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Monday, 17 September 2018

How to Build a Positive Review Marketing Strategy

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How to Build a Positive Review Marketing Strategy

Your business’s online reputation is one of the first things a client sees. You have very little time to prove that your business is positive feedback, and those little gold stars are the ticket to building a better digital footprint.

How critical are online positive reviews, exactly?

Ninety-one percent of clients read online feedback, and most of those consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family.

On the contrary, we found that only 36% of local businesses invest in review marketing.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s what you require too aware about online reviews and reputation management:

  • 82% of consumers visit review sites because they want to make an online shopping
  • 89% make a purchase within a week of visiting a positive feedback online portal site
  • 29% make a purchase within a day of visiting a review site
  • So, how do you develop a review marketing and reputation management strategy?

Read more - How to Influence Ecommerce Marketing Strategy for a Future?

Find the most important review sites for your business.

Google, Yelp, Facebook and Bing Local are good places to start, but you can also search for your positive feedback. Try this: [business name] reviews or [industry] reviews. For instance, I’d search for “RevLocal reviews” or “digital marketing reviews” to find out where RevLocal is being reviewed and to find important review sites for digital marketing agencies.

Reply to your reviews

Reply to both positive and negative reviews. If replying to a negative review, try to figure out how to fix the issue that prompted the customer to leave a bad review of your business. When replying to a positive review, thank the reviewer and tell them you look forward to doing business with them again.

Get a steady stream of new reviews.

If a review is too old, consumers will find it irrelevant. This means that your business needs to get new reviews on a regular basis. Ask customers to leave reviews after their purchases. Seventy percent of customers would leave a review if asked, so if you consistently ask customers for reviews, you should consistently get new reviews.

Friday, 17 August 2018

How to Earn More Money Using Online Business Blog

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How to Earn More Money Using Online Business Blog

Don’t worry about how popular your blog successes or not. It won’t earn money if you don’t optimize it. And even look fill better design pattern and optimize blog can’t earn money if you don’t aware of actual method of promotion it. Today number of post available in search result and huge failed to point out that what for the rich and famous is mostly to work for your small business.

Professional entrepreneur write about how to create a blogging and indicates that some revenue over $ million dollars per month, I hope blogger realize that even when he or she did this with brand new blog, here some most famous blogger name like Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agarwal and many more. I’d like to see some debut on how well a brand-new site lunch into a market and spend time to promoting it.

Above reputed entrepreneur read post and according to follow important information on how to optimize and promote your blog but clear in mind what will work for your business competition whet only works if you are already reputed or trusted or have very deep region to purchase paid post or sponsor post.

Basically Define Your Goals

First of any business startup to must set your goals and choose how to legalize and digital marketing your blog, first bit in any unreasonable expectations.

The promoting blog to get healthy traffic aren’t blog particular to developing no any revenue generate. For example, a blog included to a small business or large scale is not going to out earn site that entrepreneur brand feed and images of half-dressed ladies displaying to the masses.

Many major business sites are using different ads tools that feature click bait titles and exciting photos to make money. But does your business need some irregular ads to display on your site. Be clear on what the motive of your business blog is; it is mostly having it revenue a million dollars ads from it.

Your business blogging may not cause a revenue unconnected from your business and that is find. Its motive may be to cover enough traffic or lead sales; it may be to offer support to previous clients. Generating money by putting clicks on animated images may be huge distance from your target. Don’t compare any high resource or leading blogger in world.

Methods of constructing

The most of blog primary goal to earn good income through different kind of advertising method and allow for sponsor or paid content. Professional entrepreneur blogging site generated good traffic for his marketing strategy and high dollar campaign service.

Today, huge blogging get opportunity for paid post to big brands that may them $500 or more per post and Pay: $0.08 or $0.10 per word. They may also sell online product and services they generate such as discussion, training tutorial, e-books and subscribers. Check the detail on how a reputed blogging brand earn money and according to strictly follow his guidelines.

Current Marketing Trend

Social media, influences are easy to search. Bud did you aware that traffics have their own platforms for question other authority writer to share their content tip & trick. Business owner must follow these platforms, too. The two most famous between my competitors are viral blog feed and re-sharing. By sharing article for others, you earn score you can use to ask specialist to share for you.

Refer Tutorial, References, Content Source and Video

B2B marketing, in individual, use different creating offerings to engage leads them can then behave. These are similarly provided free in exchange offer for at least a first name and email address. See into using digital marketing automation to boost your traffic supporting capabilities.

How to Get Paid Traffic

Only sponsor for lead after you have your email marketing and traffic tracks in place and well optimized for discussions. Target on primary goal your particular audience. They most refer reference are.

-> Google AdSense
-> Advertising on Facebook & Facebook Business
-> LinkedIn Advertising Costs & Pricing
-> Get started with Twitter Ads - Twitter for Business

Other social community like as Pinterest and Twitter also offer advertising. Not need debut global network unless you learn online tips and how to, or can hire excellent content writer. It is very simply to waster a heaps of income if you don’t have skill and a very individual strategic scheme in place before you start.

Guest Post Guidelines /Paid Post

There are number of posts, PDF and forum or discussion available that learn different strategy of adverting your blog. Some are fee and other are more complete accept only sponsor offers. When you find for reference, be sure to check when they were recently news as online marketing changes rapidly.

See the complete analysis URL above for extra resource and further critical detail on how content generate and contribute can profit your business. Quora and themeisle currently leaved their B2B content marketing in 2018.  Standard, predictions and market situation in USA. In this report, these are the critical point businesses are crediting for improved outputs:

Small business and mostly B2B businesses are allowing strong content marketing success.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Top 6 Effective Social Media Marketing

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Top 6 Effective Social Media Marketing

Number of business do social networking wrong. They hear anybody screaming, “You must have a social network presence”, but what that involves isn’t always streaked out correctly. Social media should be active and affordable and when done accurately, it can help scuttle business of all types.

Just mortally with classic patterns such as TV commercials, announcement and text ads, and your outputs are moving to be minimum at best if you transmit your message to the incorrect crows. To help explore a successful social strategy. I told with six promoter to put gather a list of must-do.

1. How Much Time Should You Spend on Social Media?

Number of social marketing tricks available online, there are mostly two types, one is free and second one is paid marketing (sponsor post). It is not very difficult if you take your time to choose to fit for marketing.

It’s critical that you choose to time for a learning, How social media works for your individual business. While the groundwork’s are match across the board, different work will have to option their master plan in order to catch the notice of their goal traffic. In the startups, ingest and free reference as you can. From there, you can then target on your particular targets and objectives.

2.  Are You Really Listening Customer Voice?

Only signal way to move your consumers need is by hearing to what they have to tell. It’s crucial that you use your social platforms as an addition of your customer service. More consumers are moving to voice their thinking on social network than via email or over the phone.

When you voice to your meeting, you open the door to other chance as well. For occurrence, when my growing marketing company’s plans push strategies for a brand, we often inspect their social media subscribers to recognize clue influences. Learn to listen to your audience – it can clue, value of your resource.

3.  Automation and Consistency through Technology

There is latest automation and then there is duplicate, unnatural automation when it comes to social media networking. You don’t need to explore out adverting offers all day long-that’s way to overlook all of your subscribers. Use social platforms as a way to discuss with your traffic and offer them valuable information. When you do that, you build awesome brand supporters you can finally convert into sales.

 “If you have a training media employee, create sure they are reconcilable and push out content across all of your social networking profiles. There are few slides of automation software, like hootsuide that provide no any paid strategies that can healthy boost your efficiency. If you plan your submission in latest it provides you more time to commit to replying and appealing with your social media followers.

4. Critical Tips to Engage and Delight Your Audience

It’s one thing to fill up social networking post with news but its addition note to passionately engage with your traffic and turn them into happy consumers. I show a lot of small business owners posting a pair times a day, thinking that they are dong the perfectly way, it available to social networking. You can’t just post and walk away. If you do that, you are absenting golden chance to engage with your audience and convert them.
Lovely your subscribers provides you to expose issue or bugs other consumers might be encountering as well. Then, you can be aggressive and address those mistake rapidly before they turn into fires that are complicate to put out. When your transmission lines are always open, you will few part discover hardly condition before they twist they spiral out of control.

5. Spread oneself too thin

It is possible and almost always profitless to be active on every single social marketing. I always recommended new brands should debut with two or these social marketing they are few their goal audience is active on. Master those and then explore your social arrive as the business boosts and more effort can be assigned to additional social marketing.

Importance of targeting on the social marketing platforms that addition your brand, executing, “While image marketing not be effective for few businesses, it is one that web put of spirit into because we show that it works first-hand. Just because wouldn’t be wanted social platform for law agency, that doesn’t mean it should be disregard.

6. Track and measure everything.

 “You will never run a successful social platform strategy if you don’t calculate your output. It’s critical that you clear boarder with standard that offer you to control whether or not you’re social try is paying off. The detail you gather and optimize can then be used to create changes to your strategy. You must be ready to continue analyze and test your hard work if you need to build a truly successful campaign.

It doesn’t topic if you are working with small amount in daily social media budget or six amount. The alternative is the same-put you message in fore-end of the target audience and bring out engagement. In order to do that, you want to right path and correct count everything.

Monday, 2 July 2018

How to Publish a Guest Post – 12 Thing Must Implement Guest Author

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How to Publish a Guest Post – 12 Thing Must Implement Guest Author

If you thing a guest post live or publish, Here some editor must implement guest strategy to follow it.

While there are few part or component they love to show in a submission, there are also a number of criteria that will land you a spot on their list of people they’d rather not project with. Knowing the various between the two will create it simpler for you to earn a spot on their blog.

So if you want to experience the power of guest posting, here’s what you want to realize about going with editors.

12 Things Guest Editors Should Know About Guest Blogging

1) Stop Rushing and  Hurrying

Most people are in a hurry but it seems like bloggers are mostly so. This isn’t to say that they do hasty work. After all, in editors job request that they be ultra-careful and detailed.

In feeling of their hawk-eye observation for the tiniest things, they sure can harrow through things. When shortness is require and they use it.

2) Trustworthy

Trustworthy is most crucial path between editor and blogger relationship with you. Why? Because excellent writers are tough to available by. It’s pretty easy to search who write a good content and generate on a stability basic is very complicate.
If you’ve acquired a writer’s full attention with a well-written piece of paragraph, then you can be properly few that the editor needs to trust you to generate more.

3) Smart Audience or Reader

If there’s one thing that writer aware really well, It’s their reader. A good content writer can tell at peek if a content will be helpful for the website editor or a dud.

If you’re subscribed to generate more article for a website, ask the editors if they have any guidance about the kinds of content that their viewer needs. Modifies are, they’ll be happy to provide you some insight and recommendations.

4) Never worry about article rejection

If your article not approved, don’t be hurts so much. It’s all in a day’s work for a publisher. Editors of reputable site may get number of proposal for a submission in a day. They simply can’t publish all of them.

Professional writers must decide rapidly whether they’re going to approval or reject an article. Often times, by requisite, they have to reject most new submissions.

5) Article - strengths and weaknesses

Not exact figure about proposal but I’d gamble that an editor can tell if a content will work or not in only ten second or less. Here’s what they might consider.

A great article starts with catchy opening headline or subject. If the opening line is no good, then the article is gone.

Deciding killer headline, the writer will read the heading section or opening paragraph. If the article doesn’t grasp one’s attention from the very start, it’s a no-go.

Absolutely, the writer might remove the outline. Many times, a weak outline means a weak article and the article is a despondent

If you need killer title, attractive opening headline and solid profile, then your article merits the editor’s attention.

6) How to Check Duplicate Content?

How can a publisher tell if your article is spammed or an original work? They can explore it through a plagiarism checker such as smallseotools.

A smallseotools analysis determines if your content has been input elsewhere on the web.
If you are stealing content, you will get copied content.

7) Be selective and targeted about who you ask

Publishers have a difficult job. They have to request their subscribers, server their writers and adhere to a set of guest post guidelines.

If your content doesn’t aspect the audience’s require, compare another standards, then the editor may teach you to good revise it. Expectantly, these will just be rapid and simple refers. Sometimes, however the corrections are vast, removing the testicle or adding vast parts of your content.

8) Is Your Content Good Enough?

If you send up a verge content, then editors will ask you for more. Remember, they’re always looking for best, reliable editors.

Writers are whacked of having to qualify down best writers, respond to stupid inquiries and sector poorly written article. They need to put the best of the best creating content on their site. A top article will take you observed and generating in no time.

9) Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get People to Respond

Be patient.

This processer to take some time to get respond form people. So much patient to send email with get prepare not proper respond but you right away.

10) When someone is ignoring you

Don’t take it personally. With the crucial number of content that publishers are receiving, they generally can’t answer to everyone’s analysis or posting.

The editor isn’t slighting you, as much as she or he is supporting planning strategically. The job of an editor requires critical responding to the email and posting that will be best for the site.

If you don’t hear back from an editor in a week. Or two, it’s okay to be determined. Just identify that they’ve got a complicate job that create it complicate for them to email you back.

11) How to Build High Quality Back-links in a Scalable Way

If you thing that guest blogging is quick processor to build good backlinks, think again. Editors don’t play that game.

Numbers of would be guest writers have been blocked from content for certain websites. Why? Because they seek to create a buck selling links or gaming the system for some easy backlinks to their website.

Bloggers are coached to snuffle down and cut it out. After all their jobs are on the line. Besides, they are trying to secure the authority of their brand.

12) Proofreading or Editing Article or Content?

More reputed websites have full-time copy-holder. Their job is to chase down typos and test them.

Another sites just have a publisher. This person is commonly responsible for acquiring the best content published at the right time, coordinating terms of scribbler and ensuring that it all gets pulled off without a pull.


The best roadmap to task with someone is too aware where they’re coming from. It's helpful for you to helpful to show their challenges and understand their role.

Editors are a difficult part of the web publishing procedure. The best way to become a guest blogger is to make great content and become a helpful partner to the editors you work with.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Several Video Marketing Tips to Get Success for Business

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Several Video Marketing Tips to Get Success for Business

Getting good traffic to your web page or website is the precise money making secret that any internet business owner should strive at. There are many internet marketing tips but the best among them all currently is online video marketing and advertising campaigns. If you have not debuted your online video strategy, do not worry there is still opportunity to move into the band carriage and trend your business program.

The challenge faced with most internet business owners is how to generate niche traffic using online video marketing optimization campaigns. One of the most important things to do is to make sure your video file name is rich with similar keywords. In fact, keyword optimization is the secret of succeeding in any internet based business flow or process.

Rather than using simply to name your videos, use keywords that owner in your trend niche search for when browsing the internet. For example, if your internet business is about affiliate marketing and you finally to apply an online video marketing campaign, instead of naming it video1 provide your video a campaign name like perfect-affiliate-marketing-program.wav. By completing this you will tested your video advertising campaign for search engines listing.

To further increase your search engine optimization with your videos, it is advisable to add text next to your online video marketing campaign. When including text detail next to your video advertising, ensure that you use your keywords at least three times. This will make search engines recognize what your video is all about.

The secret to getting high ranking on search engines is to have content rich in keywords. Therefore, utilize the Google keyword tool to get common keywords. For more valuable information about video marketing, visit the web page appearing in the resource box below and harness the power of internet marketing.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

How to Influence Ecommerce Marketing Strategy for a Future?

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How to Influence Ecommerce Marketing Strategy for a Future?

Starting an ecommerce website up and executing takes a expend lot of time and great planning. You have to get to know your market goal, assess the competition, and design and launch a website that’s built to get outputs.

Number of brands target the bulk of their energy on these previous stages of launching an ecommerce entrepreneur, without as much thought put back what available after the launch phase. If you’re already doing the simply, like sponsor volume and search engine optimization, but aren’t watching the results you were hoping for, you might be wondering what else you can do to fuel your ecommerce marketing efforts.

Here are some of the innovative technique we suggest to our ecommerce customers when they’re looking to step up their tough and generate more influence and sales.

Marketing Lead

“Marketing lead” is the term that has dominated digital marketing topic in previous year so far. And for good reason. It’s an effective technique for lunching brands to captive new audiences, and for increasing the excellence of a product or products.

Because influencer marketing is such a visual channel, it’s usually a perfect match for most ecommerce brands. It’s generally for influencers to display themselves stressful, signal, or using products, and users rotate to influencer-huge social platforms like YouTube and Instagram clearly to get tips and tricks from the influencers they subscribers.

You don’t have to huge fund expend to partner with heavy traffic either -- in fact, it’s usually a better option to construct relationships with relevant boosting whose temper and professionals are more closely linked to your brand. These type of association feel more organic and the shoppers required will be much little size and generate more niche traffic.


Remarketing’s huge power to convert users at relatively low costs makes it a goldmine for ecommerce brands.

Think of how frequently you go to a website, check out a few products, and then leave without buying anything. The reason you didn’t buy isn’t require that you decided you didn’t want the product. It’s more than likely that you were suspended by another task, got distracted by something elsewhere on the internet, or wanted to do more research before making a final decision.

The purpose of remarketing is to re-engage that distracted or wavering user and motivate them to come back to your site to entire the sale. This can be done through a series of triggered emails, or through display advertising that is set to expire after a set period of time.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate observation often gets forsake in favor of more thrilling marketing strategy and tips, but it’s something every ecommerce site should be doing on an ongoing basis.

Conversion rate optimization is the procedure of testing and implementing modifies to a website in order to upgrade website performance. Even seemingly starting changes like the rewording of a value proposition or updates to product categorization can output in specific boost-up in conversions. Conducting ongoing conversion rate optimization will ensure that your website is diverting at the highest possible rate, making the most of the traffic you’ve invested in generating.

Key point of testing for ecommerce sites connect the checkout process, menu navigation, mobile usability, product photography, and product page improvements.

Incentive the first purchase

One of the most amazing ways you can do to provide your ecommerce business be successful is target on including change-interested users into first-time purchasers. Getting clients to convert for the first time is demanding because to them, your brand is still untested. They may have read positive reviews of your company online, or seen an ad that appealed to them, but they don’t know with confidence whether they’ll like your products once they really arrive on their doorstep. Once you create that first sale, however, it’s much simpler to turn the user into a repeat customer.

One way to incentivize the first order is through a general offer for first-time buyers in the form of a discount or a gift-with-buy. These kinds of offers go a long way toward getting products into the hands of clients.

You can also initiate a referral campaign where users are rewarded with a discount or store credit in replace for referring friends to your brand. The friend being preferred collect an exact discount when they make their first shopping. Referral campaigns are relatively simple to implement and they can generate a lot of brand goodwill. Loyal clients feel appreciated and rewarded for handling your brand, while first-time purchases feel they’re receiving an awesome profit for becoming clients.
Reviews are important to selling online business. As an ecommerce brand, you want to do everything you can to satisfy users to expend their hard-earned money on your products without the profit of handling those products or even seeing them in person.

In order to persuade users of the quality and value of your products you should be investing in high quality product photography, well-written, informative product copy, and even product videos.

Still, no matter how authentic your brand is, users know that your website is designed to sell them something. User generated content like reviews and product photos don’t come directly from your company, so other users often perceive them as trustworthy sources of unbiased product information.

Product reviews can also help answer user questions about your products, such as tips for ordering the best fit or recommendations for use cases, which can ultimately help persuade users who are on the fence.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce marketing doesn’t end when as soon as your ecommerce site is launched and you have a few ads up and running. It requires both ongoing maintenance and consistent innovation in order to generate engagement, traffic, and sales. Prioritize tactics that align to your business goals, and test different marketing channels and strategies to identify the ones that deliver the best results for your brand.

To learn more about how to build a better ecommerce marketing strategy, visit Blue Fountain Media online.

Monday, 23 April 2018

How to Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

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How to Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Business parson are finally starting to sit up and analysis or observe the B2B marketing strategy. Number of organizations are turn out to consult B2B companies for technique tricks, marketing concept and innovative services to arrive and woo C-suite customers.
In Asia, the distinction between consumer marketing and B2B marketing is less clear. Many marketing directors and corporate communications managers are still outsourcing various marketing support projects on a piecemeal basis to advertising, event or public relations agencies for example, instead of seeking the services of dedicated full-service B2B agencies.

Is it surprising then that these companies feel their marketing needs are not optimally met? Many traditional agencies have their roots in consumer marketing and do not have the experience needed to develop comprehensive B2B marketing programmers. A few important characteristics distinguish B2B marketing from mass marketing, and can make all the difference to any B2B marketing effort.

1. The power of many

In consumer marketing, your target is an individual. In B2B marketing, you could be targeting any number of people along the decision-making chain, some of whom may not even be located in the same country as you! It is always useful to find out who is the 'real' decision maker. Is the purchasing or sourcing manager as important as the business-planning manager or the chief financial officer? In some companies, the human resources manager commissions services that have traditionally been the mandate of the office manager and vice versa.

Many B2B marketing professionals simply target the 'C-suite' but fail to realise that sometimes, it's the CEO's secretary who makes the ultimate decision on whether or not they should order products or services from your company. Either that, or he/she could be the 'gatekeeper' who foils any number of your marketing and sales attempts.

When the buying decision affects several departments such as IT, operations and finance for example, you should be looking at different ways to present your company's credentials to a group of people, each with different concerns and expectations!

Being able to identify different groups and their interests, and combining them with tailored communications and a powerful database system, can result in a much higher rate of return.

2. The power of one

Every one of your employees that comes in contact with your customer is your "brand", whether you are selling multi-million dollar commercial warehouses or consultancy services. So it is crucial that your walking-talking brand ambassadors believe in your corporate values and what you are selling. Get your agency to give them customer-centric brand messages and sales tools to use, and ensure they are trained to make each customer feel as if they are the most important customer ever.

On the flip side, B2B companies must ensure that their corporate brands are strong enough that their customers don't leave when their brand ambassadors do.

3. Target the head, not the heart

Validating and even quantifying one's value proposition is crucial for any B2B company. Unlike B2C marketing, it is always about appealing to the head, and not to the heart (or eyes or ears, for that matter). Your B2B marketing companies should offer you answer complicate client asks such as, "Tell me why I should select your agency over your competitor? What value can you add to my bottom line or business schemes? How much do you understand about my company's requires? How will your products or services help our agency get ahead?"

In mature B2B sectors, where the offering from company to company is almost homogeneous or 'commoditized', the value proposition is less about the core product or service and more about the 'value-add' or enhancements. The challenges are different, because the central question is often, "Can you do this at a better price than your competitor?"

4. Corporate brand, product brand or CEO brand

I often advise against building personality brands in any company, unless it is the founder. It is important not to let personal egos get in the way of building corporate persona, which will certainly outlive the former.

I also advise that B2B companies focus on building and protecting their corporate brands versus their product brands. Vista can fail for instance, but Microsoft should not.
Corporate brand building certainly comes in handy when closing new business deals for B2B companies - people are more comfortable recommending a new supplier, vendor or consultant that their bosses have heard about, versus one that is relatively unknown.

That is not to say that the lesser known brands will lose out on all opportunities, as long as they can prove that they can deliver. They are less likely to be considered however, if the risk of failure is too high i.e. when the products and services affect the company's viability (productivity, legal standing, reputation etc.), if the value of the contract is very large, or if the ultimate decision maker is a good friend of your competitor (it does happen!) for instance.

5. Make me look good in front of my boss

This may seem like an odd suggestion but I sometimes ask clients how they can make their target customers look good in front of their bosses.

For example;

a. Can you package your products or services in a way that helps your contact's business and shows him or her to be making a positive contribution to their employers? The closer you do this to the bonus period or your contract renewal time, the better.

b. Do you need to provide tools that help your contact/s present the validations for their recommended vendor i.e. your company?

c. Should you prepare documents that demonstrate the value that your company can bring to other departments at your contact's organization?

d. Should you offer to help integrate your products or services into your customer's organization?

e. Are your 'green credentials' in line with your customer's business sustainability efforts as a B2B vendor?

6. It's not showing on TV

B2B customers don't automatically turn on the television when they want to find a supplier. Often, one of the first sources of information they turn to is a search engine. Increasingly, B2B marketing is very much about Internet marketing and helping to raise a company's profile and search engine rankings. The Internet instantly makes your competitive pool global. A company in India could offer business secretarial services that are almost identical to yours, only cheaper.

It is critical to constantly think of new ways of creating credible customer-driven content, online distribution channels, search terms, Internet links etc. in B2B marketing. Traditional mass media has little or no relevance. That is why the B2B channel mix will look very different and may comprise:

* Search engines
* Niche websites such as LinkedIn
* Industry related online marketing
* Industry listings or online forums
* Accreditation with respected organizations
* Industry endorsements
* Case studies
* Client referrals and testimonials
* Thought leadership articles
* Awards
* Certifications
* Media relations and press mentions
* White papers and research studies
* Customized demonstrations
* Low-risk pilot tests
* Trade shows
* Trade directories
* Industry spokesmen
* Industry rankings and awards
* Industry publications
* Customer events
* Corporate videos and podcasts
* Executive bios etc.

Often, B2B communications output is best tailored to each target customer. Make sure your agency can also create great PowerPoint decks inhouse, so you can customise them for your corporate presentations.

7. There is a season for everything

Always gear your B2B marketing towards your customers' planning cycles.

There are different financial year-ends in different countries, and it is important to make your business pitch at least three to four months before your customer's year-end, to ensure your company has a chance of making the vendor shortlist for next year!

8. The grey line

Unlike consumer marketing, where you can offer seasonal sales and gifts in exchange for certain purchases, such tactics are not always viewed as 'ethical' in B2B marketing.

A token of customer appreciation worth 200 US dollars to someone who just signed a multi-million dollar contract may seem trivial in comparison, but it may be hastily returned if the customer's corporate policy limits 'lavish' gifts beyond say, 100 US dollars. Don't risk embarrassing your customers by forgetting to do a bit of discreet checking first.

What I have listed are just some important aspects of B2B marketing. Ultimately, it really helps to work with a B2B marketing agency that understands your B2B decision makers, decision influences, business needs, stakeholders, sources of information and available channels, and that is also able to add a good dose of creative thinking!

Read more - How To Create A Successful B2B Marketing Strategy