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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Complete Introduce About World Thinner Laptop with Features

In 2018, the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas, USA, launches the world's largest leopard Acer Swift 7. This laptop is more than 1 cm thin. Its thickness is only 8.98 mm. Which is its biggest peculiarity.

Features of Acer Swift 7

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·        Acer claims that this laptop is very mild to weight so that it can be easily taken.
·        Swift 7 has Intel's i7 processor.
·        Laptop has 4G LTE connectivity.
·        Laptop battery will last up to 10 hours after charging.
·        Laptop has 256 GB of storage. Which will work with the 8 GB LPDDR3 RAM.
·        A fingerprint sensor is also provided in the laptop.
·        Acer Swift 7 will work on Windows 10.
·        The price of this laptop is kept at US $ 1,699 (approximately 1.30 lakh rupees).
·        Aluminum antibody design makes Swift 7 attractive.
·        Laptop has a back-key key-board. Can be typed easily even in less light.
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·        This laptop may still take a few months to launch in India.

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