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What is the New Feature in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is bringing new features to make its users' chat experience better. Like last year, the company will roll out many new features this year. These features have been testing for the past few months. A stable update of these features will be released in the next few months. Here we are talking about the upcoming features of WhatsApp.

Users will be eagerly waiting for this feature of Message WhatsApp to be deleted manually. The company made the beta version of this feature available in the past. What is special about this feature is that it allows users to automatically delete chats at set times. The time to delete these chats can be set between 1 day and 1 year. Initially, this feature is only possible to be found in group chats.

Is WhatsApp going to stop working in Back-end Process and Power Save Mode?

WhatsApp is going to make a big change this year to its group chat feature. According to reports, the company will soon provide an update in which the number of group members will be increased. Currently, 256 contacts can be added to the WhatsApp group. While other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp can add up to 5 thousand group members. WhatsApp can roll out such a feature soon.

Personal storage

Companies can roll out a new feature to save chat history and media files. All Android users can save their WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive and iOS users can save their WhatsApp Chats to iCloud. Restoring chats can be frustrating when switching from Android to iOS or iOS to Android. Currently, chats cannot be restored when OS is slowed down.


This feature will be good for the privacy of Secret Chat users. After this feature comes the chatting history in WhatsApp will not be stored on the server and can never be tracked. Not only this, if a user takes a screenshot to save the chats, the information will be available to both users who are chatting. The Telegram app already has this feature.

Dark mode

WhatsApp's Dark mode has been waiting a long time. Many of his leaks have come out in the past few days. With Dark mode coming, WhatsApp's interface will be darkened. This will be of great benefit to the users as the blue light from the phone during chatting does not make the eyes tired. In addition, the Dark Mode will also protect the phone's battery. The company has rolled out its beta version feature.


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