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How to Secure Your WhatsApp Account, Here Follow Some Steps

WhatsApp users accessing the ghost, the number is growing. That means 1 billion of WhatsApp in India in early 2016, had 100 million users.

Now it has become a platform that can be calling and video calling to chat. With a photo from the video calling facility is also available and many new other feature included latest WhatsApp update. The light on what happens if someone takes your WhatsApp Hack?

Available on the App Store for free so that anyone can be easily WhatsApp Hack. We will also have the light on ways to keep the WhatsApp Hack that will give you tips that will have you know, and safe.

WhatsApp open in phone

If a user is in your hands could open their smartphone using the smartphone app WhatsScan your WhatsApp account. Not only do you not have discovered this apathy can also chat with your friends. This apathy is 5 seconds or even less time WhatsApp account.

How to Know

Go to the settings of the web WhatsApp. After scan code complication to open camera get your account not provide logout it means your account open another user or hacker to access one. Your WhatsApp is open somewhere else. You immediately by tapping on the Log Out of stopping it.

WhatsApp open in desktop

WhatsScan app like WhatsApp no user can open your desktop or laptop. website for the desktop. Which can be open by WhatsApp smartphone apps scan your QR code.

How to Know

Setting of WhatsApp going to go on the web whatsapp. If you scan the QR code by the camera did not open the hack. But there is an option to Log Out means that your WhatsApp is open somewhere else. You immediately by tapping on the Log Out of stopping it.

WhatsApp Message Read...

Using a feature in which a user can then Mark as Unread WhatsApp is then read your message. This means that if you keep careful that you do not know the work of Gaya. However, when no message is green mark when it becomes un-read, but how many of these messages are not detail. Therefore, caution is needed.

How to Know

If there is no message of the coming of the Green Mark unread message numbers to understand that nobody has read the message.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of screen type of applications. If you open the app after installing video cameras that will have the logo on the screen. Touch on the setting, see the camera, video, photo and other option. Here is the start screen, tap on the video recording. I have to stop to stop the window from the top down. It will let you start recording when someone answer the phone, so you may know.

Two Step Verification Process

WhatsApp two-step verification process should be active to create more secure. Settings => Account for the => Two Step Verification =>'ve Enable => Passcode Email hook and Save. This will be of benefit to the user is prompted frequent WhatsApp passcode.

Security Enable On

Security should also be unable hacker or user with a smartphone. The lock pattern, numbers lock, phase locked, should be fingerprint Unable scanner. If the smartphone is a security feature that should be installed a security app.


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