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How do you know if someone is online on WhatsApp without opening?

1 From normal to necessary work

The use of WhatsApp is becoming more and more important in ordinary life. WhatsApp, which had to wait a long time for work, has become very easy. But with technology there are some problems. As you open WhatsApp, the other person finds out that you are online and then have a hard time answering their questions. However, you may now be relieved of this condition.

2 waiting to see who will be saved from

When you're not online on WhatsApp, some people are waiting for you. In such times, there is a solution to what can be done to avoid these people. The app is also in WhatsApp.

3 Special contacts will know you will fall in line

You may find one of our tricks useful for this. We are telling you how to see who is online without having to open WhatsApp. You will also receive a notification when the contact you specify through this trick goes online.

4 You must follow these steps
  • For this you first have to download GBWhatsApp.
  • This is a more advanced feature app than normal WhatsApp.
  • This app requires you to go to Google and search for GBWhatsApp.
  • Go to Settings after the app is downloaded. - Go to here and select the Main or Chat screen option.
  • Now select the Contact Online Toast option.
  • Show contact online toast.

After doing so, you will get a notification whenever your selected contact goes online.

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