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Even if Coronavirus Does Not Open These Websites Will Be a Problem

The fear of Coronavirus is increasing. The number of infected patients with COVID-19 in India has reached 100 on March 15. The government and people in India are taking all necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus. However, many false and misleading information about the corona is also being spread among the people. Coronavirus is also accelerated by the SARS Cov-2 virus. The government has assured that people do not need to panic. However, cybercriminals have also looked for opportunities to harass Internet users in this crisis. The number of scams, phishing websites and spam messages linked to the Coronavirus has also increased. According to a report by a cyber-security firm, Recorded Future, several domains connected to the coronavirus are registered on the Internet. Which is spreading the virus information. Here is information about the A14 website. Which should not be opened openly.

2nd) Coronavirus Status [dot] space:

Dangerous Website This website is very dangerous. Don't go to this website called Coronavirus Status [dot] space. Scammers on the Internet World Benefit from the Fear of the Corona Virus

3) Coronavirus-map [dot] com

This website also contains false information associated with Corona. Emails related to the Coronavirus Covid-19 to many users around the world have been coming in the past week.

4) Blogcoronacl.canalcero [dot] digital

This website contains misleading information associated with the coronavirus. It is noteworthy that Chinese firm QiAnXin says that Russia's groups are sending phishing emails to Internet users by attaching Sandworm and FancyBear malicious documents.

5) Coronavirus [dot] zone

Coronavirus [dot] zone should not open this website. Cybercriminals are trying to make people their victims.

6) Coronavirus-real-time [dot] com

This dangerous website also contains false information about Corona. In the world of digital advertising, the Chrome browser extension can make you a victim of malicious attacks.

7) Coronavirus [dot] app

Every possible step is being taken to prevent coronavirus worldwide. Therefore, it is best not to open these websites created by cybercriminals who give false information online.

8) Bgvfr.coronavirusaware [dot] xyz

This website is known to be fake by name. Against this problem of the coronavirus, you need to understand the difference between fecal and original.

9) CoronavirusAware [dot] xyz

The website claiming to be exposed to the Coronavirus is also fake.

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10) Coronavirus [dot] healthcare

Avoid this website called Coronavirus Health Care This website is fake and is giving false information.

11) Survivecoronavirus [dot] org 

Avoid this malicious website and don't click on the URL.

12) Vaccine-coronavirus [dot] com

This website is fax created in the name of the Coronavirus vaccine.

13) Coronavirus [dot] cc

The Website is the name of the Coronavirus is giving people online deceptive information. It is best not to click on it.

14) Bestcoronavirusprotect [dot] tk

This website called BestCoronavirus Protect is fake. Avoid misinformation and don't go to the website.

15) coronavirusupdate [dot] tk

Efforts are being made around the world to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. More than 6000 have died worldwide. Avoid getting caught by a fake website.

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