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Friday, 7 September 2018

Spy Applications: Need of the Day

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Spy Applications: Need of the Day

The spy applications for mobile phones and computers have been playing significant role since their conception. These apps have enabled the users to supervise the smartphone, tablet and computer use of someone else without getting access to their devices. Do you know you can monitor and control the Android phones of your kids? The computer activities and workplace conversations of your workers can be monitored from anywhere and anytime. You can catch your cheating partner red-handed by getting his smartphone installed with the spy software. All this and many other things have become possible with the development of spy apps. Read on to know how a spy app facilitates the user in this digital age.

Child Monitoring

Generally, the spy apps are intended for parents to keep tabs on the cell phone activities of their children. The excessive and unbridled use of mobile phones among teens has made it challenging for parents to protect their kids from the threats prevailing in the digital world. The spy app enables parents to monitor almost every activity of their kids performed on smartphones, social media platforms and the internet. It enables them to secure their kids from bullies, predators, scammers, catfishes, pedophiles, sex offenders and online criminals.

Employee Monitoring

The computer and cell phone spy enables entrepreneurs to track the productivity of the workers and eliminate unproductive processes and malicious activities in the workplace. The spy app lets you know what you worker is doing in real-time and what activities is he performing on the company-owned personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It prevents your working staff from killing their working hours on unproductive things and mishandling of company data and assets.  

Spouse Monitoring

The surveillance app enables married individuals to keep tabs on the online and offline activities of their partners to get clues of infidelity. You can track messages, calls, emails, photos, videos and even GPS location of your cheating partner to get strong evidence of wrongdoing. Meanwhile, monitoring helps you to strengthen your relationship by protecting your partner from the potential dangers in the real and digital world.

What Can A Spy App Do?

There are more than a few monitoring and spy apps rightly available letting the users to track computer and mobile phones of someone else. We have penned down here the core features of TheOneSpy tracking app to let you understand the functioning of a spyware app.

Spy on Social Media Apps

Monitoring of social networking apps is of great importance for parents, employers and spouses. The Android phone monitoring app allows spying on popular social media apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Vine, Tumblr, Telegram, Hike, Zalo, IMO and Yahoo messenger. You can get access to the messages, photos, videos and voice recordings exchanged via these instant and social messengers.

Spy on Messages

The cell phone surveillance app lets you spy on text messages, instant messages, multimedia messages, iMessages, one-on-one and group chats. It syncs the incoming and outgoing messages and creates an online backup of these messages for the end-user of the spy app.

Call Recording

The iPhone and Android monitoring app enables the end-user to track the phone calls of the target. It records all incoming and outgoing phone calls and accesses the call logs to enable the user to listen to these calls remotely and get the contact detail of the callers and recipients.

Surround Monitoring

The spy application does not just allow tracking the activities performed on the monitored device but it also enables the end-user to monitor happenings in the surroundings of the targeted mobile or computer device. It lets you operate front and back cameras of the monitored cell phone and computer to take photos and make videos of the surroundings. It also lets you turn on the microphone of the targeted device to listen to the nearby voices and sounds. 

View Internet History

The tracking software lets you access the internet browsing history of the targeted computer and cell phone. It shows the website URLs and bookmarks to let you track the internet activities of the target.

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That is not all. The spy app offers innumerable other features to enable parents and employers to track the online and offline activities of the target without breaking the bank.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Xiaomi Poco F1 Launch With Snapdragon 845 SOC Starting at Rs 20,999

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Xiaomi Poco F1 Launch With Snapdragon 845 SOC Starting at Rs 20,999

Xiaomi Poco F1 was launched today in India. This Flipkart Exclusive Smartphone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SOC Chipset Processor. The company had already informed about some of the features of this smartphone via Twitter. The company is going to enter the premium segment through this smartphone.

The excellent features of this smartphone is that it is made under the make in India campaign. Along with this, India's first 4G + network has been a smartphone supporting smartphone. The first cell of this smartphone will start on August 29, 12 at the official site of Flipkart and Xiaomi. Come on, know about the main features of this smartphone

Xiaomi Poco F1-processor and battery

Xiaomi Poco F1 has a 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The speed of its processor is 2.8 GHz. Water cooling technology has been used with the processor, which keeps the phone processor cool. The impact of the phone is affected due to its performance. The phone has Qualcomm Adreno 630 GPU. 4G + strong networks have been supported in the phone. Powerful 4,000 mAh battery is given in the phone. According to the company's claim, the battery life of the phone is great. You can play games continuously for 6 hours. Also 30 hours 45 minutes of calling time.

Xiaomi Poco F1-Camera

The phone has a 20-megapixel selfie camera with an infrared camera and light for face unlock. The dual rear camera is given in the back of the phone. The phone's primary rear camera has been given the 12 megapixel Sony IMX363 sensor. The secondary rear camera is given 5 megapixels. Kevlar fiber has been used in the phone body.

Xiaomi Poco F1-Memory

The phone is available in three memory variants 6GB + 64GB, 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256GB memory variants. Memory of the phone can be increased through the microSD card. Launched with the phone hybrid SIM slot. That is, you can either use dual SIM or use a SIM card and a 256 GB memory card.

Xiaomi Poco F1 - a special kind of user interface

The phone has a brand new MIUI that supports Poco Launcher. The phone comes with Android OSO 8.1 operating system. At the end of the year, there will be an Android 9.0 update. Several unique features have been provided in the phone's interface. In which you can also hide the application according to your own. Apart from this, the app can search by color. Plus you can also grouping apps. Fingerprint sensor in the phone is given in the back panel of the phone.

Xiaomi Poco F1- Prices and offers

The phone has been launched in three color variants Graphite Black, Steel Blue and Ross Red. The phone's 6GB + 64GB RAM variant costs Rs 20,999. The price of the 6GB + 128GB memory variant is Rs. 23,999 and the 8GB + 256GB memory variant is priced at Rs. 28,999. The phone is launched with another Armored Edition, which costs Rs 29,999. This edition has 8GB + 256GB RAM. The company has also launched some accessories along with the phone. An instant cashback of Rs 1,000 will be given to the HDFC card users with the phone. Apart from this, Reliance Geo users will be given a cashback of Rs. 8,000 and high speed data of 6TB.

This smartphone will be the direct competitor to India's most popular premium smartphone OnePlus 6T.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

It’s not rocket science to Recover Deleted Files from your Android Phone’s Internal Memory

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It’s not rocket science to Recover Deleted Files from your Android Phone’s Internal Memory

Android-based devices, particularly, Android phones have taken the world by storm. So why to lose hope when it comes to the matters related to data loss? You have got the professional data recovery support to help you recover the deleted files from Android Phone. All you need to do is refine your search and be selective in choosing the experts out there.

Smartphones have become a crucial part of everyone’s lifestyle given the fact that they actually turn the routine life into an exciting journey. According to the latest Gardner data, Androids, to be specific, hold about 86.2 percent of the worldwide smartphone operating system market. In the coming years, androids alone will be able to conquer the telecommunication sector.

Based on a modified Linux operating system, androids have been developed to make your lifestyle easier; they are designed for the touchscreen devices like tablets. However, the need of the hour is an android smartphone – the demand of which is dramatically rising. Android phones expose you to a vast range of incredible features.

And although most of the mobile phone users are accustomed to using the external storage devices like SD cards and hard drives to keep their data safe and secure, they tend to overlook the internal storage of their smartphone. If only you belong to this league, it’s time to wake up! It can be quite hard-hitting a fact but recovering data from Android phones is way more difficult than you think.

What causes data loss?

  • ·         Virus Attack/Infection
  • ·         Data Corruption
  • ·         Formatting or Accidental Deletion
  • ·         Disruptions while transferring files to PC or vice-versa
  • ·         Dead Android phone

(Note:  when you are unable to switch on your smartphone – in the dead case scenario, and have a lot of important data saved in its internal memory, none but only the professional data recovery experts would be able to help you recover the lost data).

How to Recover Deleted Files from your Android’s Internal Memory?

Given the fact that your Android phone has your precious moments saved along with some other critical data, you will not want to risk the internal memory card. Internal memory are not like the external storage devices and in dead case it cannot be scanned on the PC using a data recovery software. To recover data from Android phone internal memory, you have to call for professional assistance.

With the data recovery software, you can recover data (If the phone is in operational condition). However, in the matters related to retrieving data from an internal memory when you are not aware about the components, only the data recovery specialists can help. Stellar Data Recovery offers the users – individuals and corporate alike, the professional data recovery solution that is 100% safe and secure. Facilitated by one of the best setups for data recovery, Stellar has emerged as one of the top rated data recovery companies.

When and why should you opt for Stellar Data Recovery Services?

If your data is critical and you want to protect it from any further damage, giving Stellar data recovery experts a chance could land you a win-win. Below, are few reasons to choose – Stellar data recovery service provider to recover data from android internal memory:

  • ·         No Recovery – No Charge
  •         Outstanding Accomplishments and up to 100 percent Success Rate
  • ·         Safe and Secure Data Recovery
  • ·         Stringent dedication to providing Quality Services
  • ·         Fastest Turnaround

Above all, stellar data recovery services have been accepted by numerous individuals, professionals, and even organisations. The trust of the customers has made Stellar the most sought after data recovery service provider across India. To say the least, it has got about 15 convenient locations across the country - the Stellar data recovery specialists are at your disposal to help you resolve your data recovery needs while maintaining complete confidentiality of your files, thus making your android phone recovery a hassle-free process.

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Having said that, here are some of the highly recommended ways to protect your smartphone’s internal memory from damage:

  • Avoid using charger of other brands as it may end up damaging your cell phone's charging portal. This may eventually contemplate with your data.
  • Research well before installing an app or updating your Android version.
  • Leave some internal memory space empty for a smooth sail. Or else, the bad memory management can alone lead to data loss.
  • Use cryogenic mods given by your android phone’s manufacturer or else, you will manage to destroy your Android within months.

Wrapping Up

Bumping into a sudden data loss situation is common nowadays, provided almost everyone has an access to a smartphone/android phone with various significant features. If dealt properly, your android device can have you do your bit using it without a hassle. However, data loss situations occur and you just can’t control it but you can surely recover the deleted files from your android phone’s internal memory, external memory cards, SD cards, hard drives, Windows, and digital cameras.

All you need to do is approach the most trusted professional data recovery service providers out there. Stellar Data Recovery allows the users to restore everything lost due to an event of data disaster.

Monday, 20 August 2018

OnePlus 6T may launch in October, Android 9 With Other Smart Features

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OnePlus 6T may launch in October, Android 9 With Other Smart Features

Upgraded or next flagship of OnePlus 6T can be launched in the smartphone market by October recently in few month later. According to the smartphone market report, this will be the American company T-Mobile Exclusive handset. It is believed that a special version of OnePlus 6T can be launched to optimize the network with T-Mobile. Let us know that Google pixels are also likely to be launched around the same time that OnePlus 6T will be launched.

Price of OnePlus 6T:

OnePlus 6T can be launched at a higher price than previous segment. According to the news, OnePlus 6T could be expensive from OnePlus 6 to $ 20, downgrade variant. The price of OnePlus 6T is expected to be around $ 550 or about 39,000 rupees. OnePlus 6 has a basic range at Rs. 34,999 in India.

OnePlus 6T can have these specifications:

According to smartphone market, this smartphone can offer 6.28 inch full HD + optic AMOLED display. Let's tell you that the OnePlus 6 also has the same display, it means no any differentiate both device. Some reports indicate that in OnePlus 6T, the company can remove the company, which could increase the screen to body ratio. This phone can be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Telling the software, this phone will work on latest Android version 9.0 pie. Also, it is expected to be given two variants. Its first variant will be equipped with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. At the same time, the second variant will be equipped with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. OnePlus 6T is expected to deliver 4000 mAh powerful battery for a smartphone.

In addition, Xiaomi is also preparing to launch its next flagship smartphone Mi8 in India in coming soon. However, the company has not given any official information at which time this phone will be launched in India. According to latest news, the price of this phone is expected to be approximated to Rs 30,000. If this phone launches in this price, then it will get a tough competition from OnePlus 6 and Asus Zenfone 5 Z. It definitely healthy competition both segment because providing same features some minor differentiate.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Vivo Officially lunches Y81 Smartphone with Excellent Look and Features

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Vivo Officially lunches Y81 Smartphone with Excellent Look and Features

Vivo Y81 has been launched confidentially in India. This Vivo smartphone is launched in the budget range with battle war of Nokia feature and the Bezel Lace Display. This Vivo smartphone will also be from Oppo's recently launched budget smartphone Oppo A3s and smartphones at Xiaomi’s mid-budget range. Launched this smartphone with black and gold color options. You can online buy this smartphone exclusively from Amazon and offline stores. Talking about excellent features as below.

Speaking of Vivo’s latest smartphone design or pattern, it has been launched with the Nokia feature and the Bezel Lace Display. The look of this smartphone is largely with Vivo's popular smartphone VivoV9. Talk about this smartphone's display, it has a 6.2-inch full HD Plus display. Whose screen resolution is 1520 x 720, the aspect ratio is 19: 9.

Speaking of the main hardware features of this smartphone, it has been given the MediaTek Helio P22 Octa Processor. Talking about the phone's memory, the phone is available in 32 GB memory storage with 3 GB RAM capacity. The internal memory of the phone can be expended to 256 GB via microSD card. The phone works on the Android Oreo 8.1 operating system and the Fantastic OS user interface. To give power to the phone, 3,260 mAh battery has been given. Fingerprint sensor and face unlock features are also provided in the phone.

Talking about the camera features of the phone, the 13-megapixel rear camera with LED flash is given. Talk about the phone's selfie camera, it has a 5 megapixel selfie camera. The rear and self-camera cameras are aperture f / 2.2. Speaking of other connectivity features of the phone, the phone is equipped with 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, Micro USB port, 3.5mm jack etc.

Talking about the display features of this smartphone, it has a 6.2-inch HD plus IPS LCD display, which has an uneven aspect ratio of 19: 9. Talking about the smartphone processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 SOC processor has been given in it. Talking about the phone's camera, it has 13 megapixels and a 2 megapixel dual rear camera. At the same time, it has an 8 megapixel camera for selfie. Artificial Intelligence Beauty 2.0 features are also offered in its selfie camera. The phone works on Android Oreo 8.1 operating system. Fingerprint reader or scanner is not given in the phone. To give power to the phone, a battery of 4,230 mAh is provided. The phone is available in Amazon and Flipkart in Dark Purple and Red Variants.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Xiaomi Mi A2 has a Launch with Highlight Features

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Xiaomi Mi A2 has a Launch with Highlight Features

China's smart phone maker company Xiaomi has launched its Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite globally. Both of these handsets have been introduced with a metal unibody design. The Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite’s USB Type-C, 7.3mm thickness and 2.5D Gorilla Glass 5 are their main features. Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite will be offered in Gold, Blue and Black color variants. The battery of both phones is optimized using AI which claims to have a 1 day battery life. Phones will get updates of Google's new navigation system with the next software.

Talk about variants of Mi A2 and price, then the price of 4 GB RAM and 32 GB storage variant is 249 Euro, which is around 20,000 rupees. At the same time, the price of 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage variants is 279 euros, which is around 22,500 rupees and 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage variants are priced at 349 Euro, which is around 28,000 rupees. At the same time, Mi A2 Lite has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage variant worth 179 Euro, which is around 14,500 rupees. At the same time, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage variants. The price is 229 euros ie 18,500 rupees. Both phones will start selling in France on July 27, Spain on 10 August and Italy in August 8. Xiaomi has claimed that Mi A2 will be launched in India. But Mi A2 Lite will not be launched in India.

Mi A2 has a 12 megapixel primary camera with f / 1.75 aperture, Sony IMX486 sensor and 1.25-micron pixel size. Also, a 20-megapixel secondary camera is provided with the Sony IMX376 sensor, f / 1.75 aperture and 2-micron 4-in-1 super pixels. Apart from this, the AI-based 20-megapixel front camera is also available. Its front camera aperture f / 1.75 and 1 is equipped with Sony IMX376 sensor. This phone will come with Google lens integration. Apart from this, the Bokeh effect is an important feature of the camera.


This phone is a rebranded version of Mi 6X. It has a 5.99 inch display. Its pixel resolution is 1080X2160 and Aspect ratio is 18: 9. This phone works on Octa-Core Snapdragon 660 processor with 4 2.2 GHz course and 4 1.8 GHz course. It has an LPDDR4x RAM up to 6 GB. In addition, up to 128 GB internal storage is also provided. Its internal memory cannot be extended. This phone works on Android 8.1 Oreo. This is part of the Android One program. For connectivity, the phone is equipped with features such as Dual 4G, VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS and USB Type-C port. To give power to the phone, 3010 mAh battery is provided with QuickC are 3.0.


This phone has a 5.84 inch Nokia display, which has an aspect ratio of 19: 9. For photography it has a 12-megapixel and 5-megapixel AI based dual rear camera. This phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. It has 3 GB and 4 GB of RAM. At the same time, 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage has been provided. Its internal storage can be increased to 256 GB via microSD card. There is also a 4000 mAh battery. This phone is part of the Android One program. In such a case, it will get an update soon

Monday, 23 July 2018

Sony Xperia XZ3 and Xiaomi Mi A2 Latest features leaked

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Sony Xperia XZ3 and Xiaomi Mi A2 Latest features leaked

Sony Xperia latest flagship XZ3 and Xiaomi Mi A2 have already leaked before the launch of the features. Xiaomi Mi A2 will be launching tomorrow globally. However, there is currently no official information available about when the Sony Xperia XZ3 will launch. According to media reports, this smartphone can be launched globally in Berlin on August 30. Its specification are leaked to an online portal in the UK. Let's know what these two smartphones can have extra features.

Talking about the unique features of this smartphone, the 5.7-inch full HD display can be given. Whose resolution can be 2160x1080 Speaking of the aspect ratio of the screen, it can be 18: 9. Apart from this, it can be announced in 6 GB RAM and 64 GB memory different. Talking about the phone processor, the Snapdragon 845 processor can be given in it. Putting about the camera, the phone can have 19 megapixels and 12 megapixel dual rear camera. Right now, there is currently no information available about the phone's selfie camera. Powerful 3,240 mAh battery can be given in the phone.

Talking of the features of this smartphone, the 5.99-inch full HD Plus screen can be given in the phone, whose resolution will be 1080 × 2160 pixels. Talking about this smartphone's processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor can be given in it. The phone can be loaded with 4 GB of RAM, three memory variants in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Talking about the smartphone's camera, the dual camera can be given in its back, with 12 megapixels primary and 12 megapixel secondary camera. A 20-megapixel camera can be given for selfie. Talking about the other features of this smartphone, it can offer 3010 mAh of powerful battery. Along with this, the phone will support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, USB and fast charging.

Potential price of Xiaomi Mi A2

Speaking of the value of this smartphone, its 32 GB variant will be launched at CHF 289 (about Rs. 20,000), 64 GB variants in CHF 329 (approx. 22,800) and 128 GB variants at CHF 369 (approx. 25,600). Could.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Xiaomi Powerful Processor Snapdragon 845 Flagship Lunch in Indian Market

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Xiaomi Powerful Processor Snapdragon 845 Flagship Lunch in Indian Market

Xiaomi is reputedly exploring on ‘Beryllium’ flagship smartphone with Snapdragon 845, grooved-screen.

When Xiaomi present its flagship Mi 8 series in past month, it was await that Indian market — one of its most aggressive markets, will get at least one of the flagship reproductions. The Mi 8 boasts of flagship-grade hardware with latest and modish smartphone lookup, thereby creating it an ethical option to the OnePlus 6 and ASUS Zenfone 5z. However, it shows that Xiaomi has other idea for the Indian market as stream suggest a various flagship Xiaomi handset from the Mi 8 series that's scheduled to hit the Indian markets soon.

The people at XDA forums have grasped their hands on Xiaomi firmware files, which contains some critical information about Xiaomi’s feature flagship smartphone for the Indian trend. Presently carrying a codename of Beryllium, the smartphone is await to be an Indian exclusive. It will be developed around latest Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 845procedure, which is powering the Mi 8 and the Mi MIX 2S. The handset has been search to run the today version of MIUI 10 Beta ROM, specifying that it will start up with MIUI 10 stable ROM.

Further working into the firmware files conduct out that the remarkable Xiaomi flagship will pastime an LCD screen with a mark christened on top. It will sport a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, indicating that it could trip on the 3D facial recognition from the Mi 8 Explorer Edition. Dual cameras would be available for the rear unit. And, the star feature for this device could be the huge 4000 mAh battery, which means Xiaomi target it for the mass market customers.


It could be possible that this device could be Xiaomi’s Mi 8i, deal with the Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE occur as different products in China. This secret Xiaomi hardware could end up breaking the cover sometime in October for the Indian market, suddenly acting as the successor to last year’s Mi MIX 2. Expect the pricing to be under Rs 30,000, with Xiaomi aiming to eat a share of ASUS Zenfone 5z and Honor 10’s territory.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

NEX S vs. Galaxy S9 Plus vs. P20 Pro: Which One Better

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NEX S vs. Galaxy S9 Plus vs. P20 Pro: Which One Better

Today, many handsets new entry in the smartphone market have been launched with premium features. If you are thinking of buying such smartphones, then we have brought a compilation of three high-end phones for you. In this post we will tell about the features and price of Vivo NEX S, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Huawei P20 Pro.

Competition for Price Factor

Vivo NEX S is not currently available in India. If news is to be believed then its Indian price can be Rs 42,990. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is priced at Rs 59,999. Apart from this, Huawei P20 Pro can be purchased from Amazon India for Rs 64,999.

Design and Display

Vivo NEX S will have a 5.59-inch Super Amoled display, whose pixel resolution is 2316 × 1080. At the same time, the Galaxy S9 Plus has a 6.2-inch Super Amoled display, whose pixel resolution is 2960 × 1440. Also the screen of P20 Pro is 6.1 inches. Amoled screen technology has been given in this. Its pixel resolution is 2240 x 1080.

Processor & Storage

The NEX S Snapdragon is equipped with 845 chipsets and 8 GB RAM. It has 128 GB of internal storage. At the same time, the Galaxy S9 Plus is equipped with the AcCnos 9810 processor and 6 GB RAM. It has 64GB of internal storage. P20 Pro works with Kirin 970 chipset and 6 GB RAM. This feature makes this phone fast. But the rest of the other two processors are better than the processor. This phone provides 128 GB of internal storage. But the SD card slot has not been given in this.


NEX S has a 12-megapixel dual rear camera. Also there is a front camera of 8 megapixels. High-quality features can be taken from this phone. Galaxy S9 Plus also has the same camera as NEX S. This phone has been introduced with variable aperture technology. P20 Pro is the world's first three camera equipped smartphone. It has two secondary cameras with 40 megapixel primary and 24 megapixels.

Battery & OS

To give power to NEX S and P20 Pro, a battery of 4000 mAh is provided. While the Galaxy S9 Plus has a 3500 mAh battery. The batteries of the three phones are non-removable. At the same time, normal usage can last for a day. Among these, the Galaxy S9 Plus is the only phone that supports wireless charging. All three phones work on Android 8.0 Aero.

Other Excellent Features

The quality and features given in these smartphones are in line with the price. If you have a good budget and you want to buy a Next Generation phone, then the Huawei P20 Pro will be the best option for you. At the same time, if the budget is slightly lower than you can go to Vivo NEX S. Let us know that the features of Vivo NEX S and Galaxy S9 Plus are almost the same.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Nokia A1 Plus launched! Equipped with triple camera and fingerprint sensor

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Nokia A1 Plus launched! Equipped with triple camera and fingerprint sensor

Current year, HMD Global launched one of the many Smartphones in globally, and now the company is working on its new flagship handset. This smartphone is being called 'Nokia A1 Plus', it is expected that it will have latest 845 SOC snapdragon powerful processor and it will support in-display fingerprint scanner. Nokia's second flagship phone, which has been receiving news for a long time, is 'Nokia 9' and it will also be equipped with in-display fingerprint sensor. For this reason, it is believed that 'Nokia A1 Plus' is 'Nokia 9', although this is just speculation, both smartphones may be different.

According to a report, HMD Global is working on a flagship device 'Nokia A1 Plus'. The company is working with Foxconn, its manufacturing partner, to launch this smartphone in the European market. If this report is correct, then it will be Nokia's first flagship phone with fingerprint sensor.

The report claims that the 'Nokia A1 Plus' will have the Power of 845 SoC Snapdragon with a display fingerprint scanner. This smartphone will be equipped with an OLED panel made from LG display. It is expected that it will run Android on the latest version which is yet to come.

IFA will be launching in 2018

In a report in the company, the company told that they faced some difficulties in the phone's camera setup because HMD Global canceled its launch plan in mid-2018. Now, in the report, it is said that sometime in August or September, the 'Nokia A1 Plus' can be launched during the IFA 2018.

Nokia A1 Plus: display and memory

If this smartphone is nothing but Nokia 9, Nokia A1 Plus is expected to have 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB storage memory. Not only this, it will be equipped with a 3900 mAh battery and with a Gorilla Glass Protection it will have a 6.01 inch display.

Fingerprint Reader and Triple Camera Sensor
Apart from this, Triple camera setup, in-glass fingerprint reader, 18-carat gold finish and IP68 option will be present in the Nokia A1 Plus. The smartphone will have 41 megapixels, 20 megapixels, 9.7 megapixel camera sensor with a Carl Jessie optics and four-fold optical zoom on the rear side. Along with this, Jenon and Lead Flash modules will also work.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Xiaomi launches Redmi 6 Pro and Mi Pad 4 launch in China

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Xiaomi launches Redmi 6 Pro and Mi Pad 4 launch in China

Xiaomi 6 Pro

Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies Xiaomi another premier launched its Mi Pad Series’ next tab Mi Pad 4 on Sunday in China. Xiaomi has also launched the Redmi 6 Pro smartphone with it another series. Mi Pad 4 has been launched in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi LTE variants. The biggest feature of this tab is that users will be able to use single handles. This tab will be copied from the currently launched Google, Apple, Lenovo, etc. companies.

Talking about the price of the Redmi 6 Pro, its 3GB RAM and storage 32GB memory variants cost around only Rs 10,400. The 4GB RAM, 32GB memory variant is priced at Rs 12,500. For the other variants of the talk, the price of 4GB RAM, 64GB memory variant is about 13,600 rupees. From June 26, this smartphone will start in China. There is currently no official information available about the launch of this smartphone in India and which date.

Talking about the main specifications of Redmi 6 Pro, it works on the Android based Xiaomi's latest user interface MIUI 9. It has 5.84 inch full HD (1080x2280 pixels) screen resolution. At the same time, Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SOC, 2 GigHz-Octacore Processor has been given to power processor.

Speaking about Redmi 6 Pro camera feature, it has a 12 megapixel and 5 megapixel dual rear HDR camera. Apart from this, a 5 megapixel camera has been provided for better selfie face resolutions. The selfie camera is equipped with advance Artificial Intelligence and HDR feature. Wi-Fi, 4G LTE (with Dual Nano SIM) has been given for connectivity. Tab is equipped with USB, 3.5mm jack and GPS feature.

Mi Pad 4

Talking about the price of Mi Pad 4, its 3GB RAM / 32GB memory Wi-Fi variant costs around 11,500 rupees. The price of 4GB RAM / 64GB Wi-Fi variants has been kept at around Rs 14,600. At the same time, the price of 4GB RAM / 64GB Wi-Fi + LTE variants has been kept at around Rs 15,600.

Mi Pad 4 Specification           

Talking about the main specifications of Mi Pad 4, it works on the Android based Xiaomi's latest user interface MIUI 9. It has an 8-inch Full HD (1920x1200 pixels) screen display, which has an unexpected ratio of 16:10. At the same time, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SOC, 2.2 GHz-OctaCore processor has been given to power operating system.

Speaking of Mi Pad 4’s camera feature, it has a 13-megapixel rear HDR camera. Apart from this, a 5 megapixel camera has been provided for selfie. The company has also equipped this tab with Face Unlock feature. Wi-Fi, 4G LTE (with single Nano SIM) has been given for connectivity. Tab is equipped with USB, 3.5mm jack and GPS feature.

The smartphones and tabs of Xiaomi will be merged with the recently launched smartphone and tabs of Samsung, Lenovo and other brands.