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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Realme launched Realme U1 as the most powerful selfie-centric phone

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Realme launched Realme U1 as the most powerful selfie-centric phone

Although Realme has not reached much time in the smartphone market, the company has started competing in the smartphone market. Oppo's sub-brand has made its name only after the launch of Entry Lee and 4 smartphones at the beginning of this year. The result of the success of these phones is that Realme has come with a new U series. Under this series, the company has launched its first smartphone Realme U1. Its first phone is Selfie Centric. It seems that selfie centric phones will be introduced inside this series. We got to spend some time with this phone, know how the starting price of Rs 11999 This phone is:

Processor: Realme U1 is the first smartphone to come with the Helio P70 chipset. This is also the biggest feature of the phone. Because this is the first phone to come with this chipset. So you have to see how the processor works in the phone that comes in the budget range. Phones coming with Helio P60 such as Realme 1, Oppo F9 Pro and Nokia 5.1 Plus have performed well according to mid-range phones. Now to see how the Realme U1 coming with the P70 performs well in terms of power saving and performance. The phone has performed average in a few days' usage. However, it is yet to be tried by using it extensively.

Design: In terms of design, the phone seems like the same as Realme 2 Pro. The same Dewdrop Notch display has been given on its front. Its rear panel is glossy and reflexive, which gives an attractive look to the phone. The phone is available in 3 colors - Ambitious Black, Brave Blue and Fiery Gold. Because of Drewdrop Notch, the phone's screen to body ratio is up to about 90 percent, which gives full visual display experience. It has a 6.3 inch FHD + display. Overall phone is slightly bigger but according to me the phone is Handy. However, some people may have trouble handling phones with one hand. The U1 has a single speaker but it gives fine audio. 2 Nano SIM can be used in the phone. Apart from this, the phone has a separate MicroSD card slot. The phone also has a U1 3.5mm headphone jack.

Front camera: With the processor, the big me of Realme U1 includes its front camera. It has a 25MP Front Facing Sensor. It is designed to give Sharp image results in any lighting condition. In Indoor we took some selfie, which resulted in good results. Color details in the image, sharpness was. However, there is a glimpse of over-processing on the photos, but still we would not want to reduce the number of front camera numbers.

Realme U1 also has a dual rear camera on the rear. The rear camera is 13MP + 2MP. Slo-motion will also be available in this phone which will also be available soon in Realme 2 Pro. The video quality of its rear camera took an average of some days of use, which can be called right by the range. However, its camera can only be said in the detail review.

What is lacking? (Cons)

Old OS: The Company has given the Android Orion by not giving the latest Android 9 in the phone. In this case we have been a little disappointed. But most of the other smartphones coming in this range are also in the same condition. Realme is providing timely updates in its other smartphones. It is expected that this phone will also get an update of Android 9 Pie soon.

Battery: The phone comes with 3500 mAh battery. Keeping in mind the larger display, we expected a bigger battery. In this case the phone disappoints slightly. However, the new chip-set helps in increasing the phone power efficiency in this case. Even if a large battery was provided, the phone could have a good package.

Our decision: The phone is offering quite a good offer in the budget range. With the selfie centric phone, the device comes with a robust processor. It can be called good combination according to the demand of the users.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Top Selfie Smartphone List in 2016

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Top Selfie Smartphone List in 2016
Now market trend consumer demand more innovative selfie device camera available. Most of smartphone manufacturing company best selfie capture facility provided.  Now a day’s image capture is important part of our daily life. User selfie craze everyone known that reason most of brands provided name with selfie phone. Some of superb selfie output listed.

Apple iPhone 7

Now upgrading new front facing camera 7 MP with f/2.2 capture. Also image pixel more natural to set auto stabilization and video steaming on 4K Ultra HD video recording. Gamut color system law quality image more naturally way output capture image.  So you can never compliant about low quality image. Capture image with optical zooming and tap for different magnification. Next generation selfie lens more natural way capture image.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung galaxy note 7 5 MP front face camera very reliable and smoothly working. It provided best moment capture for life event, musical party and any kind of event best way memorial event. Most of powerful feature auto focus, happy face capture image, color adjustment with capture image custom background setup perfect slot. Now latest 4K video technology support. Compare of iPhone 7 every corner similar output on selfie camera.  You can capture your image slow motion to take batter capture and take more time for reliable capture image.

Oppo F1s Selfie Expert

In market available camera oppo F1a 13 MP front face camera. Company primary focus for selfie that reason which name selfie expert. Oppo industry leading imaging chip. The large and depth capture exceptionally clear image.  Oppo is one of the growing Chinese companies.

Gionee F103 Pro

Another one Chinese company “Gionee” selfie pro smartphone “Gionee F103” pro 5 MP smart selfie shooter. High-resolution capture image with including inbuilt selfie support feature to lunch. This mobile cost efficient with innovative all feature available.

HTC Desire Eye

HTC desire eye 13 MP front face camera and front camera excellent selfie output. If smartphone craze for selfie, HTC desire is suitable for selfie user because capture image with high resolution video recording also.  HTC desire stunning design anyone attract for this model. Just not talk about selfie any other features anyone like. Selfie image quality is standard format.

Xperia C5 Ultra

Xperia C5 Ultra best moment both camera provide high quality capture image. 13 MP front face camera and selfie flash.  Many new innovative selfie sensor help amazing output compare of other selfie smartphone. Full HD video recording, image stabilizations and Selfie flash.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime

In this device 5MP front snapper selfie camera to capture best selfie lovers.  Front 2.2 F aperture with front camera click splendid images. In 2016 one of the good choice for selfie lovers because selfie camera excellent image output. Both camera advance CMOS sensor technology attach to make image batter resolutions.

Asus Zeonfone 3

Asus Zenfone 3 comes with 8MP front facing snapper camera with digital zoom. Front selfie flash capture beautiful and crisp image. Both camera Dual flash helps outstanding image capture both camera.