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The Facebook data breach with Include new privacy

Facebook is curbing the number of user detail it shares with data dealer.

Facebook is restricting the amount of user data it shares with organization that gather and sell customer data for ads amid climbing backlash over the social media company’s privacy practices.

(Acxiom has said the modify could cut its fiscal 2019 revenue and benefit by as much as $25 million.)

Facebook vice president of universal marketing solutions Carolyn Everson said in a memo to publicize businesses that the change take impact within six months. Facebook will still offer user targeting, the engine behind its importing advertising business. However, market research will only be able to use the data that “they have the rights, permissions, and lawful basis to use,” Everson said. The changes will likely have the biggest effect on marketers such as consumer companies that lack detailed first party data on their customer base.

Facebook is also declaring ending its operation of offering unsigned user data to dealers that use the data to evaluate the success of their ad push. Facebook product marketing director Graham Mudd said in a post on Wednesday that modify will “assist improve people’s privacy” on the social network. Both Facebook and government contents such as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and are surveying the social community agency security practices in the wake of revelations about data analysis firm Cambridge Analytics misuse of millions of Facebook users’ data.

New Privacy Tools for Users

In introduction to creating privacy changes that impact advertisers, Facebook has also revealed new specification to create it simpler for users to handle their personal data on the social network.
The tab includes activities to add two-factor authentication for report privacy; review and delete detail shared such as posts users have made or behaved to, searches by a user and friend requests sent in a tool called “Access Your Facebook data”; manage the information Facebook uses to target ads; and manage who can see a users’ posts and profile detail. Users will be able to more simply download the data they’ve shared with Facebook such as photos, posts and contacts and keep a copy or transfer it to another service.

Facebook is also providing a new characteristics to the top of every user’s news feed that documents all of the apps users have signed into through their Facebook account so they can easily remove connected apps they no longer use. The new changes should be available to all users in a few weeks, the company said. Facebook also scheme to news its terms of service language to make easier to for users to understand in the coming weeks.

“A lot of you are asking how to control what information you share on Facebook, who has access to it, and how to remove it,” Zuckerberg said in his Facebook post, with a preview of the change.
Facebook expert said it will audit of any app "with suspicious activity" and ban any developers that do not agree to being reviewed. If Facebook finds that developers missed any personal information, Facebook will ban the app creators and alert all users affect by the apps, including users affected by the Cambridge Analytical leak.

Facebook also said in past few days that it will further limitation developers' handle to data more widely. The company will delete coders ‘handle to data if users haven't used the app in three months, and will boarder the data users offer coders when they log in to attach only their name, profile photo and email address. Programmers will need to get approval from users and sign a compact with Facebook in order to ask any users for access to their posts or private information.

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