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Thursday, 17 May 2018

OnePlus 6 Launch in India on 17 May

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OnePlus 6 Launch in India on 17 May

The launch of the OnePlus 6 event in Mumbai has started today. OnePlus 6 is one of the 2018 phones that the users are eagerly waiting for. OnePlus is organizing the launch event of OnePlus 6 on May 17 in Mumbai separately. In this event, the company can tell about OnePlus 6 of price and availability in India.

These offers of Idea: Idea Cellular has offered an exclusive offer to its customers before the phone's retail availability. Under the offer, Idea Postpaid customers will receive a cashback of Rs 2000. This cashback will get up to 20 billing cycles per month as a discount of 100 rupees. With this, the company is offering 10GB additional data on the 499 plan for the 20 months every month. Not only will the 10GB extra data on OnePlus 6, the tariff plan get reduced to 399 rupees per month for 20 months. In addition to tariff benefits, Idea Cellular is also offering device protection for 4 months.

Additional offers: On OnePlus 6, you get a discount of Rs 2,000 for transcribing through SBI Credit or Debit Card. This plan will be applicable for one week of start. At the same time, no Cost EMI users will get offers up to 3 months. OnePlus is offering 12 more offers along with Accidental Damage Insurance Offer. These include a video gift card of Rs 250 and a discount of up to Rs 500 on eBooks on Amazon.

OnePlus 6 will come in three variants: According to the reports, OnePlus 6 will come in three variants. These will include models of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB models. The 64 GB phone will be priced at 3,299 yuan (about Rs 34,090), while the 128 GB model will cost 3,799 yuan (about Rs 39,256). The price of the 256 GB variant will be 4,399 yuan (around Rs 45,456). So starting price in 34,000 to 45,000.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Apple: New iPhone 8 To Launch September 12 With It Features & Prices

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Apple: New iPhone 8 To Launch September 12 With It Features & Prices
New lunch a show after at one more week of news from Cupertino, current week’s Apple curve includes stylish look is big challenges with the new iPhone 8 camera, launch dates for Apple’s bellwether smartphone, the fibrously high cost of the iPhone 8, a new color for the iPhone 7S, mobile data on the Apple Watch 3, why Apple is last with the best ideas, another update headache for the MacBook Pro, and Apple’s little usability squeeze against Google.

Apple occasion is here to promote you of a few of the very many points that have output all over world Apple over the last seven days.

The Rocking iPhone 8 Issue

For all of Apple’s alert to information, the iPhone 8 design has a really awkward trouble. Because of the camera surge, and the off-center venue of the lenses, any new iPhone unwinding on a table is going to have a peaked rock, and that puts stress on the camera housing over time.

In a pointed, the iPhone 8 is suffering to use on a flat side. Why? Because the bump of the new rear cameras is not only bigger this year, it also enlarges further down the phone. It means on a smooth surface the iPhone 8 solids, rolls and tinkle a lot more than even the iPhone 7 plus (whose level rear cameras offer more solidity).

Purchasing a case should be a select and not something to generally build a phone usable/safe on a flat surface, and secondly, iPhone 8 cases will require to be considerably across to both level out the smartphone and still offer enough protection for the cameras’ rim.

What’s The Date, Mr Cook?

Of course the important question is when will we watch the latest iPhones, and when will they go on sale? Thanks to details from French bearer, there’s more identify attention to September 12th for the launch event.

Introducing the devices on September 12th sits within the simple window of the launch events of modern Apple smartphones. I would guess Apple to forward on with the fix date and find at the Friday after the launch event to be the opening of pre-orders (which would be September 15th) with the device moving on sale one week later on Friday September 22nd.

This date also gives Apple the best oppernuity to disturbance any smartphone that carry energy after the Berlin IFA show. In last year’s Sony and LG have updated to master out of that show with common accepted that supplied well into consumers’ placing. With IFA finalizing the week before (it executes from September 1st to September 6th) the tech press will cover IFA, call their winners, fly home… and then it will be Monday 11th and time to surveillance the Apple occasion before the event happens the next day.

Have You Saved up Enough for The iPhone?

Once the iPhone 8 materialize, what about fix cost? While there will be some security of the cost with carrier grant, the SIM free cost is the complete guide. And the predicator smartphone is going to start at one thousand dollars:

Citing “people informed on the product”, NYT writer Brian X Chen describes iPhone 8 pricing will starting price from $999 - a whopping $350 cost increase over the entry-level iPhone 7.

Step up to the top of three storage tiers and that may well mean the iPhone 8 will cost up to $1,200 plus include with tax. People have paid less for their f
irst car. Given the assume special case of Touch ID and the odd design feature, that keep be a step too far for some - opposite the otherwise challenger list of feature upgrades.

Prototype iPhone 7S Prototype Designs

Although much of the recall will be on the iPhone 8, the sell result of the iPhone 7S and 7S plus will be more beneficial for Apple’s calendar Q4 outcome. As well as the innovative features, Tim Cook and his team are working on a new copper color (that is mostly moving to offer the affected name of blush gold).
We’ve watch a different of images now of the trusted new color. Number of submission and lighting conditions give differing aspects, but it does certainly emerge to be intentional to be copper rather than gold.

I’ve never personally been a fan of any of the gold colors Apple has provided, but if this new copper color is fact, I’ll at least be processing a show at it in the glass before creating my decision. What are your own views?

No Dick Tracy Calls from the Apple Watch 3

It may be ready to sport a SIM, but the latest issued feature of the third version of the Apple Watch recommend that Apple will be providing the wearable to have a cellular data connection, but there won’t be an alternative to get voice calls.

That LTE esim, it now seems, has one kind of amazing exclusion: it won’t turn the Watch into a phone. KGI had already imagine that the esim would be LTE, not 3G, which limits the markets that can use it.

The latest suggestion is that Apple won’t let the Watch make voice calls over the cellular network.

Of course, LTE signals are normally capable of carrying voice calls, but that’s not the plan here, it seems. KGI says that it expects Apple will need to revamp the user experience of the Watch’s data transmission before it makes voice calls possible.

Finding the Best Ideas Last

The iPhone 8 is going to debut a lot of features to the Apple trustful brand name… and the Android crowd will point out that many (if not all) of them have been available for years. The faithful will target on the real that Apple takes time to try to get a client friendly execution… and the crowd will highlight the iteration on Android devices.

However, the latest iPhone won’t be a case-study of revolutions, more a matter of perfecting features that are already out there in competitor handsets. Time and again, Apple has subscribed this “best, not first” philosophy, seizing on technologies and features bungled by challengers and executes them well enough to spur widespread adoption. Proof of concept? More than 1.2 billion iPhones sold in the last decade.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Apple special event at San Francisco on Wednesday to lunch iPhone 7

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Apple special event at San Francisco on Wednesday to lunch iPhone 7
Apple’s is the most powerful smartphone ever iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus to be lunch. Now, this time iPhone 7 lunch without Jackport, dust resistant, running on iOS 10 operating system, Apple watch series 2 and most fibrous and innovative product Airpod ear pair, total 5 product lunch in this event. iPhone 7 Indian price 60,000 rs. Latest apple watch to play most popular game “pokemon go” supported. In this event special preparation for classic game “super mario” part of the event. iPhone 7 most impressive compare of other smartphone.

Actual Price & Delivery:

On Friday iPhone 7 start for Pre-booking and 7th October to be deliver on whole India. The prices on the iPhone in US just pay 43 thousand. This is almost at the previous variant compare. 6,600 thousand less.

Crucial Point

At San Francisco on Indian time, Wednesday night event Apple CEO “Tim Cook” say iPhone 7th generation phone. It has been most the fastest processor ever.

Company claims that compare of iPhone 6s 40x faster. Original iPhone compare of more 120 and 240 faster.
  • Company major focus of camera. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus dual camera. In compare of previous segment more innovative feature ever.
  • The first time through the iPhone 7 available on stereo speaker.
  • The company has completely transformer and innovative home button. Now the technology engine that will run on Apple's topic. User now more hardly press home button to click.
  • At this time both model dust and water resistant. Compare of previous segment powerful battery both model.
  • Black new design theme based iPhone 7 matte black and glossy jet were forced.
  • Variant color available like gold, deep blue, silver, red rose, black. Totally 5 color available for iPhone 7 & 7 plus.

iPhone 7 New Design, Price and Innovative Features
  • Now, this both model internal storage capacity 32, 128 and 256 GB. Starting price 649 $.
  • iPhone 7 without head-jack port but one connector to easy connect headphone and device.
  • The new version of the audio used for lighting ports.
  • First time ever iPhone 7 provided sound stereo for batter sound quality system.
  • New device iPhone model working on A10 Fusion chip.
  • Both model quality assured on IP67 standard with provide top rating.
  • Both model also available on EMI.
  • In US iPhone 7 monthly EMI 27 $ and iPhone 7 plus monthly EMI 32 $.
  • Pre-booking start on 9th September or 16th September to be shipping on both model.
  • Indian market available on 7th October.

Apple Watch 2
  • Second- generation Apple smart watch Apple Watch 2 has also been launched. Smart watch design same as previous model.
  • Apple watches most important point inbuilt GPS.
  • Nike Fitness Apps and Pokemon Go Apps, this watch most differ from other device.
  • Playing game with walking to help control health to be Claim Company. The swim -proof and water -proof up to 50 meters Watch six. Swim to keep the calories burned according to calculate.
  • At the same time Nike Style Straps have also been launched.

AirPods  Earbuds
  • Airpods with new products, wireless earbuds to be lunch and Apple w1 chip.
  • Its battery life is five hours.  Apple any type of device easily connects.
  • This Airpods price 159$ and Indian almost price 11 thousand. This device shipped on start on October.
  • AirPods sensor works on the detection technology. Compare of market available earphone best quality sound system.

Running on iOS 10
  • Companies also claim, iOS10 is the most powerful operating system.
  • Natural Siri language read and loud.
  • In addition to many changes at Apple Store Facebook, iMessage and many more apps.
  • Innovative stickers have also been launched.
  • iOS 10 version available on 13th September.

Advance Camera
  • In 12 MP rear, 7 MP face front, 2 tone flash, high speed senor capture, 60% faster, 50% brighter, Quad LED, True tone flash, Flicker sensor and many more.
  • iPhone 7 f/1.8 capture. Apple smartphone is equipped with features such as Face tone, body detection, white balance and exposure.  In iPhone 7 & 7 plus 7MP HD front face camera.
  • iPhone 7 Plus Camera
  • In iPhone 7 Rear 12 MP dual lens camera. It has improved with more new features.
  • Digital zooming more flexible with zooming range 1X to 10X to easy switch.  iPhone 7 most of 3D effect image feature. Apple claims that the new version camera smartphone will bring a revolution in the world of photography. As has been claimed by the company during the event, professional photography DSLR camera like the iPhone.
Amazing Design
  • iPhone 7 disply 4.7 and iPhone 7 plus 5.5 inch display.  HD Retina display technology has been used. IPhone 7 series more Bright display is 25% more than its predecessors series 6S.

Sound System
  • In this model not available 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Instead of launching a new dongle inbox. This will be connected using a 3.5 mm jack.  Both model companies provide lighting headphone. According to the company say, Jack remove was "revolution step”.  We had a innovative vision for a better audio and we sincerely challenge emerges from 3.55 MM accept.
  • Both devices new and different version of NFC. Which name Felica.

More Powerful Battery
  • iPhone 7 Wi-Fi browser 14 hours and iPhone 7 plus 15% more longer battery life. More powerful battery life ever in iPhone series.   Talking about 3G & 4G network iPhone 7 12 hours and iPhone 7 plus 13 hours more working.  
  • One truth expected both device wireless charging supported but actually not possible.
  • The A10 Fusion processor. A8 and A9 50 % to 40% of the Fast. 
  • 64 bit quad core processor.
  • This new processor saves the battery charging
Apple Watch 2
  • Apple watches 2 most active sharing options
  • Apple watch the market from December 2016. Apple watch 2 dual core processor. This is double fast than the previous version. No any discussion about battery life.
Innovative Gadgets Team
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook, Senior Software Engineer Vice President Craig Federighi, Product vice president geg and many more senior technologies adviser gathering.