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Friday, 21 October 2016

Reliance Jio Slowest 4G Speed Network India for TRAI Record

In telecom industry some socking figure of TRAI, Reliance Jio 4G slowest 4G network service provider in India. Reliance Jio in this year announce on RJio powerful 4G network service provided in India in coming soon but increase more users disappointment 4G network infrastructure. In earlier most of consumer prefer 4G network but now consumer thinking about RJio 4G.

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Also trail base reliance Jio speed extremely compare of officially lunch in India. Atmosphere support was always a big effect right from the launch of Jio when the network provider services ware processing of providing a highly high-data speed to the consumers.
TRAI Figure:

India Operator Network
4G Download Speed (in Mbps)
11.4 Mbps
7.9 Mbps
7.6 Mbps
7.3 Mbps
6.2 Mbps

Above table, you can clear idea which company provided maximum 4G speed. Airtel provides maximum 4G speed (11.4 Mbps) provider in India. Rjio is last queue in table, it offers only 6.2 Mbps maximum 4G sped.

You can check download 4G speed in Indian Network provider

Now compare upload 4G speed network provided in India

Indian Network Operator
4G upload speed(in Mbps)

In above table idea gets maximum upload 4G speed provider in India. Rjio 4th rank of upload speed in India. TRAI figures actual shocking about RJIo network.
You can check upload 4G speed in Indian Network provider

RJio is primary goal 100 million subscriber join his community. It one of milestone 16 million subscriber use service officially lunch in previous month. Another milestone, no one can reach in Indian telecom industry, new connection adding between 0.6 million to 1.1 million consumer join in RJio in a day. RJio first 4G cost efficient price in India to compare of other telecom network.

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