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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Free Mobile Niche Guest Blogging Site List

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Free Mobile Niche Guest Blogging Site List

SEO expert or content marketing must be knowledge of guest blogging very well.

Mobile guest blogging is a best way of niche link building in off page activity. Today, Guest blogging is the best way to boost website keywords ranking and sales for your website.

There are various free Guest Blogging sites list where you can post your guest article or content on these guest posts. Here I am sharing here those sites which are complete free and just need email and forum fill up.

Sr. No.
Guest Posting Site List

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Top Free High Authority Direct Guest Posting Site List

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Top Free High Authority Direct Guest Posting Site List

Getting top guest blogging sites list for your content is very tedious deal, so today I am going to present you an awesome guest posting list of high domain authority site that will help you to get standard backlinks for your business or website. Every site very reputed and must help to boost your sales, I am sure you will be 100% beneficial a lot. Sure every backlinks good for search engine.

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Below every website complete detail with register link to easy signup and generate good backlinks for your domain. I have submitted my guest content for those direct guest blogging site list!!!! You can easily promote your blog through these domains.

CustomerThink is the huge global online network dedicated to customer-centric enterprise strategy. Major topic engagement, digital marketing, Leadership, technology and marketplace.

We provide a huge variety of standard free WordPress templates. In our forum, you can discuss editing-related topics likes’ auto, business, creative, education, Hi-tech, Internet, etc…

Broodle is a standard design companies that target on super quality, innovation technology, & speed. We utilized latest trend to bring output to boost our client’s businesses.

The Digital Group is reputed IT partner for enterprise in entire world. Our standard IT solutions include a full range of Testing, Web development, Data analysis, Digital marketing etc... is can be easily access or manage his own faceplate and they can easy register to access his own dashboard and build community. You can build brand, publish blog, create video, build community, make product reputed brand and share anything.

It provides best solutions for any issue or bug, which can generate into a daily life. Here some main category like lifestyle, health, style, relationship and travel. Guest author use niche category for guest article.

The YourStory entire team conducts you stories of entrepreneurs and change-makers, data analyst, reference pieces and the first glimpse of latest trends from India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as profiles of top businesses and editors a globe.

Monday, 2 July 2018

How to Publish a Guest Post – 12 Thing Must Implement Guest Author

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How to Publish a Guest Post – 12 Thing Must Implement Guest Author

If you thing a guest post live or publish, Here some editor must implement guest strategy to follow it.

While there are few part or component they love to show in a submission, there are also a number of criteria that will land you a spot on their list of people they’d rather not project with. Knowing the various between the two will create it simpler for you to earn a spot on their blog.

So if you want to experience the power of guest posting, here’s what you want to realize about going with editors.

12 Things Guest Editors Should Know About Guest Blogging

1) Stop Rushing and  Hurrying

Most people are in a hurry but it seems like bloggers are mostly so. This isn’t to say that they do hasty work. After all, in editors job request that they be ultra-careful and detailed.

In feeling of their hawk-eye observation for the tiniest things, they sure can harrow through things. When shortness is require and they use it.

2) Trustworthy

Trustworthy is most crucial path between editor and blogger relationship with you. Why? Because excellent writers are tough to available by. It’s pretty easy to search who write a good content and generate on a stability basic is very complicate.
If you’ve acquired a writer’s full attention with a well-written piece of paragraph, then you can be properly few that the editor needs to trust you to generate more.

3) Smart Audience or Reader

If there’s one thing that writer aware really well, It’s their reader. A good content writer can tell at peek if a content will be helpful for the website editor or a dud.

If you’re subscribed to generate more article for a website, ask the editors if they have any guidance about the kinds of content that their viewer needs. Modifies are, they’ll be happy to provide you some insight and recommendations.

4) Never worry about article rejection

If your article not approved, don’t be hurts so much. It’s all in a day’s work for a publisher. Editors of reputable site may get number of proposal for a submission in a day. They simply can’t publish all of them.

Professional writers must decide rapidly whether they’re going to approval or reject an article. Often times, by requisite, they have to reject most new submissions.

5) Article - strengths and weaknesses

Not exact figure about proposal but I’d gamble that an editor can tell if a content will work or not in only ten second or less. Here’s what they might consider.

A great article starts with catchy opening headline or subject. If the opening line is no good, then the article is gone.

Deciding killer headline, the writer will read the heading section or opening paragraph. If the article doesn’t grasp one’s attention from the very start, it’s a no-go.

Absolutely, the writer might remove the outline. Many times, a weak outline means a weak article and the article is a despondent

If you need killer title, attractive opening headline and solid profile, then your article merits the editor’s attention.

6) How to Check Duplicate Content?

How can a publisher tell if your article is spammed or an original work? They can explore it through a plagiarism checker such as smallseotools.

A smallseotools analysis determines if your content has been input elsewhere on the web.
If you are stealing content, you will get copied content.

7) Be selective and targeted about who you ask

Publishers have a difficult job. They have to request their subscribers, server their writers and adhere to a set of guest post guidelines.

If your content doesn’t aspect the audience’s require, compare another standards, then the editor may teach you to good revise it. Expectantly, these will just be rapid and simple refers. Sometimes, however the corrections are vast, removing the testicle or adding vast parts of your content.

8) Is Your Content Good Enough?

If you send up a verge content, then editors will ask you for more. Remember, they’re always looking for best, reliable editors.

Writers are whacked of having to qualify down best writers, respond to stupid inquiries and sector poorly written article. They need to put the best of the best creating content on their site. A top article will take you observed and generating in no time.

9) Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get People to Respond

Be patient.

This processer to take some time to get respond form people. So much patient to send email with get prepare not proper respond but you right away.

10) When someone is ignoring you

Don’t take it personally. With the crucial number of content that publishers are receiving, they generally can’t answer to everyone’s analysis or posting.

The editor isn’t slighting you, as much as she or he is supporting planning strategically. The job of an editor requires critical responding to the email and posting that will be best for the site.

If you don’t hear back from an editor in a week. Or two, it’s okay to be determined. Just identify that they’ve got a complicate job that create it complicate for them to email you back.

11) How to Build High Quality Back-links in a Scalable Way

If you thing that guest blogging is quick processor to build good backlinks, think again. Editors don’t play that game.

Numbers of would be guest writers have been blocked from content for certain websites. Why? Because they seek to create a buck selling links or gaming the system for some easy backlinks to their website.

Bloggers are coached to snuffle down and cut it out. After all their jobs are on the line. Besides, they are trying to secure the authority of their brand.

12) Proofreading or Editing Article or Content?

More reputed websites have full-time copy-holder. Their job is to chase down typos and test them.

Another sites just have a publisher. This person is commonly responsible for acquiring the best content published at the right time, coordinating terms of scribbler and ensuring that it all gets pulled off without a pull.


The best roadmap to task with someone is too aware where they’re coming from. It's helpful for you to helpful to show their challenges and understand their role.

Editors are a difficult part of the web publishing procedure. The best way to become a guest blogger is to make great content and become a helpful partner to the editors you work with.