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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

OnePlus 7 may have triple rear camera with big screen display

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OnePlus 7 may have triple rear camera with big screen display

OnePlus recently launched its latest flagship smartphone OnePlus 6T. At the same time, its Thunder Purple Variant has also been launched. If seen, OnePlus 6T has not been long enough to launch and now Lexus about OnePlus 7 has started coming in. According to the new leaks, the company will completely remove the Nokia in its upscale smartphone.

OnePlus 7 Features:

The company is preparing to remove the Nokia system from its smartphones. The company has given its traditional knock in OnePlus 6. At the same time, Water drop is given in 6T. According to the new leaks now, the OnePlus 7 will have an in-display front camera. At the top of the phone there will be a cutout in the middle which will be for the front camera. At the same time, according to some other reports, the OPPO R19 can be the first smartphone equipped with in-display front camera.

OnePlus 7 will have the optic AMOLED full HD screen. It also has a screen-to-body ratio of 95 percent. It has the same camera module as the OnePlus 6T. However, there will be another sensor in it. It has 24 megapixels, 12 megapixels and 8 megapixel camera on its rear panel. Apart from this, the 24-megapixel front camera will also be present. 4150 MAH battery can be given for power transmission.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Xiaomi Mi A1 vs. Honor 7x – Which One Real Winner?

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Xiaomi Mi A1 vs. Honor 7x – Which One Real Winner?
Very affordable price segment of 10,000 to 15,000 rupees in Indian smartphone market is extremely important. Currently the Xiaomi Mi A1 and Honor 7x are a very popular smartphone. Plus Point Stock Android software and Powerful hardware of Xiaomi Ai 1 While Honor 7x is extremely attractive in the X-look. Know both the phones plus and minus points.

Appearance & Style

Appearance looks like Honor 7X, Xiaomi I Stylish than 1A.
Honor 7X is currently a popular 18: 9 aspect ratio.
Honor 7X has 5.93 inch full HD display.
Xiaomi Mei A1 has a 5.5-inch Full HD display.
Both phones are metal unibody.
Both phones have dual rear cameras and fingerprint sensors in the rear portion.
7x in Look & Design, Xiaomi Mie is more than 1 lucrative.

Winner - Honor 7X


Honey has an Octa Core 659 processor in Honor 7X.
Xiaomi Mi A1 has a Snapdragon 625 processor.
Both phones have 4 GB RAM.
There are two versions of Honor 7x 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage. Wherever I get 64 GB  internal storage is available.
Both phones come with a hybrid dual sim slot. A microSD card can be set up to 128 GB in the Mi1, while a 7x microSD card can be set up to 256 GB in Honor 7X.
It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi M1 is USB Type C in 1. While Honor 7X has a Microscope port.
Xiaomi is the infrared transmitter in the 1st 1st. Which will help you control the household's electronic devices.

Winner : Xiaomi Mei A1


There is a lot of difference between the two phones in this regard.
Hoona's Custom EMU 5.1 on Android 7.0 Nuga in Honor 7X.
On-line customization options, but there are many unwavering apps in it.
On the other hand, Xiaomi M1 is part of Google's Android One program.
The phone is guaranteed to receive software and security updates for two years.
Xiaomi Mei 1 stock gives Android Expressions.
Better Software Experience, Support and Update Guarantee Xiaomi Mea 1 is a Winner.

Winner: Xiaomi Mei A1


Powerful hardware is used in both phones, but the performance of the I1 in different benchmark tests is better than 7X.
Even in the graphics benchmark, the M1A is very much ahead. If you like to play a game on mobile, M1 is a good option.
In Honor 7X even if Maii has more than 1 battery but Xiaomi M1 1 battery life is good.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi A1


Both smartphones have dual rear cameras.
Honor 7x has a 2-megapixel depth sensor with a 16-megapixel primary sensor.
On the other hand, Mi A1 has a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and another 12-megapixel telephoto lens.
Xiaomi Me 1 has a 5 megapixel front camera, while Honor 7X has an 8 megapixel selfie camera.
In most tastings, Xiaomi M1 is a winner in this category.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi A1

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Best Camera Phones in Future

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Best Camera Phones in Future
In this generation where we have varieties of products in the market, the task of getting a good mobile phone with a quality camera might be a problem and it won’t be very easy recognizing a good mobile phone, since most phones have similar features and benefits. You can choose between a brand new mobile and refurbished mobiles. All of this recent mobile phones come with a lot of features, such as spacious memory space, high battery capacity, camera, good operating system, these are some of the features that make a mobile phone outstanding, amidst all of this, so many phones have great features, but we would be reviewing the top five mobile phone cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung galaxy S8 is a promising phone that has a good camera quality and no wonder it’s already a favorite in the market, it features includes a 12 mega pixel camera module and a new multi frame image processing that enables the mobile phone to have a better performance when taking pictures in a low light setting and HDR photography, the front camera now has a 8 mega pixel resolution, when compared to the older version that has a 5 mega pixel resolution. The camera has an aperture of about f/2.8 56mm and a zoom lens that provides a 2x optical zoom.

Google Pixel
          This camera phone has so many features amongst which are a high dynamic range mode that makes it a wonderful experience to take snapshots of landscapes and sunny days, the camera as a good exposure of the foreground and the background, thanks  to the Pixel and Pixel XL's HDR+ mode.

IPhone 7
          It is a new camera that is introduced to the apple phone family, the phone has a bright color effect that makes it special from other types of iPhone products, it has 12 mega pixels that make clarity of picture outstanding, the optical image stabilization ensures that when taking snapshots, the image to be taken is really stabilized, as there is an auto focus mechanism that make this a reality. The iPhone 7 makes use of two cameras in the rear of the phone, the purpose of this is to give the privilege of zooming as one can switch between the two rear cameras. The iPhone 7 also has a fixture that can blur the background but can still keep the subject in question focused. 

Huawei P9 
 It is an amazing product that has a dual camera at the rear, each camera consists of 12 mega pixel resolution, though this camera aren’t identical, but when they work together they give a good snapshot with a phase detection auto-focus that enable it have a standard picture quality, the front camera is of 5 mega pixels.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Top Selfie Smartphone List in 2016

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Top Selfie Smartphone List in 2016
Now market trend consumer demand more innovative selfie device camera available. Most of smartphone manufacturing company best selfie capture facility provided.  Now a day’s image capture is important part of our daily life. User selfie craze everyone known that reason most of brands provided name with selfie phone. Some of superb selfie output listed.

Apple iPhone 7

Now upgrading new front facing camera 7 MP with f/2.2 capture. Also image pixel more natural to set auto stabilization and video steaming on 4K Ultra HD video recording. Gamut color system law quality image more naturally way output capture image.  So you can never compliant about low quality image. Capture image with optical zooming and tap for different magnification. Next generation selfie lens more natural way capture image.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung galaxy note 7 5 MP front face camera very reliable and smoothly working. It provided best moment capture for life event, musical party and any kind of event best way memorial event. Most of powerful feature auto focus, happy face capture image, color adjustment with capture image custom background setup perfect slot. Now latest 4K video technology support. Compare of iPhone 7 every corner similar output on selfie camera.  You can capture your image slow motion to take batter capture and take more time for reliable capture image.

Oppo F1s Selfie Expert

In market available camera oppo F1a 13 MP front face camera. Company primary focus for selfie that reason which name selfie expert. Oppo industry leading imaging chip. The large and depth capture exceptionally clear image.  Oppo is one of the growing Chinese companies.

Gionee F103 Pro

Another one Chinese company “Gionee” selfie pro smartphone “Gionee F103” pro 5 MP smart selfie shooter. High-resolution capture image with including inbuilt selfie support feature to lunch. This mobile cost efficient with innovative all feature available.

HTC Desire Eye

HTC desire eye 13 MP front face camera and front camera excellent selfie output. If smartphone craze for selfie, HTC desire is suitable for selfie user because capture image with high resolution video recording also.  HTC desire stunning design anyone attract for this model. Just not talk about selfie any other features anyone like. Selfie image quality is standard format.

Xperia C5 Ultra

Xperia C5 Ultra best moment both camera provide high quality capture image. 13 MP front face camera and selfie flash.  Many new innovative selfie sensor help amazing output compare of other selfie smartphone. Full HD video recording, image stabilizations and Selfie flash.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime

In this device 5MP front snapper selfie camera to capture best selfie lovers.  Front 2.2 F aperture with front camera click splendid images. In 2016 one of the good choice for selfie lovers because selfie camera excellent image output. Both camera advance CMOS sensor technology attach to make image batter resolutions.

Asus Zeonfone 3

Asus Zenfone 3 comes with 8MP front facing snapper camera with digital zoom. Front selfie flash capture beautiful and crisp image. Both camera Dual flash helps outstanding image capture both camera.