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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Top Artificial Intelligence Development Company List in USA & India

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Top Artificial Intelligence Development Company List in USA & India

Today, number of artificial intelligence firms have established in USA and international market. Globally has emerged technology as the huge community of expert and top AI, ML, DL and BI developers. They are offering high prominent development services too many consulting today.
Emergency technologies, the level of completion is very tuff and influence in last few months. With the upcoming new players into the market, it has become tuff to select the best AI companies in USA & India.

LeewayHertz - were one of the first to send a business app for the iPhone. Our dedicated developers of Certified User Experience experts has designed and produced over number of digital technologies.

Quytech - works with beginning and business. We help in excellent approach the mobile strategy. We offer end to end solutions starting from formulation to deployment and support. Our solutions and associated services tell as we have been living and working up to the predication of our customers.

USM - Our latest technologies are helping commercial, aggressive and profitable. Conjecturing algorithms are machinery consumers’ orders more exactly than ever before.

Indatalabs - believe the world is at the very startup of a huge revolution driven by artificial intelligence. And our goal is to conduct the power of AI to every enterprise. To fulfill this we take active steps towards helping the data science community grow.

Acuilae - are committed to the productivity of a better and a more continual World through the individual app of artificial intelligence latest technologies in the number of business sectors. Our simply objectives are: boosting the work approach of our customers' businesses through Machine Learning layouts or with data analysis, growing the lives of people through virtual assistants to sectors of the population that require it.

Accubits - is one among the best Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain development company in USA and other countries based. It’s pioneers in the sector and has been featured as one among the oldest and experienced consulting in offering dynamic based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to the world last seven years.

Elinext - is a dynamic software development and global agencies focusing on web, mobile, desktop and embedded software development, QA and testing.  Our key domains include enterprise software, e-commerce, BI and Big Data, e-learning and IoT.

App Maisters - can help you solve your most extreme business issues by advantages the data your consulting access. We do this through AI development that gets into attention your most complicate business requires.

AIMS – us global leader in promising delivery with future predication and BI software to businesses forwarding to boost workload across sales, marketing and risks.

Fusion Informatics – have always shared innovative idea and concept for both client and user for successfully getting every single milestone and accomplishing project deliverable.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Top software outsourcing company

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Top software outsourcing company

Today, software outsourcing companies quickly growing, if you need any project stuff like optimize cost, requirement, atmosphere, process status, awareness and other IT challenges, you easily get software development services.

If you need cost efficient outsourcing company, India is the best option for software outsourcing with the right partner stack software development. As India number of large and small IT companies are finding needle in requirements.

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Our software outsourcing agencies in the world-class. Our passion is connecting organization globally to build world class atmosphere. Our leading software associate pick-up to support throughout the  contract, our outsourcing consulting solutions help small business and advertising companies enjoy all the advantages software outsource rapidly and with less effort than outsourcing on your own.

We provide software outsourcing services based on standard approach, observation the information, transparency development process and flexible control to every step of it our clients.

Adreno Technologies

It helps advisory in building robust enterprise applications and software services with cost efficient work of in-house software engineers or extended time. We grip proven development methodologies, well established technology frameworks and deep industry insights to deliver scalable and extensible software services that client driven results.


Our dedicated software development team is always there for you to get excellent solutions according to your business needs. Number of experience developer teams who can smoothly develop a dynamic software solutions for you.


We create out client passion clear with every line of code we write, observing with best exercise in software services. We have already assist hundreds of customers boost their performance and influence key workflows and digitize their enterprise with software service of the standard quality.


We only hire those programmers who have already developed on similar type of projects and can well organized custom complicate issues to deliver best possible result.


Our business hosting attention, proven methodologies and latest technologies skill of software expert yield standard services that add value to businesses.

Asper brothers

We are working in 2008 closely with startups and software companies, we aware and bouquet include. It offers us the opportunity to target on client requires.

Saigon Technology

We are excellent skills in software outsourcing and we have large portfolio of successful globe projects, ranging from SMB’s to standard software systems for large organization clients.


In last few years, we’ve busy scheduling new software development centers in international market and developing awesome product for our global brands.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Xiaomi No.1 Smartphone Selling Company in India

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Xiaomi No.1 Smartphone Selling Company in India

Xiaomi has achieved the title of the largest smartphone maker company (based on the shipment) in India. From this, Xiaomi has shown that in a short span of time, the company has chased its mobile in the mobile market. Now according to the latest report by the recent Analytical agencies Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi has maintained its dominance in this segment. Even after the festive season, the company has managed to retain its position.

According to the latest analysis of Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi has once again surpassed Samsung, securing the first place. Xiaomi has 27% market cover. While Samsung has only 23% market cover. Apart from this, Top 5 companies include Vivo, Micromax and Oppo. In this list, all the companies except Samsung have boosted in comparison to the same quarter of 2017.

Micromax has made a comeback in the top 5 companies after a long time. According to the report, the reason behind the return of Micromax in Top 5 is the contract of Chhattisgarh government. Under this, 50 lakh handsets have been given to women and students in Chhattisgarh, with the partnership of Micromax and Geo. This data has had a significant impact on the total shipment of this quarter of the company.

India's top 5 smartphone brands are part of 77% of total shipments. At the same time, the rest is with other phone maker companies. Apart from Xiaomi, other companies such as Transition Holdings, Asus, Huawei, Reality and OnePlus have also emerged as strong contenders. While the biggest reason for Samsung's cell goes to its J-series entry-level and mid-range smartphones.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Why Your Company Needs AI

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Why Your Company Needs AI

AI's quickly flew in value-add has left agencies struggling to acquire this mostly complex technology. Chief scrap to understand it. At a basic level, the terminology is confusing, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, AI, etc... The business use cases are unclear, and the professionals are generally in academia, have their own startups or are at top tech companies.

How businesses try to accept AI

The accept process goes something like this: A decision marking reads or is told many times about how AI can do X for their business. The CTO or CIO looks into it and concludes that AI can probably help the company save costs. However, the benefits, AI behave and possible drawback may still be unclear.

Next, the company might judge to hire a niche research experience. They're managed to develop an X system and are left alone to work it out. Finally, the outputs and assumption don't match, and the team is disbanded or re-focused on data science applications. Soon, the business pails AI in the "hype" category and jump on.

I get it, getting an AI to work is hard - especially under business constraints.

1. Your CIO is a skill in engineering - not AI

Great CIOs aware how to optimize the software. They know the best ways of cutting prices or how to behave issues using the latest software engineering chart. However, she's unexpected to know about the new trends in AI and where they could help the company.

To keep up with the new trends, AI analyst reads papers on a daily starting point, attend conferences, and host private research according from visiting scholars. Just in the past few years, the amount of latest research published in machine learning has grown quicker than any other sector. Although many papers are minor improvements, your companies needs a believer to sort out the critical developments and the suggestion for the business. Could be as easy as a latest workflow for identifying text that could immediately open up an entire new business line for your company.

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The CAIO should be someone who is greatly knowledgeable about AI and familiar with latest approaches such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, graphical models, variation inference, etc. Without this skill, they might place approve reaches which are slow to implement, costly to manage, or that don't scale.

2. A CAIO is your lifeline into the latest in academic research.

It’s no confidence that the world's top AI researchers at big companies like Google and Facebook also hold academic links.

Top IT agencies have found this method which provides them direct manage to the world's top AI qualify students. A strong academic link also provides for partnerships with these labs which can assistance gear hard business issues in exchange for the ability to publish outputs.

To engage top AI talent, hire top AI researchers. To keep talent, your AI team must be offered to distribute to the open-source AI network and post displays. If you don't, they'll go to Google or Facebook where they'll have that freedom!

3. The C-suite needs a branded professional who can build an AI to make new business lines

Many companies not successful to fully leverage AI because the C-suite often doesn't explain AI capabilities. Hire a professional who understands the technology and understands how to resolve business issues with it. An AI expert in the room will abate covers about the income impact of a new AI system and unique business risks.

I've seen worker with innovative ideas get shut down by the companies CEO because they don't understand the impact this latest system can have on the business. Don't let the c-suite lack of expertise in this sector track your organization from creating big AI-driven custom with vast unique upsides to your business. It's like not using the internet because you don't know how TCP sockets work.

A top AI expert, argues that the Chief AI Officer is someone with the "business skill to take this new bright technology and contextualize it for your business." In need, someone with both the strong education niche and the business awareness to solve business issues using AI.

4. A best CAIO includes feature to the C-suite

Don't introduce your next product or business line without planning for a future how AI can help. AI's use in business is so new, that it's unexpected anyone in the explore suite is thinking about latest business lines that are now available because of AI. Show for issues that are complicated to scale, or that need a set of multiplex standard, these are main candidates for AI.

Beyond the technical capabilities, your CAIO needs to have a good knowledge of the business. This is a person that knows when NOT to use AI. A good CAIO will create finally their team isn't searching for venues to fill AI, but instead fetching for issues that could profit from it.

5. Data is an income river

By now, organizations are actual that their data are widely valuable. If you trusts this predict, then it subscribers that you're mostly leaving a lot of money on the table by insert with classic methods that are known to perform other algorithms. A classifier that can piece users 20% more correctly means that you're mostly to put the correct products in front of that user. Why resolve for the machine learning charts that provide you 80% transparency when more new systems can get you to 90%?

The CAIO joins the analytical and business skills wanted to supercharge your data monetization strategy.

6. Highlight Wave

If your business needs to gesture that you put AI thoughtfully, then hire a CAIO. AI is an afterthought in most companies. Don't create the same issue. Point will assist you attract top talent, rebrand your company's public see and highlight to investors that you're still innovating.

7. Morality

AI's use for various cases has come under inspection in few years. Now a day, a revolt within Google forwarded the company to promise not to develop AI secret weapons. The AI analysis, networking has created to voice purpose over ethics in the past year. As an output, top analysis are unexpected to produce AI to issues they deem unethical. The CAIO can help as the voice for an organization and drive the use of its AI towards profitable, yet ethical use cases.

Monday, 21 May 2018


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Most of market expert and researcher, one common issue generate in a mind. How to increase brand value using in short period. Powerful brand easy to identify and help you connect with your existing customers, sell to new user and recommended faith and recognition.

But like any other business task, successful branding requires careful planning and a smart strategy. Sixteen members of Forbes Coaches Council each share one way to accomplish this.

1. Testing Brand Value

Depending on who you're discussing to and what process you use to reach at it, your brand testing may encompass your brand character, your brand personality, and/or your market values -- the related, sometimes overlapping subsets of the reality of your brand.

2. Brand awareness

Simply put, if you boost your brand awareness you will in turn grow first time customers or consumers. With that said, brand loyalty and making your customers or clients come back for more is next.

3. Manage High-Profile Events

Collect feedback from your attendees after each event to improve upon your performance and make the future aspire memorable. Gathering feedbacks is need for creating a stream of communication between you and your attendees. Hence, every event organizer should gather their customer's feedback to gauge the success of their events and training programs. Feedbacks also help you in understanding the expectation of the audiences from your conference or meeting. Audience's reaction gives your insight into the pros and cons of every fundraiser or trade show of yours and, in a sense, helps you improve from the next ones.

4. Use Great Reference

Brand value in the general case of client service brands can be measured through customer loyalty, staff attention/hiring process. Therefore Brand value can be increased positively and negatively; with a number of excellent examples where Brands have made the right resource or reference.

5. Be True To Yourself

Be real to who you are, the values you have, and the experiences you excel at. Authenticity is crucial to branding success. Skip pressure to presently remarkable yourself or overstate and inflate your message. A simple articulation of who you are and what you are good at – shared shortly and clearly – will suffice to nail down your brand.

6. Social Media

Using business as part of your social media strategy is perfect but it is also an extremely powerful tool for adding branding value to get your message across and you should consider this when hiring a graphic design company to brief them.

7. Improve Visibility

Building Brand visibility has always been crucial to businesses and organizations. On the Internet you have to brand yourself differently than traditional methods. The idea is the same but thanks to the Internet there are many different avenues to choose from.

8. Specify niche

Niche marketing is a marketing scheme established to goal a specific market part which is unique. Niche market is often generated by identifying what a consumer requires and this can be done if the company aware what the consumer wants and then tries to deliver a better solution to a problem which was not presented by other firms.

9. Meet Target Audience

If you need to be unique, get your branding choice correct. Address your target market in the places they hang out with the message they await to hear, using the supply & chain methods and mediums they like. It's a basic formula that many do not follow. Your brand is your test, and once you have that set, you can get creative with the rest.

10. Create a Useful Value Proposition

Value proposition is the top thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the previous button. It’s also the important thing you want to check – if you get it correct, it will be an extensive boost.

11. Positive brand extension

A positive brand extension can be defined as using an established brand to introduce a new product with good quality. This factor is that having an established new brand will ease entry into the market for new products and will reduce the costs associated with advertising do to brand recognition and the equity ensuing from that brand. This strategy can decrease the risk of failure of these 'new' products, because consumers will more readily accept new products launched under known symbols.

12. Partner with an Expert

No any competitor to get positive feedback from a branding review to clear mind set of consumers on your reputations, boosting brand and how to best effective your business and services to your customers. Behavior a 360 of your brand master plan with an expert and together align your another process for your goal traffic.

13. Stop Selling and Start Helping

Your consumers don’t want to be treated as though they only presentation dollar highlight to you. If you target on being helpful by arranging well-researched social media responses instead of driving traffic, you can give your brand and boundary while building reputations. Prioritizing quality engagement through creating meaningful interactions can lead to loyal customers and sometimes even brand evangelists.

14. Give Your Wisdom Away

Developing and boosting a powerful personal brand takes commitment and consistent effort, but it’s an essential undertaking for everyone customers.

The good news is that, with the correct hybrid of positioning, messaging and increases, you can develop a brand that will participate you from your challenger while bringing business and new opportunities to your door. Branding is well worth the effort.

15. Make Your Brand More Human

To get the clients you essential you don’t need a big marketing budget. You don’t need professionally created videos. What you require is a brand that is more human, accurate, and completely friendly approachable.

16. Hints to attending Network Meetings and Build Goodwill

When I create a new subscribers, I send a thank you message including something of value - a content gift not niche to what I do. i.e., within my thank you, I include a free community to my motivational quotes that include suggested actions to bring the quotes to life. Now you’ve started a two-way conversation.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Xiaomi Big Announcement for Mi Users

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Xiaomi Big Announcement for Mi Users

Xiaomi Chairman and Founder Lei Jun has big announced that the net profit margin of the company's total hardware sales will be fixed. This limit will apply forever. This wide range will include from smartphones to Internet off Things and Lifestyle Products. The company has said that the maximum profit margin for the net profit margin will be 5 percent.

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Lei Jun said in an affair to the workers of Xiaomi: "If the margin goes more than 5 percent, then it will find a way to return to the users." He further said that if we limit the cost, User will be able to return in this way, the company and its products will get excellent support / support of users for a long time. If a large number of products are sold even with lower margins, then the company will be able to earn profits in the long-term. The company has adopted a unique Triathlon business model, which includes hardware’s, internet service and retail.

He further said that in the last 8 years, our business model has been repeatedly challenged. Xiaomi is the only smartphone in the world that has returned to the sales even after the decline. This shows how modern our business model also. The company has just launched the 6x. This phone has been introduced with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and latest AI technology. Xiaomi is an engineer’s-operated company that always works for the benefit of the public and changes in the field of technology in the world, and remains ready.

In the first quarter of the Counterpoint 2018 report, China has grown more than 51 percent in Xiaomi. This increase was due to the rapid publicity in the offline segment of Xiaomi.

Monday, 23 April 2018

How to Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

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How to Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Business parson are finally starting to sit up and analysis or observe the B2B marketing strategy. Number of organizations are turn out to consult B2B companies for technique tricks, marketing concept and innovative services to arrive and woo C-suite customers.
In Asia, the distinction between consumer marketing and B2B marketing is less clear. Many marketing directors and corporate communications managers are still outsourcing various marketing support projects on a piecemeal basis to advertising, event or public relations agencies for example, instead of seeking the services of dedicated full-service B2B agencies.

Is it surprising then that these companies feel their marketing needs are not optimally met? Many traditional agencies have their roots in consumer marketing and do not have the experience needed to develop comprehensive B2B marketing programmers. A few important characteristics distinguish B2B marketing from mass marketing, and can make all the difference to any B2B marketing effort.

1. The power of many

In consumer marketing, your target is an individual. In B2B marketing, you could be targeting any number of people along the decision-making chain, some of whom may not even be located in the same country as you! It is always useful to find out who is the 'real' decision maker. Is the purchasing or sourcing manager as important as the business-planning manager or the chief financial officer? In some companies, the human resources manager commissions services that have traditionally been the mandate of the office manager and vice versa.

Many B2B marketing professionals simply target the 'C-suite' but fail to realise that sometimes, it's the CEO's secretary who makes the ultimate decision on whether or not they should order products or services from your company. Either that, or he/she could be the 'gatekeeper' who foils any number of your marketing and sales attempts.

When the buying decision affects several departments such as IT, operations and finance for example, you should be looking at different ways to present your company's credentials to a group of people, each with different concerns and expectations!

Being able to identify different groups and their interests, and combining them with tailored communications and a powerful database system, can result in a much higher rate of return.

2. The power of one

Every one of your employees that comes in contact with your customer is your "brand", whether you are selling multi-million dollar commercial warehouses or consultancy services. So it is crucial that your walking-talking brand ambassadors believe in your corporate values and what you are selling. Get your agency to give them customer-centric brand messages and sales tools to use, and ensure they are trained to make each customer feel as if they are the most important customer ever.

On the flip side, B2B companies must ensure that their corporate brands are strong enough that their customers don't leave when their brand ambassadors do.

3. Target the head, not the heart

Validating and even quantifying one's value proposition is crucial for any B2B company. Unlike B2C marketing, it is always about appealing to the head, and not to the heart (or eyes or ears, for that matter). Your B2B marketing companies should offer you answer complicate client asks such as, "Tell me why I should select your agency over your competitor? What value can you add to my bottom line or business schemes? How much do you understand about my company's requires? How will your products or services help our agency get ahead?"

In mature B2B sectors, where the offering from company to company is almost homogeneous or 'commoditized', the value proposition is less about the core product or service and more about the 'value-add' or enhancements. The challenges are different, because the central question is often, "Can you do this at a better price than your competitor?"

4. Corporate brand, product brand or CEO brand

I often advise against building personality brands in any company, unless it is the founder. It is important not to let personal egos get in the way of building corporate persona, which will certainly outlive the former.

I also advise that B2B companies focus on building and protecting their corporate brands versus their product brands. Vista can fail for instance, but Microsoft should not.
Corporate brand building certainly comes in handy when closing new business deals for B2B companies - people are more comfortable recommending a new supplier, vendor or consultant that their bosses have heard about, versus one that is relatively unknown.

That is not to say that the lesser known brands will lose out on all opportunities, as long as they can prove that they can deliver. They are less likely to be considered however, if the risk of failure is too high i.e. when the products and services affect the company's viability (productivity, legal standing, reputation etc.), if the value of the contract is very large, or if the ultimate decision maker is a good friend of your competitor (it does happen!) for instance.

5. Make me look good in front of my boss

This may seem like an odd suggestion but I sometimes ask clients how they can make their target customers look good in front of their bosses.

For example;

a. Can you package your products or services in a way that helps your contact's business and shows him or her to be making a positive contribution to their employers? The closer you do this to the bonus period or your contract renewal time, the better.

b. Do you need to provide tools that help your contact/s present the validations for their recommended vendor i.e. your company?

c. Should you prepare documents that demonstrate the value that your company can bring to other departments at your contact's organization?

d. Should you offer to help integrate your products or services into your customer's organization?

e. Are your 'green credentials' in line with your customer's business sustainability efforts as a B2B vendor?

6. It's not showing on TV

B2B customers don't automatically turn on the television when they want to find a supplier. Often, one of the first sources of information they turn to is a search engine. Increasingly, B2B marketing is very much about Internet marketing and helping to raise a company's profile and search engine rankings. The Internet instantly makes your competitive pool global. A company in India could offer business secretarial services that are almost identical to yours, only cheaper.

It is critical to constantly think of new ways of creating credible customer-driven content, online distribution channels, search terms, Internet links etc. in B2B marketing. Traditional mass media has little or no relevance. That is why the B2B channel mix will look very different and may comprise:

* Search engines
* Niche websites such as LinkedIn
* Industry related online marketing
* Industry listings or online forums
* Accreditation with respected organizations
* Industry endorsements
* Case studies
* Client referrals and testimonials
* Thought leadership articles
* Awards
* Certifications
* Media relations and press mentions
* White papers and research studies
* Customized demonstrations
* Low-risk pilot tests
* Trade shows
* Trade directories
* Industry spokesmen
* Industry rankings and awards
* Industry publications
* Customer events
* Corporate videos and podcasts
* Executive bios etc.

Often, B2B communications output is best tailored to each target customer. Make sure your agency can also create great PowerPoint decks inhouse, so you can customise them for your corporate presentations.

7. There is a season for everything

Always gear your B2B marketing towards your customers' planning cycles.

There are different financial year-ends in different countries, and it is important to make your business pitch at least three to four months before your customer's year-end, to ensure your company has a chance of making the vendor shortlist for next year!

8. The grey line

Unlike consumer marketing, where you can offer seasonal sales and gifts in exchange for certain purchases, such tactics are not always viewed as 'ethical' in B2B marketing.

A token of customer appreciation worth 200 US dollars to someone who just signed a multi-million dollar contract may seem trivial in comparison, but it may be hastily returned if the customer's corporate policy limits 'lavish' gifts beyond say, 100 US dollars. Don't risk embarrassing your customers by forgetting to do a bit of discreet checking first.

What I have listed are just some important aspects of B2B marketing. Ultimately, it really helps to work with a B2B marketing agency that understands your B2B decision makers, decision influences, business needs, stakeholders, sources of information and available channels, and that is also able to add a good dose of creative thinking!

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