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Government launches corona tracker 'health bridge' app, alerts to transit infected

The government of India has been trying different levels to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. This order has now launched a smartphone app called Arogya Setu. Which will let you know if you have passed through or been close to the person infected with the coronavirus. Health Bridge is available for both Android smartphones and iPhones. This app checks with Bluetooth, location and mobile number to make sure you haven't been exposed to someone who has a coronary infection. The app includes the COVID-19 Help Centers and Self Assessment Tests, so you can check if you are at risk of coronary infection.

How to Download Download Health Setup App Android smartphone users have to search the Aarogya Setu by going to the Play Store and iPhone users in the App Store. This app will appear with icons like Heart, which you can install. This app has been published by NIC and its developer name will be found in NIC eGov Mobile Apps and NIC.

The way this works is to give some permissions open when installing a health bridge app. This app can use your mobile number, Bluetooth and location data to inform you that you are safe or at risk of infection.

Register Phone Number To use the Health Setup app, you must register a mobile number after giving Bluetooth and GPS access. With the OTP coming in at this number you will be able to prove yourself. After this, you will need to fill in some details such as name, age, profession. You can also enroll if you want to be a volunteer to help fight Corona.

The status will appear on the social graph, based on your location details and social graph, the Health Setup app will tell you which category you are in low-risk or high-risk. If you are on high-risk, the app will alert you to a Test Center visit.

Here is a list of help centers' phone numbers designed to help fight the special coronavirus infection in different states on the Mobile Number Health Setup app of all help centers.

What to do if symptoms appear The app shows what to do if you have symptoms associated with a coronavirus infection such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. It also gives users information about self-isolation.

The Corona Virus Tracker Health Bridge app available in 11 languages ​​is available in 11 Indian languages. These include English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Marathi, Bengali, and Punjabi.

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