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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Android 9 (Pie) Launch Today With Top Features

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Android 9 (Pie) Launch Today With Top Features

Android 9 Pie Launches latest flagship Android Operating System Google has launched this operating system after the Android Oreo 8.0. Let's tell you that Google's Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai had named this operating system Android P in Google I / O 2018. Now this operating system has been renamed to Android 9 Pie This operating system has many Artificial Intelligence features include one. This new operating system will roll out (officially) from August 8 or 9.

The beta version of this operating system has already rolled out into a market to select Android One devices. Since Monday, Google has rolled out the pixel 2XL device. Later this operating system will roll out to some other devices. Let's know about this new operating system. Also, you will also know when the operating system will get the smartphones.

5 critical features of Android 9 Pie

Performance (gesture): First of all, we talk about the style or performance of this operating system. Speaking of its gesture, the Android device's home button is replaced by a small handle. Also, its app sweeter is horizontally scrolled just like the iPhone X. This means that this new feature Android users will definitely be attractive. Google's main focus is to make smartphone management more convenient for users through new features.

Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness Feature: In this new operating system, Google offers adaptive batteries and adaptive brightness features. Emphasis has been made to improve battery life of smartphones through Adaptive Battery Features or specifications. The latest operating system will also work to improve the CPU performance with the smartphone's battery life. It means less consume CPU performance and great work performance to compare old version

Equipped with the new Google Assistance feature: This new operating system will be equipped with Google Assistance. Through which you can communicate with your smartphone as human beings. Google has added 6 new voices for this.

Time limit will be set to the app: Through this new Google operating system, you will be able to set the time limit for the use of the app. If users spend more time on an app, then the operating system will tell the users that you have spent lot of time on this current app that will give users the flexibility to make time management.

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Do not disturb mode: By the way, do not disturb mode is already in Android Oreo 8.0, but this new operating system has been made upgraded. Through this mode you can star your contact. None other than starred contacts will neither be able to call you nor will you be able to send a message. Apart from this, the app's notifications will not be available in this mode. If you are on vacation or in an event, only after having enabled this mode, only the calls needed will be available to you.

These devices will get Early Access

Android 9 or Pie is currently offloaded for a few select devices. This operating system will be rolled out first to some select device.

Google pixel device: If you have a Google pixel device then you will get the update of this operating system first. This operating system has rolled out to Google's device. Google launched its pixel smartphones in 2016.

OnePlus: Android 9 or Pie will also be rolled out for OnePlus5, OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6. By the end of this year, it will be rolled out for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. However, an update for OnePlus 6 will be released in the next few weeks.

Nokia: Nokia's device Nokia, Nokia, Nokia, Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 8 are part of the Android One program, this update will be released by November 30.

Samsung: Samsung's premium smartphones will also roll out this operating system by the end of the year.

Other smartphones: If you have Xiaomi's Android One device Mi A1 and Mi A2, then you will get an update of this operating system soon. In addition, this operating system will be rolled out in Vivo X21 and Sony Xperia XZ2 too soon.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Android 7.0 Nougat Advance and Modern Features List

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Android 7.0 Nougat Advance and Modern Features List
Technewsky – Already discuss about latest android version of Nougat in earlier article. Here some crucial feature list

More emoji with multi-language

Androidnougat 7.0 more emoji with multiple languages support.  In this version 72 new emoji collection included in text one.

Full support for multiple window viewers

You can run two apps in one tap, it means at a time watching movie with another tap write text message.

Advance 3D graphics in new android dimension

You can play game with 3D game new experience in android new dimension and eye viewer 3D game supported.

Advance power saver battery

Android 7.0 less power consumption compare of other android version. It helps power saver with move easy one location to another one.

Custom Quick Settings

Android 7.0 Nougat it makes easier to quick with manual settings and smarter alert notifications.

Powerful security

Anyone his privacy and secure data is import thing. In this version more powerful and advance security feature included.

More Virtual Reality Apps

One more interesting features of Daydream VR and support project Tango. Android more UI controller and VR based make discovering.

Night Mode

You can blue light to filter, get more night mode picture in the developers preview. Now Google arranged Android 7.0 made final cut.

DND (Do Not Disturb)

Most useful feature of DND (Do Not Disturb) to maintain alarm rings and other sound system to be handle. Just go to setting panel and to set manual setting.

Stop unusual updates

You can stop unusual updates without working on background process to set one to save power sever and data.

Faster Performance

Google always his popular for android about faster performance. It means you can easily and faster download apps with reduce complied code size.

Innovative Productivity

Google always prefer more productive and innovative products that reason compare of another apps, Google apps most trusted, secure, reliable, innovative and great user friendly.

Synchronize Menu Settings

New hamburger menu button to synchronize system settings. User friendly menu jump one location to another menu button.

UI Tuner System

UI turner system tune design components and motion across Nougat. User easy and quick setting menu with spin icons.

Quick switching apps

One of new feature is Quick switch apps in basically just stumble between the two most current used apps.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Android 7.1 N "Nougat" may be expected lunch on October

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Android 7.1 N "Nougat" may be expected lunch on October
As we know Google is rolling out latest android version “Nougat” in 7.0 in 22 August with little more charges. Also another updated version 7.1 Nougat expected lunch in October. Google also announced android cycle predicable cycle or updates version in quarterly lunch. Nougat7.1 updated version watch on upcoming phones in Marlin and HTC.

Google has finally decided named its next Android version. The long conference Android N (Android N) was the name of the search.In last speculated that the 'n' is not to be Nutella. But now its official name Google Nugt (Nougat) is fixed finally. Google Android 7.0, the Android will Nougat.

During the conference, Google Android developers or programmers freshly named Ann Rkhane a opinion was introduced. Google then suggested to the whole world demands it.

Google suggest India in social media to keep the name, suggestion name like Coconut Barfi tips. Kerala's next version of Android running a campaign to demand the name Neyppan . Neyppan Kerala is a dessert.

What is Nougat?

Now current a latest version of Android will be called Nougat OS. Nougat European popular sweet dishes. Fruit, roasted with honey or sugar to prepare Nougat’s done.

In 2009 android version of the Google Android operating system, the name of the dish a sweet (sweets) is on. In history android version name like Cupcake , Donut , Eclair, Froyo (frozen yogurt ) , Ginger Bread , Honeycomb , Ice Cream Sandwich , Jelly Bean , KitKat, lollipops and marshmallow.

Android 7.0 connected with latest features and have more improved a lot Nougat. The ultimate version will be released around October. Well, close to launch new Nexus phone. Then, in the next some weeks for the current Nexus devices will be Android N rollout. N hopes that in 2017, Samsung A7 Android smartphone will be available in some countries.