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New WhatsApp Warning: Security Flaw Confirmed

Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has urged its customers today to upgrade to the latest version of the app, as a stray spyware has been attacked.

Following cyber espionage of WhatsApp using spyware Pegasus, another spyware attack of this kind has been exposed which reaches users in the form of mp4 (video) file. According to the Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-in) of India, Vulnerability provides users with the latest version updates on WhatsApp.

Cert-in's team has given Vulnerability a high rating. And identified it as CVE-2019-11931 which can affect both Android and iOS devices. However, no information has yet been revealed as to whether any users have been affected by this spyware.

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Sunday's WhatsApp Juried Parts told an insider, "WhatsApp is a temporary work in the current service and security. We're providing reports on important discussions and industry's best practices.

A large class of people in India use digital tools. There are more than 40 million users in India. Recently WhatsApp Pegasus was in the discussion about spyware. A spyware developed by Israeli company NSO Group hacked phones of 1,400 users in the country, including 120 Indians. Most of these spyware victims are journalists, social workers and lawyers.

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