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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Top leading Career Opportunities in the field of Information Technology

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Top leading Career Opportunities in the field of Information Technology

In today’s world, 90% of the people and organization are highly dependent on the technologies, software’s and hardware’s etc. All these needs of the business world and society are fulfilled by the IT people; they make the best technologies, to provide an appropriate solution to people or organizations. IT workers play a very crucial role in any organization.

If a company relies on Mobile phones, internet connectivity, technologies then, the chances are that there’s an IT professional behind it all making sure the cogs in the machine function properly. IT field is a broad and advanced field that offers enormous growth and wealth of opportunities. In this, there is number of different career options are available for the candidates to choose from.

Here are some leading career options and fields:

       Software Engineer: the software we run on our mobile phones and personal computers, we use for our office work all are designed by the software engineers. They work in every industry and provide a possible solution to their clients. This field is best for the applicants who have good interest in coding and there is a huge scope for the candidates.

   Information Technology Engineer: IT professional engineers are dealing with the technology and other aspects of managing and processing the information, in the large, small or medium-sized organization.

     Mobile Application Developer: According to research the use of mobile tech will exceed at a rapid pace in near future due to the dependency on IT technologies. Everyone run mobile applications on their mobile phones and the demand of new applications is on rising in the market which increases the career opportunities to many young candidates. Candidates can also go in this field to get a successful future.

     Health IT specialist: healthcare It specialist people maintain and repair the IT system within a healthcare industry including computers, server, and networks. One can also work with medical coding software’s to create and maintain patient files and to maintain the database etc.

      IT consultant: This is one of the most demanding and highly paid career options. As an IT consultant, you need to work with your clients and you are responsible to advise them how to use Information technology in order to meet the business goals and to find the solution of all problems. They work to improve the work performance of any organization. They can earn higher wage even at any small organization.

  Cloud Architect: Cloud computing is the newest and the latest technology that also increases the chances of employment for many candidates. Every organization adopts cloud technologies for the proper functioning of the organization. They are responsible for deploying overseeing a company’s cloud computing strategy. Cloud architects oversee application architecture and deployment in cloud environments.

These are some leading career options in which one can start their career. Making a career in IT is challenging yet rewarding, you can get lots of benefits by doing work in IT industry like excellent pay scale, fast growth, better work environment and many more things.

There is a huge requirement of the candidates in IT industry. Every day lots of IT jobs vacancies offered by the top companies like HCL, Wipro, and TCS etc. Choose best career field for you and make your dream come true by becoming part of any big IT or MNC company.

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Khushboo Setiya is an online media enthusiast and a blogger who closely follows the latest Career Guidance and Job trends In India and online marketing trends. She writes about various related topics such as job opportunity in India, Career Topics, Job Search and much more.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Good News for Indian IT Outsourcing Firm – H1-B Visa Safe in 2017

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Good News for Indian IT Outsourcing Firm – H1-B Visa Safe in 2017
India’s most of IT sector depending outsources have some worried about in 2017 bingo for the H1-B newcorner for IT developer, worker and student visa, the country's officials announced after current tour to Washington. Next year some another story or publication for visa rules.

Indian Information technology leading companies TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Aegis limited, and Tech Mahindra are mostly dependent on the regular work of software developers in India. Most of IT developers age below 35 years for working in US for 3 years. A few in the Indian influences group in Washington call the H1-B the "most toxic" visa on Capitol Hill.  The visa is often deplored by American IT workers who say they are being exchanged by youth, foreign engineers willing to work for less. Talking about IT sector providing 70 % of the visa to divide half of the visa software outsourcing according to US Citizenship and Immigration Services which manages the visa petitions.

Indian government legally announced are in Washington campaign on behalf of their Software outsourcing recent.

"There was a perception that there is identify of the providing of the Indian tech offshore.  They are apprehensive with the immigration problem...most of suffers are unique reason," Indian Commerce Secretary Rita Teoatia told news reports at a news announce in Washington. Her observe recommend that she was given encourage of the visa's in 2017, but not encourage on how Indian continental would be served under extensiving immigration reform laws expected to come under President Trump.

The Software field for roughly support on 9% of India GDP.  Software sector create up 15% of the MSCI India equity index. The IT services market is a crucial part of India-U.S. community. Companies like Infosys derive more than half of their annual, global revenue from the US.

H1-B visas users are recognized by larger number of jackpot system.  Critic of growing the visa pool assert that the visa, outlined to bring workers with additional skills are now being misused to keep a secure workflow of IT developers in USA with often at the damage of American born workers and recent computer engineers degrees. Advocate of the visa tell that it guide them find global talent and bring them to states where that flair pool is much not bigger than it is in high tech states like Silicon Valley and Boston. The USCIS also renews visa form for another three years. The government agency says it doesn’t know how many H1-B visa containers are employed in the U.S. at this time. Severally 3 lakh petitions are organize yearly base to forward in foreign workers.

The Leading newspaper in India “TOI” reported that Teoatia met with Commerce Secretary William Ross and members of congress to debate the visa part of the services trend which supports the American economy to be more aggressive.

US President Donald Trump told he likes to conduct in the "Top future" and improve migration act to a more merit-based system. This would propose that the H1-B is not as toxic as some in India trust. Still, immigration attorneys predict an ultimate securing of the previous policies, which essential the Indian IT sector to get batter proof that they can’t hire an US based citizen jobs.

In January, Iowa Republican Charles Grassley start a bill in the law creator to batter or improve the present H-1B and L1 work visas that needs proof that the new foreign hire is not replacing an American citizen within 6 months foregoing and after the hire. In particular legislation, two congressional leaders -- House Republican Darrel Issa and Democrat Zoe Lofgren, both of California -- are also examining salary minimums. Median salaries for H1-B visa holders in 2016 was around $77,000, according to USCIS.

And on March 2, a bipartisan group of four lower house members, including Silicon Valley Democratic counselor Ro Khanna, started their own version of the Senate bill.

"We have experienced, high-tech master here in America. Many are jobless and carrying the debt of advanced degrees. Some businesses, by 'in-sourcing' and utilizing USA workers, are abusing the visa systems – damaging our workforce to cut the rewards," says New Jersey Democrat Bill Pascrell, one of the bill's authors. “Abusing the visa system to get more friendly labor hurts the American second class and is something I can’t accept. The complicate reforms in this bill will take American workers and generate protection against the exploitation of visa workers."

A day after, USCIS outside with a note telling that 2018 H1-B applications were being not permanently removed. This doesn't mean there will be no H1-B visas processed in 2018. The government is going to catch up with action classic applications and is removing premium processing starting on April 3. The delay is good for as long as six months and means no new appeals may be organized in that session. Most attorney start their filings in September. Applications are due end of March.

"There's been a peaceful group hardness for the expansion of the visa service even previous US president under Obama, but there is not a lot of congressional support," says Gregory Palakow, a partner and chair of Archer’s Immigration and Homeland Security Group. "I don't expect new US president Donald Trump to knee-cap H1-B, but I don't await an expansion either. And if we find legislations that the IT outsourcing companies are rejecting American workers to hire foreign ones then we will have a big problem, but no one has actually showed closely at that. Maybe if someone can impact Trump on immigration reform and he accepts the argument that these skilled workers are good for the U.S., then you'll see an expansion."