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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Xiaomi Big Announcement for Mi Users

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Xiaomi Big Announcement for Mi Users

Xiaomi Chairman and Founder Lei Jun has big announced that the net profit margin of the company's total hardware sales will be fixed. This limit will apply forever. This wide range will include from smartphones to Internet off Things and Lifestyle Products. The company has said that the maximum profit margin for the net profit margin will be 5 percent.

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Lei Jun said in an affair to the workers of Xiaomi: "If the margin goes more than 5 percent, then it will find a way to return to the users." He further said that if we limit the cost, User will be able to return in this way, the company and its products will get excellent support / support of users for a long time. If a large number of products are sold even with lower margins, then the company will be able to earn profits in the long-term. The company has adopted a unique Triathlon business model, which includes hardware’s, internet service and retail.

He further said that in the last 8 years, our business model has been repeatedly challenged. Xiaomi is the only smartphone in the world that has returned to the sales even after the decline. This shows how modern our business model also. The company has just launched the 6x. This phone has been introduced with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and latest AI technology. Xiaomi is an engineer’s-operated company that always works for the benefit of the public and changes in the field of technology in the world, and remains ready.

In the first quarter of the Counterpoint 2018 report, China has grown more than 51 percent in Xiaomi. This increase was due to the rapid publicity in the offline segment of Xiaomi.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Reliance Jio Expend His Offer Plan but 31 March after Paid Service

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Reliance Jio Expend His Offer Plan but 31 March after Paid Service
Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani is announcing major announcement of Jio related today. He will beginning his press broadcast at 1.30pm and a live stream is going to be available for it. So what is his major topic to announce? Your guess is as good as mine. But we can summarize. It is going to do something with the Jio user boost, which we hear is either very close to the 100 million remarkable or has already surpassed it. At the same time, there are possible to be breaking news of Jio future scheme after its Happy New Year offer expires on March 31. Irrespective of what is announced, you can keep checking here. We will news the Jio report in actual time.

And that is all. So simply, this debate was about opening the air on Jio after March 31. The sponsor scheme show top fir for everyone it seems, specifically great deal with the real that not practical you are acquiring the 30GB plan every month at a cost of Rs 303. Of course, for that you will also have to accept to the Rs 99 Jio Prime enrollment. This participants can be acquired through the My Jio app or by exploring any Jio-supported store.

Jio chairman announces Jio advance scheme for the old users. "All those who have display his trust in us and are already Jio users, can get Jio Prime participation," he says. So what is this Jio Prime? 
Some important information check one:
  1. Rs 99 per annual will get the Jio Prime partnership. This is only available to continue user to use Jio SIM card. Also users who join Jio network will be qualified for the Prime authorship.
  2. Once you are a Jio Prime join, you will be able to pay Rs 303 per month and get the same free Jio services that you get now. This means no any limitation for data (command to 1GB policy limit per day) plan you will offer for a cost of Rs 303 per monthly for a year. Looks like a quite neat deal if you like Jio network.   
  3. Same old offer voice calling is continue current offer free as same as old plan.  

In 1st April, Jio will be a no any free service, says Jio director. But Jio will provide the most cost efficient plan, he says. Jio chairman says that number of new officers have been thrown by other telecoms and that has made a many complexity. But with Jio, he says, there is all thing clear. In 1st April, Jio will match each and every scheme that other media industry are presenting or will plan at the same cost but with 20 % more acquired.

Also another Jio his announce through some attractive offer for standard or high quality of data at cost that efficient.

Jio also his announce some strong 4G network or station compared to the merged volume of all other telecom operators in India. We our offer to increase this in next months and will scheme Jio include to 99% Indian.

Now two thousand crore voice minute & free video calling offer to provide a user’s. Compare of last month 100 crore GB of data was exhausted on Jio operator. Recent India is top 1 country in the globally for mobile use data. This data is swallow with video and that created Jio vast video network in the globe.
In watch on advert to say can accept the beginning digital life. He desires India among the top 5 region in global broadband network.

Update: "For over 170 days Jio has added 7 customers every second." This is unprecedented for any technology company in the world, says Ambani.

Approximately 5+ month has added with new 7 customers join every second. This is revolutionary for any technology company in the globally.

Increasing live stream video and live press event or conference in now beginning.

There major announce Jio Fibre plan to be online internet service. Jio Fibre testing based in specific area for Mumbai and provide free testing based service in starting 3 months.
Jio SIM validity since Sept 5 last year with high quality and cost affordable price at compare of other telecom industry. Some suffer area more strongly cover and get best 4G service provide in India. The speed, although not blazing fast, is more regularly.