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Does Smartwatch Will Protect Against Coronavirus?

1 Coronavirus will Save the Smartwatch

The outbreak appears to be exacerbated by the Coronavirus. New devices are constantly being created to avoid this. Recently, a smartwatch has come up which will protect the user from the Coronavirus by showing the body temperature. This smartwatch, called the Ticwris GTS, shows a real-time body temperature so that users will know immediately before or after an infection.

2 In the Early Stages Needs to Be Informed Corona

There are many people around the world who have recovered after being infected with the coronavirus. It is important to be aware of coronavirus at an early stage. This smartwatch can come in very handy. In fact, the temperature of a person exposed to the coronavirus rises rapidly. This smartwatch will detect that temperature and let you know.

3 A peculiarity of Ticwris GTS

Not only the temperature, this smartwatch counts your steps, also the distance traveled and the calories burned. It also shows incoming messages and other notifications on the phone. It also has an alarm clock and a stopwatch. It also monitors your blood pressure, oxygen level, and heart rate. It also states how many hours you sleep a day.

4 Days Last Battery

The smartwatch has a 1.3-inch display. Its battery lasts up to 5 days at normal consumption. This connects to both Android and iOS devices. These three different colors come in Black, Pink, and Blue.

5 Real-time Reporting Temperature Would

There are many other benefits to using a smartwatch to track body temperature instead of a thermometer. You can't keep a thermometer with you all the time, but a smartwatch is always with you. You use a thermometer when you feel annoyed, but the smartwatch keeps measuring the temperature in real-time before you experience anything.

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