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What is cloud computing? Different list of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a simply term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet.

Cloud computing enables firms to ingest a compute resource, such as a virtual machine (VMs), storage or an application, as a utility -- just like electricity -- rather than having to develop and support computing structures in house.

Microsoft Azure

In 2017, Gartner's Magic Quadrant selected Microsoft Azure as a software company in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Nearly 90% of the most prefer in future IT companies are using cloud services provided by MS Azure 2017. Among the leading companies using Azure for cloud computing are Oracle, SAP, Rolls-Royce, NBC News channel, BMW, and GE Healthcare, to name just a few. The main reason behind choosing Azure is its effective management of physical servers and data centers on the cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform was developed from the ground up for transparent security and ease of use, to offer you a public-cloud structure that exact match your needs.

Also say about other cloud platforms, the “shared responsibility” security model means that you will essential a further layer of security when building sensitive workloads.


The OpenStack Open Source Cloud operation: to generate the universal Open Source Cloud Computing network that will perfect match your requirement of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.

Amazon EC2

In addition to offer free open source, ready to build Cloud Images, we also offer our Cloud Hosting, a subscription service that easy the procedure of coding and supporting open source applications to the Amazon EC2 Cloud. You can sign up for our free tier and learn more…

Google Apps for Business

Google Suite is a popular of cloud computing, efficiency and association’s tools, software and products built by Google, start up on August 28, 2006.

Google App Engine

There are some most useful benefits with hosting websites on Google App Engine. First, it should be more portable since your website or URL will get served through Google’s own data centers.

Second, if you have a low traffic website, it is highly likely that you won’t have to spend a paid for web hosting. You put 1 GB of free storage space for hosting your images, HTML web pages and another data and 1 GB of bandwidth per day. If you overreach that provided suited spaced, you pay-per-use match to Amazon S3.

Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack is the prominent open source cloud composition platform, in use by many of the world’s huge network for public and private clouds. The project was developed after Citrix present of the CloudStack project to The Apache based. Citrix now have only a not a complete entire involvement in the ongoing development.


Profession Hackers are demanding Apple pay a ransom in bitcoin (digital online money) or they'll blast the lid off millions of iCloud account documentations.
Here some behind the primary spotlights, however, there are a bevy of loose ends and nuances to ponder.


Eucalyptus Systems, Inc., producer of the dominant open source private cloud platform, now declared that the ecosystem of third-party software solutions for the Eucalyptus private cloud software is quickly enlarging, with organizations such as AppScale, Canonical, CohesiveFT, RightScale, rPath and Ylastic contributing solutions that increasing the usability and accessibility of Eucalyptus. The company also reported new features in the latest release of Eucalyptus that creates it even simpler to develop and use secure, on-premise private and hybrid clouds.

Cloud OS

Cloud OS, i.e. Cloud based Operating Systems are nothing but a set of applications and programs running on a system, much like your PC. Excluding that, the entire service depends on Internet, and the Applications available within the system (and the entire System itself), is theory way installed on your machine. Cloud OS is a very small component, or rather a branch, in the field of Cloud Computing.


OpenNebula is an easy, smart-rich and portable solution for the management of basic data centers. It enables private, public and hybrid clouds. Few are some things about this solution.
It Sunstones are a graphical user interface (GUI), calculated for both end users and administrators, which simplifies the typical management operations in private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.


Nimbus is a powerful toolkit mostly achieved on redirecting a computer cluster into an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud for scientific communities. Requirement, it provides a deployment and configuration of virtual machines (VMs) on remote resources to develop an environment fix for the users’ need. Being written in Python and Java, it is complete no extra charge and open-source software, released under the Apache License.


It is exactly at this point that cloud management systems such as openQRM input the game. OpenQRM providers a software based, open source data center management and cloud based system, with the assist of which different inner and outer new innovative device can be pensive and grouped within a usual management tool. This modern system also takes care of materials, size availability, and monitoring of services that are offered. OpenQRM sees itself as a framework and appliance an open plugin architecture. For example, an existing hypervisor such as KVM or Xen can be simply assimilate as one of many possible resource suppliers.


GoGrid is provided cloud computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for enterprise. The company goal on gifting non-opinionated Big Data solutions and services for the management and combinations of open source, commercial, and proprietary technologies various multiple platforms. It contributing dedicated and cloud servers; network services, such as load balancing, hardware firewalls, high security networks, and content delivery; connectivity services, which include data transfer, DC-to-DC connectivity, DC-to-World connectivity, and dedicated private networks; and cloud and block storage services.

Bare-metal server

Bare metal is an only single resident server. It means only you are taking the sources of the server. The server exists to you and you only. Competitor to the cloud model where various users (multi-tenancy) reside on the same physical server, the bare-metal server only has one consumer on the server.


Wakame-vdc is open source cloud based software the can be used to virtualized data centers and freely set up IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud platforms.
Some benefits

·         Simplicity
·         Portability
·         Scalability
·         Customizability
·         Reliability
·         Security

Abiquo Enterprise Edition

Abiquo provides the industry’s leading cloud arrange software for service provider clouds, giving providers to rapidly develop and monetize cloud services, by updating hybrid, private and public cloud infrastructure from one intuitive portal.

FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5

Fujitsu has integrated CA Nimsoft analysis and CA Nimsoft Service Desk solutions into its briefcase to be conveyed from Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5, last known as the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform. This accompaniment the global ICT leader’s quickly boosting catalogue of software as a service (SaaS) solutions and Fujitsu’s expertise in IT service management.

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