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Android 7.0 Nougat Advance and Modern Features List

Technewsky – Already discuss about latest android version of Nougat in earlier article. Here some crucial feature list

More emoji with multi-language

Androidnougat 7.0 more emoji with multiple languages support.  In this version 72 new emoji collection included in text one.

Full support for multiple window viewers

You can run two apps in one tap, it means at a time watching movie with another tap write text message.

Advance 3D graphics in new android dimension

You can play game with 3D game new experience in android new dimension and eye viewer 3D game supported.

Advance power saver battery

Android 7.0 less power consumption compare of other android version. It helps power saver with move easy one location to another one.

Custom Quick Settings

Android 7.0 Nougat it makes easier to quick with manual settings and smarter alert notifications.

Powerful security

Anyone his privacy and secure data is import thing. In this version more powerful and advance security feature included.

More Virtual Reality Apps

One more interesting features of Daydream VR and support project Tango. Android more UI controller and VR based make discovering.

Night Mode

You can blue light to filter, get more night mode picture in the developers preview. Now Google arranged Android 7.0 made final cut.

DND (Do Not Disturb)

Most useful feature of DND (Do Not Disturb) to maintain alarm rings and other sound system to be handle. Just go to setting panel and to set manual setting.

Stop unusual updates

You can stop unusual updates without working on background process to set one to save power sever and data.

Faster Performance

Google always his popular for android about faster performance. It means you can easily and faster download apps with reduce complied code size.

Innovative Productivity

Google always prefer more productive and innovative products that reason compare of another apps, Google apps most trusted, secure, reliable, innovative and great user friendly.

Synchronize Menu Settings

New hamburger menu button to synchronize system settings. User friendly menu jump one location to another menu button.

UI Tuner System

UI turner system tune design components and motion across Nougat. User easy and quick setting menu with spin icons.

Quick switching apps

One of new feature is Quick switch apps in basically just stumble between the two most current used apps.

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