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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Cheapest Data Plans From Vodafone-Idea

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Cheapest Data Plans From Vodafone-Idea

Vodafone-Idea has launched a new plan to challenge for other telecom industry like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio's Unlimited Calling and Data Plan. Users get 1GB of data per day in this plan. Along with this, users also get the benefit of unlimited voice calling in this current plan. This plan of Vodafone-Idea has 28 days validity. Let's know about this plan of Vodafone-Idea.

Vodafone-Idea 159 Plan

Vodafone-Idea offers users 28 days of validity in this data plan. Plus, the benefit of 1GB of data per day is available. Talk about other benefits of this plan, you also get the benefit of unlimited voice calling. Plus, 100 SMSes also get the benefit of every day. National Roaming is free in this plan, this means that you will be able to make free incoming and outgoing calls during roaming in all 22 circles across the country.

Airtel Rs 149

Vodafone-Idea's new launch plan will be contested by Airtel's 149-rupee plan. Users get validity of 28 days in this plan. In addition, all incoming and outgoing calls are free. Users also get the benefit of 1GB of data per day in this plan. Apart from this, 100 SMSes also get the benefit of every day.

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Jio 149 Rs plan

Jio has a validity of 28 days in the plan of 149 rupees. In addition, all incoming and outgoing calls are free. Users also get the benefit of 1GB of data per day in this plan. Apart from this, 100 SMSes also get the benefit of every day.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Reliance Jio may have more 'some good news' for Telecom Industry

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Reliance Jio may have more 'some good news' for Telecom Industry

Most popular telecom companies in India like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular will dedicated more economic suffering through last quarter with Reliance Jio Infocomm unlikely to loosen its costing offensive in its bid to maximize consumer purchases and close the gap with its competitors, analysts said.

The cost wars, they said, would still continue as Jio is focused on keeping and boosting its almost 187 million-strong subscriber base.

“The price war will continue as (parent) Reliance Industries (RIL) is very company about the technique going forward on (telecom arm) Jio, which continues to be focused on consumer acquisition and is open to further tariff plan price reduce based on actions of holders,” BNP Paribas said in a note to clients seen by ET.

Analysts at JP Morgan backed the view, saying, “Jio undoubtedly requires to offer the most aggressive tariffs and increase a higher subscriber share, and its key business down flows are powerful enough to maintain this strategy, mainly as core project spending drops.”

Jio’s future pricing technique, according to the brokerage, could induce its economic stressed rivals to influence tariffs even though this could “finally lead to a loss of market share.”

What could be mainly trying for the telecom is that Jio proud “it can be beneficial in the today tariff environment” and still continue to invest.

In past, Jio Infocomm outclassed noted operators Airtel and Idea, reporting a 1.2% sequential benefit in net profit to Rs 510 crore in the last quarter end of 2017-18 with maximum average income per user and voice and data usage.

Bharti Airtel shares rose 0.15% to Rs 409.55 at the close on the BSE on Monday, while Idea’s shares boosted 0.36% after listed a lower-than-expected Rs 930.6 crore net loss in the March quarter, helped by a deduction in prices and maximum other income. The Reliance scrip fell 3.2% closing at Rs 963.10.

Bank of America-Merrill Lynch said the telecom industry is “unlikely to witness any tariff hike for the next 3-to-6 months at least” as it expects both “Jio and Bharti to target on appropriating consumers” of the appearing Idea-Vodafone merging entity, which is hugely predicted to shed some income trend share, post-merger.

“Jio proposes to collect its tariffs at a discount to peers, and we don’t see the company in a rush to elevate ARPU as it’s mainly focus after rest on follower’s adjust,” the US brokerage said in a note after Jio’s earnings call.
For the country’s older telecom agencies, Jio’s debut in September 2016 with its confused tariffs compelled them to answer, putting further pressure on their income and profit. This competition triggered incorporations in the industry.

Most of predicated the quick of Jio’s subscriber lunch to rest of robust, given that “nearly three of every four new incremental 4G LTE phone vendors opt for Jio’s service and the step of JioPhone additive remains strong too.”

Research said Jio has specification scheme it will influence revenue its action plan completely in India with the fiber broadband and venture business head-up, with discontinue commercial rollouts coming soon.

“Jio recommend in the mainly under serviced enterprise trend, it could dominate challenger, given its strong data network.

With Jio users consuming reach to an hour a day on average on their phones, the 4G telecom watch an emerging “ad construct opportunity.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How to Compare Cheapest Prepaid Recharge Plans

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How to Compare Cheapest Prepaid Recharge Plans
Reliance Jio to healthy competition Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Company launch new plan every day. Now all the telecom industry have same plan available and no major change in price.  Now new entry for Telenor 4G data plan comes in this competitions with attract all user.  Compare of other telecom operators to get cheapest data plan ever. But Telenor teams and conditions to be applied.

  1. Jio not only but also Airtel best plan to provide
  2. Reliance Jio: Rs. 303 1GB 4G data plan with also need must membership
  3. Airtel: Rs. 350 1GB 4G data plan for every day.
  4. Vodafone: Rs. 350 1GB 4G data plan for every day.
  5. Idea: Rs. 350 1GB 4G data plan for every day.

Telenor best offer

  • This plan to get 2GB 4G data plan for every day with only pay Rs. 47.
  • Telenor users 2GB 4D data plan pay per day 1.60 paisa.
  • In this plan total 56 GB data plan to be validate on 28 days.
  • Also this plan get benefit only join 4G data plan recharge that kind of community get benefit only.
  • If any users are eligible this data plan to know this offer send by SMS.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Reliance Jio 1 GB Limit Remove to Convert Unlimited Data Plan

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Reliance Jio 1 GB Limit Remove to Convert Unlimited Data Plan
Today, in social spread many news or ticks day to day update or outside into a market.  Jio1 1st January 2017 start “Happy new year” scheme to provide three month unlimited data plan with free package. In this offer available free internet data plan with video calling, SMS pack and other pack with no any cost but boosting internet speed only 1 GB plan a per day after limited speed to use in rest of day. If user to limited internet speed to remove in per day. Here some useful tips to follow and remove your limited data packs.

Today, many YouTube video viral, how to remove 1 GB data plan to use unlimited pack.

Has 11 million video views or more

Jio 4G internet video fold to limit unlimited data on January 1, 2017 was upload on YouTube. Which has seen more than 11 people so far, the video has been shown to increase the data limit Trick. Like a video more than 17 people already.

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  1. First one to install Android ID changer and MTK engineering mode.
  2. Go to MyJio App info to cache your data to clear and force stop option to select.
  3. Now you open android id changer after right tap plus option to mark or click.
  4. After change your android id both ID same and after save option
  5. Now open another app MTK engineering apps. Go to setting MTK -> Connectivity-> CDS information
  6. Displaying radio information tap to click phone 1 and phone 2 option to display. After go to Jio SIM card to click.
  7. Here At to click or press e type after below list generate after first one option to click one.
  8. Now last (‘’) inside your phone number example 9876543210 that kind of four number to join AT + send option to command.
  9. Now finally got one message AT comment is send OK.
  10. Now you can airplane option to click for ON mode after stay 1 minute to off one.
  11. Now you can go to Myjio App to open and increase data limit.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Mukesh Ambani Announce Jio 4G Cheapest Tariff Plan in India

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Mukesh Ambani Announce Jio 4G Cheapest Tariff Plan in India
Reliance Industry 42 AGM event chairman Mukesh Ambani announced that 4G services will be started as of September 5, 2016. Reliance Jio customers talk all calls free with 1GB 4 G plan just 50 Rs. plan. December 31, 2016 will continue until all free services. All customer free plan like as data plan, SMS, voice call and other service to be continue with free on December 31, 2016. Reliance Jio claimed that Ambani’s data plans are the most affordable and cheapest in the world. So main Indian telecommunication company airtel, idea and Vodafone to lose his share on that day.

Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Jio first dedicated vision to be Modi's “Digital India” campaign go ahead. His says Data plan more like as human oxygen, everyone need to oxygen and never shortage. The world cannot remain behind the new round and India. Jio mission in 2017 90 %Indian population to cover his scheme. Reliance Jio will revolutionize the health and education sector. Since its launch or announce, India's global ranking of the top 10 speed Internet providers will improve and increase and India will join.

Asking some important questions?

Voice Calling or Messing, Just three month free or lifetime?

All customer just data, SMS and voice calls, all such offers shall be free from 1 September to 31 December. Voice calling will be free Lifetime. But data tariff charge Jio plan.

What voice calls free services only Jio to Jio, Jio to other network?

The company claims that the whole of India, on any network, anytime voice calling will be free Lifetime.

4G plan free, when will the charge?

4G data plan will remain free until 31 December. Then the data will be charged according to the tariff Jio.

What mission Reliance Jio?

India’s population is 125 million. Just 2/3 of people are online. Reliance's mission is to cover within a year to 10 million internet users. Reliance in this sector to invest 134 crore rupees invest in telecommunication.

Maximum pick download speed?

Company targeted maximum download speed upto 135 Mbps.

1. Powerful Network

Most of internet provide company only voice calling infrastructure but no any data plan infrastructure. After which they are ready.

Company have already strong infrastructure. Company claim 90% Indian population cover and serve. Now a days, RJio the world's largest 4G LET network and voice over. India world's cheapest and most expensive out of the data market data market will take.

2. Gadgets / Device

Indian 70% Smartphone 4G LTE. Also provided 4G LYF smartphone price just avail between Rs. 2999 to 5999 only.  4G LTE Jio 5 router available on Rs. 1999 only. Focus on keeping the entry price has been at least cheap.

3. Jio Entertainment Library

Jio Live TV customers through more than 300 channels to watch. The 6 thousand live cinema library of movies and TV episodes will be 1 million available. Jio music will be available on 1 million songs. Money cashless transactions you will be able to live through. The app will be free for all by 31 December 2017.

4. Online Services

Jio all services process will be redesign. This service will continue on today for Delhi & Mumbai. Will apply in the next 6 weeks in whole India. With 10 million users a gather or join this community and network. Stating processor or step will be easier. Aadhar card with Passport size photo and online e link to connect just 15 minutes.

5. Jio Tariff Plan

According to Ambani, Jio tariff plans are made on 3 rules. First, the customer will only pay for a service, voice or data. Second, now all voice calls must therefore completely free. No roaming charges anywhere in the country will move. Data should be affordable for the customer. Jio's base rate is one tenth of the market rate or price, which is worth 5 paisa or 50 MB / GB. The more you will use it. It would be much cheaper and affordable for you. Third, Pricing structure or chart should be transparent and easier to understand for customers, now only 10 tariff plans are given. There is no blackout date

Jio tariff Plan
Jio tariff(Rs.)
300 MB
Validity Pack(Days)
Wi-Fi (Hot Sport)