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Which is Better Zoom or Google Duo?

1 Landed in Front of the Zoom Google

Group video calling technology has become very important at a time when offices and workplaces are closed due to coronavirus. The biggest benefit Joan got was the Zoom app which saw a huge increase in users overnight. However, data theft from the Zoom app and the exchange of data by servers in China has also caused a lot of controversies. However, now the world's largest techno company Google has launched new features to attract its users. Google Duo will now have 12 members making video calls. Zoom app has 300 million active users. According to the report, every week.

2 Video Qualities

The company has worked on quality in the Google Duo app. Users will now be able to make video calling in better quality than before. The company has launched AV1 (AOMedia Video 1) codec technology. The company claims that this technology will provide better video quality even in low bandwidth or low network.

3 Video Calling 12 Members can participate in

Google Duo has increased its group calling member limit. The company has also increased the group calling from 8 members to 12 members as other video calling apps have also increased the limit. This limit will also be increased soon.

4 User can Capture a Photo during a Calling

With the help of the newly launched feature, the user can now capture a photo while calling. The user will also be able to share the photo captured during group calling with another user. This feature will support many devices including Smartphone, tablets, and Chrome books.

5 Pre-recorded Video and Voice Message

Personalized videos and voice can now be sent to Google Duo. The user will be able to take advantage of this feature when the call is not connected. Apart from this AR (Augmented Reality) effect has also been launched for some users. Users can also save the story.

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