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New Latest Google Android Version “O” Launch with Smart Features

Android 7.0 update nougat still not available all headsets, there has been has been a highlight of Android O. Coming up new OS from Google but here discuss about some leakage features.  Here some feature highlights on this blogs with describing about behind story of name “o” suggest in Google operating systems are yet to be on the suspense.

Powerful Battery Life Saver

Google's new operating system is working with the Battery Saver in the Android O, if they believe in the developer preview of the report 'background Limit' feature has been announced. This feature will be running in the background the app will stop, allowing the battery to save.

Notification Update

Google operating system Android O 'notifications channels' feature will be named in advance, especially for the fact that the user will be able to create his group wants notifications Apps. News Tech News app only if you want it to be the same.

Picture inside Picture

With this advanced feature for the user to watch videos or photo may be used with any other app views. This will be a popup while watching the video, the user can place on the corner of the screen. This feature will work like YouTube.

Advance Wi-Fi

The new operating system will be advanced Wi-Fi system. How this will work out any information about it yet. Keyboard with navigation will also be part of the new feature of Android O.

Gadgets comes on Google Pixel

Google Android O operating system will be the first handset to launch Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The arrival of the Nexus handsets like the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and will be updated in the Player Nexus Pixel C. Other phone companies may be updated.

How to Choose "O"

What will be the name of the operating system Google Android O, the suspense is still on, but the media reports and may be a reason for this, the name 'OREO' according to some photos on Twitter.

Which date to be published
Every time this time of the next Android OS will be announced in the Google I / O. 11th Google I / O 2017 Annual Conference will be from 17 to 19 May. This will be held in California.

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