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Take a screenshot on your Android device users remain alert

Android mobile operating system has had several updates in the last few months. Along with this, new viruses and malware have also surfaced. Now new Android spyware has surfaced and users have been warned to avoid it. According to TrendMicro Researchers, spyware called CallerSpy is trying to steal personal data from Internet users. Once a user reaches their smartphone, this spyware saves a screenshot of every action taken on their smartphone without the user's knowledge.

This is how users of targeted

Security agencies TrendMicro's researchers said, "We have come to know that the new spyware family attacks users by replacing the chat app on phishing websites." According to cyber experts, this malware is spreading using APK files present on the Internet. Users who are downloading or installing these files. Making them a victim. However, CallerSpy, like other malware, has failed to reach the Google Play Store.

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Hackers' Setup

In many cases, CallerSpy is installed as an Ultra Secret email application Apex App or Chatrious. Both of these applications can only be downloaded from their site. Which hackers have set up? Hackers have set up these sites to win the trust of Internet users and trick users. So that it looks like it is connected to Google. Once accessed the user's phone, CallerSpy tries to steal personal data.

This is a way of saving

Users who understand the chat app and downloads, the app does not work but launches it in a command device. So that users can take screenshots of their device before it becomes aware that it sends the malware to its remote server. This user's personal information is sold in the black markets rather than in Cryptocurrency. Currently, this spyware attack is only done on Android devices. But may soon target iOS and Windows users as well. Downloading the app from a Trusted Site or Google platform is the only way to save.

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