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Thursday, 17 May 2018

OnePlus 6 Launch in India on 17 May

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OnePlus 6 Launch in India on 17 May

The launch of the OnePlus 6 event in Mumbai has started today. OnePlus 6 is one of the 2018 phones that the users are eagerly waiting for. OnePlus is organizing the launch event of OnePlus 6 on May 17 in Mumbai separately. In this event, the company can tell about OnePlus 6 of price and availability in India.

These offers of Idea: Idea Cellular has offered an exclusive offer to its customers before the phone's retail availability. Under the offer, Idea Postpaid customers will receive a cashback of Rs 2000. This cashback will get up to 20 billing cycles per month as a discount of 100 rupees. With this, the company is offering 10GB additional data on the 499 plan for the 20 months every month. Not only will the 10GB extra data on OnePlus 6, the tariff plan get reduced to 399 rupees per month for 20 months. In addition to tariff benefits, Idea Cellular is also offering device protection for 4 months.

Additional offers: On OnePlus 6, you get a discount of Rs 2,000 for transcribing through SBI Credit or Debit Card. This plan will be applicable for one week of start. At the same time, no Cost EMI users will get offers up to 3 months. OnePlus is offering 12 more offers along with Accidental Damage Insurance Offer. These include a video gift card of Rs 250 and a discount of up to Rs 500 on eBooks on Amazon.

OnePlus 6 will come in three variants: According to the reports, OnePlus 6 will come in three variants. These will include models of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB models. The 64 GB phone will be priced at 3,299 yuan (about Rs 34,090), while the 128 GB model will cost 3,799 yuan (about Rs 39,256). The price of the 256 GB variant will be 4,399 yuan (around Rs 45,456). So starting price in 34,000 to 45,000.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Reliance Jio "Infocomm Headquarters" - Headquarter at Navi Mumbai

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Reliance Jio "Infocomm Headquarters" - Headquarter at Navi Mumbai
At present, the country has the most popular brand or name of Reliance Jio, just a 6-month short-term Mukesh Ambani, India and across the world to earn his own name, wide ranging from 4G Service Project. Every day comes with has been the target of other companies by launching a bumper and compelling 4G plans.  Reliance Jio 4g chairman “Mukesh Ambani” to announce cheapest 4 G plan to remarkable or target other telecom industry. Mukesh Ambani Reliance Jio Infocomm welcome offer , Happy New Year after Summer Surprise Offer ane Dhana Dhan 4G offer announced to attract   consumer. Most of consumer knows about only 4G related schemes no other activity like Jio 4G office infrastructure and employee. How employee work in 4G office. Here some brief detail about head quarter in Mumbai Infocomm.

 Jio 4G biggest project so far Reliance Telecom Service...
According to - media reports, this cost has been about more than Rs 21 billion.

How Ambani is the biggest project in the office...
- 'Reliance Jio Infocomm' office is being considered to be the largest ever built by the Mumbai office for Reliance to Reliance Park.
- each office building is glass, the campus lawn, guest house and hotel.
- There are only 15 thousand employees are working on Jio project.

Office is once a week, Mukesh Ambani helicopter...
Reliance Jio hall of the campus have been placed for each product displays.
Including e-payment mechniziam, music streaming app, messaging app, Jio sleek smartphone.
According to media reports, the office is by Mukesh Ambani chopper once a week.
His son with the project heads Mukesh Ambani Akash and Isha work.
The sky is the building project, Head of Strategy, working with 20 other heads of its six

DWP Interics Jio has a design office...
The company has a design office DWP Interacts of Reliance Jio.
Geo Office is spread over 1.2 million square feet spread Navi Mumbai.

Reliance Jio not partition inlaid office workers, open office

Mukesh Ambani Xiao working in office

Reliance Jio not partition inlaid office workers, open office

15 thousand employees are working in the office or on Jio Project

Downing Hall office, meetings cabin, including Canteen facilities available

Reliance Jio Head Office Inside

Jio is the office e-payment mechechnizam, music streaming app, messaging app, Xiao Jio smartphone display project

Here rested the glass every building

Reliance Corporate Park in the office of Jio

Reliance Jio Lawn office, the Guest House and Hotel

Dhirubhai Ambani message on the office walls inlaid