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Protect your gadgets this way from a Coronavirus Attack

The coronavirus virus has caused widespread outbreaks in the country and around the world. Corona, originating from China, has announced the World Health Organization (WHO) as an International Health Emergency. There have been several cases of corona virus in India as well. Everyone needs to use phones, laptops and other gadgets. So if you want to protect them from the onslaught of the corona virus, take these steps. So you'll be safe too.

1. Keep in separate pockets Mobile and handkerchief your mobile and handkerchief should not be kept in one pocket. Doing so can cause infection. Experts say that if anyone is sneezing, they should keep a tissue with no handkerchief.

2. Keep sanitizers essentials do not use public computers in cyber cafe. Use gloves. Experts say you need to sanitize yourself.

3. Wipe the phone with water If your phone is IP68 waterproof, wipe it with water or use a hand sanitizer.

4. Clean the Laptop Take a hand sanitizer to wipe the laptop and wipe thoroughly with tissue paper. Only use it later.

5. Use earphones there is less risk of spreading infection in the face when making calls from earphones. So reduce the phone usage.

6. Clean earphones with earphones do not forget to wipe earphones. You can also use hand sanitizer for this. Don't share with anyone.

7. Do Not Use Cleaning Liquid Do not use cleaning liquid for cleaning gadgets kept at home or in the office.

8. Clean the gadget daily Make it a habit to clean your gadgets at least once, until the corona virus is gone.

9. Do not touch other gadgets. Do not touch another phone or laptop. Do not give your gadget to others. So you can avoid the virus.

10. Wash your hands with soap after using a phone or laptop, wash your hands with soap.

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