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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Secure Messengers: Develop a Secure Chat for Your Mobile App

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Secure Messengers: Develop a Secure Chat for Your Mobile App

Business actions are now not only passed out in a cabin or in the office. You have now options to reply to your email sitting in a coffee house, while watching a movie or even when you are chilling out on your vacations. It can be possible only with the advent of mobile apps. But the saddest part is that along with the convenience of a mobile app there is threat of your information getting targeted by hackers. Cybercrime includes costs that include damages due to loss of sensitive data, fraud and interruption in business operations.

Apps Targeted by Hackers

​So it is important to know which kinds of apps are the target points of hackers. Apps that are mostly targeted are the ones that have delicate information and which can be used against other businesses. Apps that have chance to get hacked are the ones that deal with economic transactions – ecommerce applications that are connected to banking software.

Along with enterprise and ecommerce apps – chatting apps are also vulnerable to hacking. Some of the most sensitive information is shared on chats – for example, the CEO of a company carrying out a huge assignment or carrying cash for transaction giving details of his whereabouts to his family or colleagues. If the hackers know his location and his whereabouts at a particular time, they could easily dupe and steal the information that they require.

So, how do you secure chat apps? Let’s find out.

Ensuring the Security of Messaging Apps

Messaging apps has two broad categories – enterprising messaging apps and consumer based messaging apps. Security risks for these apps include a secured integration with a payment statement, proper usage of a platform and ensuring legal regulations for healthcare or banking.
Now, let’s take a look at a few common ways of ensuring secured messaging apps.

Security of Data Storage and Data Transfer

Logically, the less data stored on the client’s side, the more secure the app. But there are instances where the app user would want to save their data. In that case, there are technical solutions that would keep that data secure. This can be done by use Realm Core. It uses OpenSSL when one supplies a 4-bit encryption key. Realm Core can be transparently encrypted and decrypted with AES-256 and can be verified with   SHA-2 HMAC hash.

For iOS two frameworks can be adopted – Realm iOS and CoreData for data protection. CoreData’s most popular local storage type is SQLite – it is an open source third-party library that provides 256-bit AES encryption. It is important to know that AES takes up a little bit of extra storage space, thereby decreasing the speed of the app.

Secure Communication Between the Client and the Server

It is important that all communication done between the client and the server is secure. Apps need to adhere to the standards set by the industry and regulatory requirements depending on the state and the industry.

For instance, a healthcare app needs to adhere to medical industry standards and should be compliant with HIPAA. The healthcare software application following HIPAA standards might have a few limitations that need to be addressed – such as disclosing certain medical information.

As we know all the information shared between a client and the server runs a risk of breach. The app developers need to make sure that they are properly set up with TLS/SSL. The app needs to have a trusted CA certificate with configured chains and attach or pin those to SSL.

End-to-End Encryption and Reinforcing Encryption

​Encrypting the data would mean that even if it is hacked, the hacker will not be able to read it. Encryption of data is done by using special algorithms to scramble data. All messaging apps have some form of encryption data. One of the biggest reasons why messaging apps make themselves vulnerable to hackers is that they use some information to target users with advertisements.

The most secure apps with chat functionality use end-to-end encryption that lets only the sender and the receiver read a message. If the company does make an app with end-to-end encryption, they can archive the data and store all the messages on the server. These messages can be decrypted and read if necessary.

To increase security, the app developers can reinforce existing encryption mechanisms. What is reinforcing encryption? – It requires applying cryptographic standards by getting acquainted with cyber security guidelines.

Bottom Line

​To conclude, some typical features that need to be used for a secure mobile chat:

A unique key should be generated for each session. This is called Session Level Security or SLS. By adopting SLS, all messages exchanged within the app can be only read by the sender and the recipient.

Every message sent has its own key.

The data stored by the user is encrypted by a separate key which is derived by the PIN entered by the user.

Offline messaging support should be supported by the app. This means that if the user is on offline mode, the messages are stored at the back-end. On switching on their network, the messages are delivered to the recipient.

​Enhancing security for apps is very important in today’s day and age. Privacy is an important aspect and the users need apps that do not disclose their personal information. Users are drifting towards apps that store very little personal information and use it sparingly for advertisements or their personal benefits.

App-Scoop app developers can help you build an app that has end-to-end encryption for maximum security of data and develop a secure chat for your mobile app.

Author’s Bio: I'm currently working as Android App Developer with TheAppsmiths. I have a great passion for building world-class products as I loves technology. In the last couple of years, I have worked with big and small clients across numerous continents. I have learned new technologies as well as mentoring and helping others to get started in their programming career. I have a keen interest in mobile App development, mobile app development outsourcing, IPAD Development, Game development, etc.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Top Mobile Application Development Company in 2018

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Top Mobile Application Development Company in 2018

Are you searching best mobile application development companies? We’ve evaluate some development firm to help you search top app coders for your requirement. Use Technewsky to create a shortlist of you top mobile application development companies list as below.

Fueled to help develop enterprise apps, business apps and custom apps.  Its dedicated tram always help of their amazing development service with good track data record. Every project scheduled by time.

IT own method to build mobile application development. The boon to this particular website is always you possibly be able to generate any innovative idea that you have, not only one. This additional be a good dedicated skill to earn money by become a developer.

Oxagile is a leading software, web & mobile application provider of development services specializing in online video streaming platforms, RTC, eLearning, adtech, big data, and business analysis. It has collected over a decade of skill developing enterprise-grade solutions for businesses type from lunch or debut to international corporations.

We built simple processing apps, if build complicate apps to isolate different data points. Peerbits was very knowledgeable about the completion project, followed their schedule and followed up all issues promptly. Every time they arise new way.

It built a mobile responsive app offering consistent manage with a refined interface and targeted workflow, whatever of connectivity. Roofing Southwest's operational backbone is now being supported by a business solution which shifts everything from a mostly paper-based to a really digital and cloud-based operation.

Raising the productivity, creativity and aggressive of Appnovation for businesses through mobile development company. Boosting national economies on the global market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.

Biz4Solutions is a leading mobile app development agency having good expertise in making a huge of various apps in mixed sector. We have benefits clients with exceptional mobile app development services across the globe, collecting a rich understanding of the sector. Overdue to the reality that our mobile apps services are platform agnostic, we provide logical integration and also develop native and cross-platform mobile apps as well as mobile friendly web applications. is leading an ISO trusted mobile development agencies with lot of highly professional developer providing client driven result and cheap cost mobile solutions to SMEs across the world. We at octal info solution create finally high quality standards with greater return on investment thus deliver bespoke mobile app solution just according your business requirement.

Our diverse technical includes everything from business apps for groups of the elite Fortune 500, to specifying business models for startups. Our huge kind of capabilities includes everything from native iOS and Android applications, cross-platform Xamarin development, beacon implementation and the variety of backend and web languages necessary to power a top-tier product.

OpenXcell is a leading USA based CMMI Level 3 mobile app development agency. It has number of project successfully built and delivered apps to its credit in its portfolio.

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Top leading Career Opportunities in the field of Information Technology

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Top leading Career Opportunities in the field of Information Technology

In today’s world, 90% of the people and organization are highly dependent on the technologies, software’s and hardware’s etc. All these needs of the business world and society are fulfilled by the IT people; they make the best technologies, to provide an appropriate solution to people or organizations. IT workers play a very crucial role in any organization.

If a company relies on Mobile phones, internet connectivity, technologies then, the chances are that there’s an IT professional behind it all making sure the cogs in the machine function properly. IT field is a broad and advanced field that offers enormous growth and wealth of opportunities. In this, there is number of different career options are available for the candidates to choose from.

Here are some leading career options and fields:

       Software Engineer: the software we run on our mobile phones and personal computers, we use for our office work all are designed by the software engineers. They work in every industry and provide a possible solution to their clients. This field is best for the applicants who have good interest in coding and there is a huge scope for the candidates.

   Information Technology Engineer: IT professional engineers are dealing with the technology and other aspects of managing and processing the information, in the large, small or medium-sized organization.

     Mobile Application Developer: According to research the use of mobile tech will exceed at a rapid pace in near future due to the dependency on IT technologies. Everyone run mobile applications on their mobile phones and the demand of new applications is on rising in the market which increases the career opportunities to many young candidates. Candidates can also go in this field to get a successful future.

     Health IT specialist: healthcare It specialist people maintain and repair the IT system within a healthcare industry including computers, server, and networks. One can also work with medical coding software’s to create and maintain patient files and to maintain the database etc.

      IT consultant: This is one of the most demanding and highly paid career options. As an IT consultant, you need to work with your clients and you are responsible to advise them how to use Information technology in order to meet the business goals and to find the solution of all problems. They work to improve the work performance of any organization. They can earn higher wage even at any small organization.

  Cloud Architect: Cloud computing is the newest and the latest technology that also increases the chances of employment for many candidates. Every organization adopts cloud technologies for the proper functioning of the organization. They are responsible for deploying overseeing a company’s cloud computing strategy. Cloud architects oversee application architecture and deployment in cloud environments.

These are some leading career options in which one can start their career. Making a career in IT is challenging yet rewarding, you can get lots of benefits by doing work in IT industry like excellent pay scale, fast growth, better work environment and many more things.

There is a huge requirement of the candidates in IT industry. Every day lots of IT jobs vacancies offered by the top companies like HCL, Wipro, and TCS etc. Choose best career field for you and make your dream come true by becoming part of any big IT or MNC company.

Author Bio:
Khushboo Setiya is an online media enthusiast and a blogger who closely follows the latest Career Guidance and Job trends In India and online marketing trends. She writes about various related topics such as job opportunity in India, Career Topics, Job Search and much more.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Google Allo Most Powerful Features Never Show in WhatsApp

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Google Allo Most Powerful Features Never Show in WhatsApp
Android & iOS both user, Google introduce new chat app lunched “Google Allo”. Most innovative and revolutionary features were introduced in this app WhatsApp is direct fight or challenge.  This app most excellent 7 features a never show in WhatsApp messaging.

Google Assistant

Allo is the integration of Google Assistant. It gets inside of the app search functionality that reason user not need to outside browser or close another apps. Google assistant is easily find web information and YouTube video embedded on chat. If you chat on your friends, Google assistant will also another friend calling possible.

Example: if you search @Google what temples are near us? To type on apps, you can easily collect your near temple list.  Company says Google assistant in feature friendlier.

Smart Answering

In apps more one innovative feature is smart reply, you can also find in Google 
Gmail. This automatic answering suggests users save time. It reads text using 
intelligence and smart pattern also monitors users to reply. Smart based on this, 
it brings good with relevant Suggestions.

Staring based simply or beginner option display on chat after over the time phrases used by the user in the quick reply is Suggest.  If you type common word like hahaha or lol, this will make your communication pattern accordingly adjust.

Incognito mode

Now current trend privacy is more important thing is any users. Incognito mode in Google introduced aloe. This mode is based company maintain user privacy and secure chatting.  Incognito mode is user gets privacy with hidden message not show on the lock screen. Complete secure messaging mode.

Smart Image Recognitions

Google Allo smart image recognition software, this software easily recognize difference between dog and baby dog can understand and suggestion what you should answer. 

Gmail Account Synchronize

Google Allo primary identification option is through your mobile number but this option skip on synchronize with Gmail account. This will get you all the updates. For example, if you have a flight to catch, so it will notify you in advance.

To Delete the Message Autotimer

This is a nice feature, so you can set the timer for the message. The message will 
disappear after the set time.

This is an amazing feature, so you can set the time for the message. This message will disappear an after set time. For example, if you set 5 seconds after entering the timer as soon as the message will read the front, he would disappear.

Increase or Decrease Font Size

People can talk better or, to add Google has slider button. 'Whisper' and 'Shout' named users via these buttons to increase or decrease the font size.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to install Google Allo in Android Versions?

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How to install Google Allo in Android Versions?
Google’s published new smart messaging apps name is “Allo” definitely available. The apps most intense for easily messaging same as works on WhatsApp apps but Google product more user friendly and more transparent.  Also working on automated machine learning technology, it means automated response method to write type hello word suggestion words automated “How are you?” to provide contextual smarter information as when you desire in mind it. Here some crucial steps to easy download in your smartphone. 


  • First one go to app store finding search option and type “Google Allo”

  • Further Step go to Install option click and asking install screen to accept or not

    • Now Your applicatin ready for downloading above image "downloading processor start"

  • Now you can enter your mobile number with pin code number for country.

    • Now you can enter your mobile number with pin code number for country go to next step.

    • Now to set your profile picture with user name and go to next step

    • Welcome for smart messaging application “Google Allo”
    • Above screen start with different option. First one to create group mesaging like as WhatsApp and join group community in Allow messaging apps. You can private messaging and clear you other hacker to use incognito chat because to maintain your privacy

    • Google Assistant Different option with icon to show in above image Fun,translation, weather and many more check manually your way.

    Friday, 19 August 2016

    5 Small Setting Make your Smartphone Superfast, Try Now

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    5 Small Setting Make your Smartphone Superfast, Try Now
    Many users same compliant about his mobile performance very slow. This issue resolved only one way user’s use his smartphone smartly way.   If you want to make your smartphone fast, here some useful tips & tricks explain. The following can be resolved from this problem.

    1. Use Power Efficient Wall Paper

    1 You have to go to the mobiles settings.
    2To see Developers option (If your Samsung user default this option don’t unlock, please mark option to click unlock).
    3Then there was you Window animation scale and transition animation scale will be the option.
    4 This option to set 0.5x. Here follow this step increase your mobile speed definitely.

    2. Widgets Close

    Widget close because internet pack continue access and get latest or live update provides. Also more battery consume that reason mobile performance slow. If you not need latest updates or news please remove it. This will be happen or remove to drag on phone screen. Doing all step successfully increase the speed of smartphones.

    3. Close All Background Process

    1.Go to phone settings
    2.After click on Developer options
    3.Here choose limit background process option maximum 1 to 2 process select.

    4. Restart Mobile in Week

    At least one week’s must restart the phone. This will become clear phone and helpful updates apps. If you internet user some junk data or temp file to store in mobiles.  Which has become low speed in mobiles. The phone restart will be this issue resolved and mobile speed increased.

    5. Custom launchers

    Now number of custom launcher available on play store.  If you android uses number of application to setup in mobile to increase phones speed.

    Wednesday, 10 August 2016

    How many Snapchat Clones Does It Take for Facebook?

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    How many Snapchat Clones Does It Take for Facebook?
    Facebook Develop Past Features of Clone Snapchat. There is no contradiction of “Instagram’s” new only short time stories to be copies many criteria of Snapchat. It’s theme or format of video and image with playful outstanding effects that display after on 24 hours. It’s incredible to call Instagram’s feature a Snapchat clone.

    Snapchat actual appear on three years ago, Snapchat initially launched stories or news in 2013 and company more some few version to add and pre-lunch our stories in 2014. Social apps always inspired one clone to another one. Facebook is leading name and huge community setup social media empire in globally. Compare monthly user like Facebook 1.7 billion, Instagram 500 million, WhatsApp messenger 1 billion and another US based company mimics apps popular. We say Facebook is primary apps and Instagram have independent leadership terms or rules have self-determination over its product and service. Outside elements Facebook Inc. transparency with today actual understanding into the company concern and where is thinks social media sharing on front or what next.

    Facebook always innovative ideas, sharpness and motivation for mirror Snapchat comes down to users and mobile screen time. Both Snapchat and Instagram, specifically, enter severely for new generations and millennial. According apps like iOS and Google Apps to play and downloads in globe from first month to may in current year. In history Instagram was forth application most downloaded apps, huge community and followers by Snapchat. In Instagram report and overview more than 500 million monthly user visit and daily 300 million daily visits, just talking about current figure but in future rapid growing in social media apps. Snapchat at CEO Evan Spiegel turned down Facebook $3 billion purchase on three years ago.

    Facebook has some issue to lose for clone version and other clone apps that is the main reason it can lunch entirely new apps and fold them. Facebook huge crowd and user to easy test specific feature to implement in new version or update. In case of Instagram stories, this app actual filters profile and rest of remain. It prefer much security on stories, it could remove without much risk of drop users who still valuable service and social app’s community.

    On the rear side, the premium of impersonate can be vast with the potential to spark engagement, user popular with notable. Beginning this year, Facebook and Twitter and its live video app radar and other video streaming apps Crunchyroll, HBO NOW and many more. Live streaming hit or success for Facebook and more growing apps in market. Mark Zuckerberg believed video apps most people like heartily and make easy video conference call with investors last month. Also notice full year earnings call six month ago, live video, quickly grow with most preferable apps.

    Now market trend Snapchat is more officially than Instagram as target for rash, casual content that doesn’t seem to be leave. When Instagram most perspective to get income for advertisement in its feed, which is now quickly climbing its advertising business.

    Facebook is troubled about “Snapchat”, and said New York marketing expert “Scott Galloway”. Facebook always used own social media apps and not being other apps.

    Discuss about popular apps “Instagram”, offers user a huge range of toolbox and brushes. it makes easier to see who has viewed your story like comment and other detail check out of story clip because personal or username is accompanied by profile, images and story sharing and backend step

    Here’s a crucial or interesting story about Snapchat cloning endeavors Facebook has made in last few years.

    Monday, 8 August 2016

    How to use web WhatsApp on Laptop, PC and Tablet

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    How to use web WhatsApp on Laptop, PC and Tablet

    To use Web WhatsApps easily connect your PC with a richer communication experience. This apps to open your smartphone and laptop, PC and tablet. Web WhatsApp invent to easy use computer based extension of your WhatsApp account on your smartphone. You can both way get message and send also computer with smartphone. Both device fully synchronize and easily handle your WhatsApp account. At a time to see your message receive both device computer and smartphone. Now you can use this apps on iPhone, Android and Window phone operating system. You can only one account through both device operate.

    Some important tips for Web WhatsApp
    1. You need account to be active, not dead account access
    2. Some high speed need to be better access for both device.
    3. Few web browser to access like Chrome, Firefox Mozilla and Opera.

    Here some crucial step to easy access

    Go to officially website click

    You can see QR code screen to scan your mobile

    Now you can open WhastApp account into smartphone.

    Now you can select WhatsApp web option and click this options.

    WhatsApp web option to go ahead complete scan code for PC tablet and laptop.

    Now enjoying WhatsApp account access or connect on your PC