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Paytm: Stay Alert from New Scams, May Take Lime

Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma has warned Paytm users to be vigilant against fake offers like doubling the rupee. Vijay Shekhar appealed to consumers to avoid such scams through a post on Twitter. On Twitter, Sharma was responding to a question from a user who was a victim of online fraud. In the post, Sharma told users about a new scam in which Paytm users are lured to double the rupee. In his post, Sharma also shared a screenshot sent to him by a user who was a victim of the scam.

What is a new scam?

Sharma shared a screenshot on Twitter, which revealed that users were being asked to pay Rs. Users are tempted to return double the amount of money they send through Paytm.

Fraud has already taken place in the

name of Paytm. A case of fraud has come up in the name of Paytm KYC. During the online verification of the call, the swindler send a link to the mobile. 17 thousand rupees were deducted from the account as soon as he clicked on it.

Bam was the case in November last year

was the first in November last year petiemathi fraud cases. Even then, the Paytm founder appealed to the people to be alert with fake calls and SMS associated with Paytm. The fraudsters were cheating in the name of Paytm KVC through fake calls and SMS.

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