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Does Airtel Allow Wifi Calling?

Now, Bharti Airtel has officially launched its VoWi-Fi, Wi-Fi service to Delhi NCR Circle. It was reported several months ago that Airtel could launch this service in some experiments to get important success in these circumstances. Now the company has launched it in a circle and it will be rolling out to the rest of the users soon.

Airtel VoWi-Fi service is named Airtel Wi-Fi Calling. Airtel's service is available to users on 24 smartphone models from four smartphone agencies. These brands include Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus to the latest handset. It is worth mentioning that, Reliance Jio is also offering VoWi-Fi service to iPhone 11 Pro users. As confirmed by Airtel sources, VoWi-Fi calling is being tested in many locations.

Support for In-Devices

Airtel's Wi-Fi calling service is supporting OnePlus 7 and 7T Series smartphones, Apple iPhone 11 Series, Samsung flagship smartphone and Xiaomi's Redmi K20 series devices. Other premium devices may be added to this list soon.

This will work:

To use the VoWi-Fi feature, you have to turn on this feature by going to the device's call settings menu. This feature can be found in Wi-Fi Calling settings in flagship devices. This service will be activated if the device does not have a network when it is turned on. The Airtel key requires an active Wi-Fi network. It works just like Face Time, WhatsApp or Messenger calls. It does not require the help of an additional app.

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Airtel is testing its Voice over Wi-Fi calling service at different locations in India. This means that in the coming days, Airtel users will be able to make calls using their Wi-Fi network in the remaining cities as well.

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