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Reliance Jio Extend offer Still March 2017

Reliance Jio's welcome offer is expected until next March 2017. It also wants to offer users increased until March 2017 but you will know why this Reliance happens, Reliance may be behind this plan is 5 big reason or advantage.

Over the past few days, many people have already subscribed to Reliance Jio community. Jio’s have created so get all the popularity, jio a record month about 16 million users. However, behind all users, so the company offered a welcome base. Free internet, a free unlimited voice was calling, free SMS, including various services users choose.

Reliance jio announced his welcome with the expiry date of December 31, 2016. Now the company decided this offer more expend to increase still to March 2017.

Jio Number increase Users

Reliance's offer to increase the number of calls welcomes Jio to lengthening. RJio now calls to other networks that are in the drop. Rjio primary focus or vision to increase the number of users and providing the best service with improve day today.

Calling Issue Solve

The call came after the market has been disturbed Problem Reliance Jio users, other telecom operators are going to say Reliance does not support jio. Calling issue solve and provide the best calling service for other operator networks.

100 Million Users Goal

Jio target of 100 million users, The Company merged with its network of 16 million users. It is also only a short-term month. This is also a record. Currently, there are about 25 million active users on the network Jio and the next time can make more than 100 million users target, Reliance Jio attract new users Welcome Offers.

No Issue TRAI

RJio welcome offers every telecom industry issue generated in India but no any kind of issue in TRAI and this may also be a cause. Jio's powerful reason for free service offered to extend until March 2017.

User Use High-Speed Data

Reliance Jio wants to give its users the best and high-speed Internet service. Jio offers 4G speed well during preview time. After the official launch, however, it began to show a little dull. The company is now offering to give increased extreme speed again.

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