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Blue Whale Headache for This Dangerous Challenge Parents of TikTok

1 Dangerous' TikTok New Challenge

The 'Blue Whale' game, a nightmare for parents and schools, is on the rise. This Dangerous Challenge, called 'Scale Breaker' or 'Tripping Jump' on the video-sharing app 'TikTok' is going viral on social media. Social media has been a viral video of many students fulfilling this challenge. Today we're going to tell you some important things about this.

2 What is the 'Skull Breaker' Challenge?

Three people stand in line for this Tik Tok challenge. Two of them jump to the first two on the side and ask the third to do the same. When the person in the middle jumps, the two people standing on the side feel the feet of the person in the air. This causes the jumper to hit the ground at the back. This challenge has the potential to cause serious injury anywhere.

3 has made a fool vaccevalane

Most of the people standing on the sidelines in this challenge are fooling around telling a boy or girl a new dance step.

4 described several schools challenge new threats

That being said, the game was first launched in schools in Europe and the US and has now spread all over the world. A video from a school in Mexico in which two schoolgirls pose to their classmates in a sweater is going viral on social media.

5 Advisory rolling out

Many schools in Europe and South America have also issued an advisory to spread awareness about this dangerous challenge to parents and students.

6 Looking for those who begin to challenge the police

TikTok is one of the most useful apps on the Internet today and influence market trend.

7 doctors warned

Doctors said of this dangerous challenge, it could cause injury to any part of the body. Orthopedic Chairman, Dr. Rajiv Sharma said, the person who bounces in the air in this challenge can be injured in the knee, ankle, elbow or any other part of the body.

8 WhatsApp the Challenge is being renewed

The 'Scale Breaker' challenger is also getting very forward in the instant messaging app WhatsApp. However, most of the forward messages contain messages sent to parents about this challenge.

9 to alert parents and teachers are

Fortunately, no challenge video has been seen in India yet. However, seeing the nature of global social media, the challenge is likely to expand rapidly even among children here. This is why parents and teachers need to raise children about this dangerous challenge.

10 Ticket

Not to mention, this is not the first such challenge on TikTok. There are some other dangerous and strange challenges like 'Bright Eye' and 'Outlet' on this app.

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