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Facebook Data Stolen Notice with Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Whether or not your data was thieve in Facebook's data theft case, now you will get this information. Now full details of stolen Facebook data will be provided in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Data of about 87 million Facebook users stolen in this scandal. Now all these users will get this message in their news feed. Facebook says more than 70 million affected users are from the US. At the same time, 1 million per user has been affected in the Philippines, Indonesia and the UK.

Notice to receive impressed users: With this, 2.2 billion Facebook users will get notice. The title of this notice will be 'keeping your Information'. It will also be attended by a link. This link will hold information about which apps they use and what apps they share their information with. After this, if users wish, they can shut off every app or even stop third-party ingress completely.

The Facebook Scandal has been the largest of any data theft case so far. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has also apologized in this case. After this there have been modifies in Facebook's security standards.

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Investigations started in Indonesia: The Indonesian government on Friday cultured that Facebook, which is creating a dent in the privacy of the citizens of the country, is under investigation. The Information and transmit Ministry of the country said that it has asked the National Police Chief to explore the potential violation of privacy laws in Indonesia in the case of cube. One day before that, Facebook had expressed the possibility of Cambridge Analytica, the information of personal data of more than 1 million Indonesian citizens.

Here some useful changes made in settings: Following to Facebook, major modifies have been made in the mobile app and privacy settings. Users will be able to simply search data settings and devices, and simply disconnect your individual data from Facebook. Not only has this settings menu also been entirely modified so that people do not face any error in finding it.

Extremely require for Data Regulation: Facebook presently has 2.1 billion users active. Of these, 1.4 billion users use the site daily. Being a social networking site, people commonly share their thoughts, photos and life events on it. This offers Facebook to share high display resolution pictures and information of any company or person. If this information is exposure it can be used falsely at several large levels. In such a big question arises whether the law will be enacted regarding privacy security and data regulation in the future? Because such laws require a strict requirement to ensure the security of the users' personal information after the case of this big data theft.

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