidth per day. If you overreach that provided suited spaced, you pay-per-use match to Amazon S3.

Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack is the prominent open source cloud composition platform, in use by many of the world’s huge network for public and private clouds. The project was developed after Citrix present of the CloudStack project to The Apache based. Citrix now have only a not a complete entire involvement in the ongoing development.


Profession Hackers are demanding Apple pay a ransom in bitcoin (digital online money) or they'll blast the lid off millions of iCloud account documentations.
Here some behind the primary spotlights, however, there are a bevy of loose ends and nuances to ponder.


Eucalyptus Systems, Inc., producer of the dominant open source private cloud platform, now declared that the ecosystem of third-party software solutions for the Eucalyptus private cloud software is quickly enlarging, with organizations such as AppScale, Canonical, CohesiveFT, RightScale, rPath and Ylastic contributing solutions that increasing the usability and accessibility of Eucalyptus. The company also reported new features in the latest release of Eucalyptus that creates it even simpler to develop and use secure, on-premise private and hybrid clouds.

Cloud OS

Cloud OS, i.e. Cloud based Operating Systems are nothing but a set of applications and programs running on a system, much like your PC. Excluding that, the entire service depends on Internet, and the Applications available within the system (and the entire System itself), is theory way installed on your machine. Cloud OS is a very small component, or rather a branch, in the field of Cloud Computing.


OpenNebula is an easy, smart-rich and portable solution for the management of basic data centers. It enables private, public and hybrid clouds. Few are some things about this solution.
It Sunstones are a graphical user interface (GUI), calculated for both end users and administrators, which simplifies the typical management operations in private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.


Nimbus is a powerful toolkit mostly achieved on redirecting a computer cluster into an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud for scientific communities. Requirement, it provides a deployment and configuration of virtual machines (VMs) on remote resources to develop an environment fix for the users’ need. Being written in Python and Java, it is complete no extra charge and open-source software, released under the Apache License.


It is exactly at this point that cloud management systems such as openQRM input the game. OpenQRM providers a software based, open source data center management and cloud based system, with the assist of which different inner and outer new innovative device can be pensive and grouped within a usual management tool. This modern system also takes care of materials, size availability, and monitoring of services that are offered. OpenQRM sees itself as a framework and appliance an open plugin architecture. For example, an existing hypervisor such as KVM or Xen can be simply assimilate as one of many possible resource suppliers.


GoGrid is provided cloud computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for enterprise. The company goal on gifting non-opinionated Big Data solutions and services for the management and combinations of open source, commercial, and proprietary technologies various multiple platforms. It contributing dedicated and cloud servers; network services, such as load balancing, hardware firewalls, high security networks, and content delivery; connectivity services, which include data transfer, DC-to-DC connectivity, DC-to-World connectivity, and dedicated private networks; and cloud and block storage services.

Bare-metal server

Bare metal is an only single resident server. It means only you are taking the sources of the server. The server exists to you and you only. Competitor to the cloud model where various users (multi-tenancy) reside on the same physical server, the bare-metal server only has one consumer on the server.


Wakame-vdc is open source cloud based software the can be used to virtualized data centers and freely set up IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud platforms.
Some benefits

·         Simplicity
·         Portability
·         Scalability
·         Customizability
·         Reliability
·         Security

Abiquo Enterprise Edition

Abiquo provides the industry’s leading cloud arrange software for service provider clouds, giving providers to rapidly develop and monetize cloud services, by updating hybrid, private and public cloud infrastructure from one intuitive portal.

FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5

Fujitsu has integrated CA Nimsoft analysis and CA Nimsoft Service Desk solutions into its briefcase to be conveyed from Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5, last known as the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform. This accompaniment the global ICT leader’s quickly boosting catalogue of software as a service (SaaS) solutions and Fujitsu’s expertise in IT service management.

Monday, 27 March 2017

New Latest Google Android Version “O” Launch with Smart Features

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New Latest Google Android Version “O” Launch with Smart Features

Android 7.0 update nougat still not available all headsets, there has been has been a highlight of Android O. Coming up new OS from Google but here discuss about some leakage features.  Here some feature highlights on this blogs with describing about behind story of name “o” suggest in Google operating systems are yet to be on the suspense.

Powerful Battery Life Saver

Google's new operating system is working with the Battery Saver in the Android O, if they believe in the developer preview of the report 'background Limit' feature has been announced. This feature will be running in the background the app will stop, allowing the battery to save.

Notification Update

Google operating system Android O 'notifications channels' feature will be named in advance, especially for the fact that the user will be able to create his group wants notifications Apps. News Tech News app only if you want it to be the same.

Picture inside Picture

With this advanced feature for the user to watch videos or photo may be used with any other app views. This will be a popup while watching the video, the user can place on the corner of the screen. This feature will work like YouTube.

Advance Wi-Fi

The new operating system will be advanced Wi-Fi system. How this will work out any information about it yet. Keyboard with navigation will also be part of the new feature of Android O.

Gadgets comes on Google Pixel

Google Android O operating system will be the first handset to launch Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The arrival of the Nexus handsets like the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and will be updated in the Player Nexus Pixel C. Other phone companies may be updated.

How to Choose "O"

What will be the name of the operating system Google Android O, the suspense is still on, but the media reports and may be a reason for this, the name 'OREO' according to some photos on Twitter.

Which date to be published
Every time this time of the next Android OS will be announced in the Google I / O. 11th Google I / O 2017 Annual Conference will be from 17 to 19 May. This will be held in California.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Google History with Top 8 wonderful and interesting things Google

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Google History with Top 8 wonderful and interesting things Google
The biggest search engine Google today is celebrating his 18th birthday in global world. Celebration today, Google has created a special doodle Image theme to search in Google.

Thus the many debate continues to which date, however, Google had celebrated her first birthday in 1998 but that was done officially decide after a few days, Google's birthday is September 27 celebrate. Since 2006 after Google this day officially celebrate for each year.

Most of people to use daily any step in real life but didn’t some fact about Google. First one How to company name Suggestion in Google? How to establish, How to earn money. In this post some crucial facts explain about Google.

Here some wonderful and interesting things Google

Goats hire Google

Google does not use any machine for cutting grass in headquarters but California companies “grazing” hire 200 goats for rent. Since 2007 Google acquire 200 goat rent for cutting grass. Goats working on 7 days into a month. One of the interesting thing 200 goats training to hire Jain younger man.  This is the 'Google' low carbon approach.
Using machine to generate carbon and air pollutions to danger for mankind that reason avoid machine and acquire goats for cutting grass. Goats not only clear grass but improve fertilizer in land.

Silly Spelling Mistake to Change Global World

If one silly spelling mistake not happen, most popular search engine is Google not standing our around.  Working on engineer name suggest on Googol but by mistake to write one on “Google”.  Google founder by spelling mistake name find it that reason company lunch on Google.

Car-garage, Google Incorporated

Success Story of Google Brand wondrous friendship between two students together of Stanford University in California.  Both friends had  a car in the garage, Google.
Larry page and sergey brin both friend meet together on 4 September 1988 Google incorporate in Milan park, California made the company one car garage, There he went to work, Just 2 years most popular in global world.

In September 2007, Google ended the first round, now internet global world completed successfully 20 years.

Was not among the Google Logo

If you talk about Google search engine design will be most attractive. The Google search bar and Google wrote above. There will also be people who know little of the early days of Google logo on the left side of the screen. Google's search page was changed in the March 31, 2001.

Google wants to acquire Yahoo

Yahoo Google at a time for $ 1 million (approximately Rs 6.38 crore) has offered to purchase. However, Yahoo, Google refused to believe the proposal. Google economic situation was down at this time.
Salary up to 10 years after the employee's death
If any reason to employee death, Company offers a salary up to half the next 10 years, partner or employee's spouse

Ultu-pultu GOOGLE
Google still has many domains; this created using misspells each domain to Google minor spelling. Like as,,

Google ceo sundar pichai 2015 massive earnings

Google ceo sundar pichai in 2015 $100.5 million massive earnings, 6 billion 69 crore 93 lakh 75 thousand 225 crore earn. Received a salary of $ 6, 52,500 as picante its release, according to a regulatory filing and also have given them a $ 99.8 million restricted shares, which shall be transferred to them in 2017. Pichai Company will offer compensation of $ 22.935 for the delay.

Multi-million dollar cost of employees during the year

Google almost $ 72 million a year for its approximately 445 employees, i.e. 53 million more than the cost of expenditure.  According to company policy, all employees are given free meals for a deluxe kitchen inside the campus. Which also manages soft drink with breakfast and given lunch. Google employees can take two times a day during the Kitchen.