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Keep WhatsApp Safe? Change these Settings Now

Messaging platform has become the world's most popular app on WhatsApp with more than 2 billion active users. This application, which is owned by Facebook, sends millions of messages and media files to users around the world. WhatsApp offers many features for Android and iOS users. So that a good chatting experience can also be found. Besides, several privacy features have been provided on the application to keep personal conversion safe. You can stay protected by changing this setting on WhatsApp.

You can use this feature to give Extra Protection Layer to TouchID or FaceID Lock WhatsApp Chat. In the latest iPhones, Face ID provides lock options, and Android users can lock WhatsApp differently with the help of their fingerprints. After which you cannot open the app without giving access.

Two-Step Verification Settings

You can increase the security of your WhatsApp data by activating this feature on WhatsApp. As soon as the feature is activated, only a 6 digit password is required to login to the WhatsApp account as soon as you reset the phone or change the SIM.

Hide Last seen or profile photo

There are some people. Which lets you show a message by looking online. One way to avoid such people is to not see the Last Seen. By doing so you will not have to respond to the junk message. The frontman will not know whether you were online or not. Take this step to turn it off

  1. Go to the Settings option in WhatsApp and click on Account. 
  2. The Privacy tab will appear here. Last, Seen will be seen at the top of the opening. 
  3. Click on the last seen and select the Nobody option.

Remove this way Blue Ticks means that you have read the message. You get pressure. WhatsApp has also provided a solution. You can change this from Settings. Go to Account, click Privacy and unchecked Read Receipts at the bottom.

For a profile photo, you do not need to delete it if you do not want anyone to see your profile photo. You open WhatsApp, go to Settings and tap Privacy. Here you will see the profile photo written. Tab over it and select Nobody. No one can see your profile pic anymore.

Always Update WhatsApp Always keep your WhatsApp application updated. You can also turn on automatic updates from the Play-store if you wish. By doing so, the latest security updates from the company will be installed on the device and the application will be secure.

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