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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Top software outsourcing company

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Top software outsourcing company

Today, software outsourcing companies quickly growing, if you need any project stuff like optimize cost, requirement, atmosphere, process status, awareness and other IT challenges, you easily get software development services.

If you need cost efficient outsourcing company, India is the best option for software outsourcing with the right partner stack software development. As India number of large and small IT companies are finding needle in requirements.

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Our software outsourcing agencies in the world-class. Our passion is connecting organization globally to build world class atmosphere. Our leading software associate pick-up to support throughout the  contract, our outsourcing consulting solutions help small business and advertising companies enjoy all the advantages software outsource rapidly and with less effort than outsourcing on your own.

We provide software outsourcing services based on standard approach, observation the information, transparency development process and flexible control to every step of it our clients.

Adreno Technologies

It helps advisory in building robust enterprise applications and software services with cost efficient work of in-house software engineers or extended time. We grip proven development methodologies, well established technology frameworks and deep industry insights to deliver scalable and extensible software services that client driven results.


Our dedicated software development team is always there for you to get excellent solutions according to your business needs. Number of experience developer teams who can smoothly develop a dynamic software solutions for you.


We create out client passion clear with every line of code we write, observing with best exercise in software services. We have already assist hundreds of customers boost their performance and influence key workflows and digitize their enterprise with software service of the standard quality.


We only hire those programmers who have already developed on similar type of projects and can well organized custom complicate issues to deliver best possible result.


Our business hosting attention, proven methodologies and latest technologies skill of software expert yield standard services that add value to businesses.

Asper brothers

We are working in 2008 closely with startups and software companies, we aware and bouquet include. It offers us the opportunity to target on client requires.

Saigon Technology

We are excellent skills in software outsourcing and we have large portfolio of successful globe projects, ranging from SMB’s to standard software systems for large organization clients.


In last few years, we’ve busy scheduling new software development centers in international market and developing awesome product for our global brands.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Top Mobile Application Development Company in 2018

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Top Mobile Application Development Company in 2018

Are you searching best mobile application development companies? We’ve evaluate some development firm to help you search top app coders for your requirement. Use Technewsky to create a shortlist of you top mobile application development companies list as below.

Fueled to help develop enterprise apps, business apps and custom apps.  Its dedicated tram always help of their amazing development service with good track data record. Every project scheduled by time.

IT own method to build mobile application development. The boon to this particular website is always you possibly be able to generate any innovative idea that you have, not only one. This additional be a good dedicated skill to earn money by become a developer.

Oxagile is a leading software, web & mobile application provider of development services specializing in online video streaming platforms, RTC, eLearning, adtech, big data, and business analysis. It has collected over a decade of skill developing enterprise-grade solutions for businesses type from lunch or debut to international corporations.

We built simple processing apps, if build complicate apps to isolate different data points. Peerbits was very knowledgeable about the completion project, followed their schedule and followed up all issues promptly. Every time they arise new way.

It built a mobile responsive app offering consistent manage with a refined interface and targeted workflow, whatever of connectivity. Roofing Southwest's operational backbone is now being supported by a business solution which shifts everything from a mostly paper-based to a really digital and cloud-based operation.

Raising the productivity, creativity and aggressive of Appnovation for businesses through mobile development company. Boosting national economies on the global market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.

Biz4Solutions is a leading mobile app development agency having good expertise in making a huge of various apps in mixed sector. We have benefits clients with exceptional mobile app development services across the globe, collecting a rich understanding of the sector. Overdue to the reality that our mobile apps services are platform agnostic, we provide logical integration and also develop native and cross-platform mobile apps as well as mobile friendly web applications. is leading an ISO trusted mobile development agencies with lot of highly professional developer providing client driven result and cheap cost mobile solutions to SMEs across the world. We at octal info solution create finally high quality standards with greater return on investment thus deliver bespoke mobile app solution just according your business requirement.

Our diverse technical includes everything from business apps for groups of the elite Fortune 500, to specifying business models for startups. Our huge kind of capabilities includes everything from native iOS and Android applications, cross-platform Xamarin development, beacon implementation and the variety of backend and web languages necessary to power a top-tier product.

OpenXcell is a leading USA based CMMI Level 3 mobile app development agency. It has number of project successfully built and delivered apps to its credit in its portfolio.

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Monday, 23 July 2018

Key Predictions for AI, Big Data, and Analytics in 2018

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Key Predictions for AI, Big Data, and Analytics in 2018

Latest research report, expectation in 2018: The important for AI is over, believe that in 2018 enterprises will mostly jump beyond the marketing to identify that AI needs hard work- planning, building and controlling it right.

Some new agencies also announcement and improvements: Better mankind and machine association due to improved interfaces; boosting business intelligence and optimize service by moving reference to the cloud new AI portability assisting the redesign of investigation and data management plays and activities and working the quickly of the insights-as-a-service market.

As an output 2/3 enterprise predict to involve AI over the next 12 months, up from only accept 40% in 2016 when to increase 11% more 51% in 2017. Still AI ratio to increase in future.

25% businesses will accessory point and click counter with informal parameters.

Professional data using natural language and providing desire output in real time will become useful features of logical applications.

20% of business will build AI to create decisions and offer real time command.

AI will recommend what to provide consumers, suggest conditions to put delivers and order employees on what to say and do – in real time.

The huge global analysis answering at business with more than huge data of unstructured information or data has two time since 2016. However, because classic pattern text analysis technologies are so difficult, only 32% of organizations have successfully optimized text data and even less are fetching other unstructured resources. This is about to modify as deep learning has created optimizing this kind of data more error free and scan.

33% of businesses will put their data lakes off life manage.

Not under stable connection to change the enterprise outcomes, in past acceptable will pull the collecting plug on their data lakes to show if they fill for themselves.

50% of business will accept a cloud-first technique for big data performance.

We have holding a public cloud first rules in 2018 for data, big data and analytics, as they look for more access over costs and more portability than on premise software can output.

66% of business owner will build perception centers of quality as a stuff for organizational adjustment.

With companies delivering the voice the consumer into every business support in a cooperative way, 56% of business already report developing customer perception centers of excellence rather them centric or mostly contributed models to fulfill this.

The mostly of primary data optimizer will move from national defense to crime.

Business related will execute opportunities to innovate with data, either through analytics embedded in internal business procedure or through latest data embedded technologies and services. In 2018, more than 50% of will report the Managing director up from 34% in 2016 and 40% in 2017.

Data expert will become the latest new job title.

13% of data-oriented hiring job on online hiring sites are for software engineers, versus less than 1% for data scientists, consider the trend of big data enterprise becoming goal complicate and the require to offer broader support to the business investigator.

The insights-as-a-service trend will double as insight followers boost traction.
66% of business already outsource between 11% and 75% of their BI apps.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Top 10 Tech and Gadgets Gifts for 2018

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Top 10 Tech and Gadgets Gifts for 2018

These days we are getting more obsessed with gadgets and this obsession is increasing with every passing day. We can’t deny our addiction for tech devices and gadgets.

We use multiple devices in our daily life and these machines had made our life easier. We all love gadgets but we also have one friend or a family member who is truly gadget-obsessed and if you have one too then there will be no better gift other than a gadget/device for him/her.

But choosing a perfect gadget for your gadget freak companion can be really time-consuming and overwhelming task. The market is flooded with millions of new, advanced and innovative gadgets. The best way to choose a gift for a gadget freak is to choosing something regarding his/her interests. If the person for whom you are buying gadgets loves music or likes to spend time with drones then you must gift him/her a quality Bluetooth speaker or a drone camera respectively.

I have created a small but worthy list of top 10 tech and gadget gifts for 2018 and this list is surely going to help you in choosing a right gadget for your gadget freak friend.

1.Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the most successful products of Amazon and more than millions of units had been sold since launch. This device connects to a cloud-based voice service named “Alexa” to function.

The Amazon Echo can make calls, play music, set timers and alarms, check the weather, your calendar, sports updates, traffic and ask questions. This device can also manage your shopping lists and also can control your smart home devices if they are compatible.

Features and Specifications:
  • Connect with people by making calls and sending messages over voice commands with Amazon Echo.
  • Eco devices can connect to each other easily and hands-free.
  • The speakers are made with advanced Dolby technology and deliver immersive unidirectional audio, crisp vocals, clear highs and deep bass.
  • This machine consists seven microphones and has a noise cancellation feature too, that means Eco can hear you and respond even while the track is playing.
  • It can simply control the compatible TV’s, smart lights, thermostats, switches and more.

2.Quality VR Headset

VR headsets are one of the most popular gadgets these days. A quality VR headset can be an ideal gift option and I have featured ORB VR headset in this list.
Connect it with your smartphone and experience the virtual 3D world. The best part of this ORB VR headset is that it is compatible with most of the latest smartphones. 
  • Having decent compatibility with most smartphones
  • Content can be easily downloaded from Google or Apple Playstore
  • It comes with a headset port, soft-eye cushion, adjustable lenses and simple gaming functions

3.Drone Camera

If you are planning to buy a nice drone camera then you can go with DJI spark. This drone camera is loaded with multiple extraordinary features.

DJI is one of the world’s best drone camera manufacturers and is known for its quality products. Capture clear, crisp and vibrant aerial images with its 12 MP camera.

Flight Modes - DJI spark comes with different flight modes.
I) Tap Fly - Connect it with your smartphone and control DJI spark and capture photos by just tapping your smartphone’s screen.
II) Active Track - The active track feature of DJI spark makes it capable of tracking and recognizing nearby objects.
III) Gesture - This drone can be controlled by hand gestures too. Their Palm-mode control feature makes it possible to control this device with simple hand motions.
High-Quality Camera - Image stabilization feature makes it possible to capture shake-free and stable images. Its 12MP camera and CMOS sensors ensure capturing high-quality videos and photos.
Great Performance - This lightweight flying machine has an aerodynamic and sleek design. 
Flight Safety - No matter how far has your drone has gone you can bring it back by just tapping the return to the home button.

4. Wireless Earphone

Earphones are one of the most gifted products but it is always difficult to deal with the wires. If you are looking for an earphone for the gifting purpose then you must go with a wireless earphone.

I have included a Panasonic wireless earphone in this list. This wireless earphone could be an ideal gift for a fitness freak and the Panasonic BTS30 wireless earphone has a specific design to provide extra comfort and premium sound even during the busiest sporting activities.

5.Fitbit Tracker

A Fitbit tracker can be another ideal gift for a fitness freak and there is no other device available better than Fitbit for tracking your activities.

This machine is more than a fitness tracker, it delivers calendar alerts, alarm feature, provide guided breathing-sessions, tracks the quality of your sleep and also you can call and text after connecting it with your smartphone.

The large OLED screen makes it possible to access the tracker with ease and the interchangeable wristbands allow you to replace them. You don’t have to compromise with your style; this Fitbit tracker will compliment most of your outfits.

6.DSLR Camera

DSLR’s are all time favorite for the person who loves to spend time with gadgets. If the person whom you want to gift a gadget is good at clicking photos then you must gift him/her a nice DSLR camera.

I have featured an 18 megapixels Canon camera here and for beginners, it is a decent camera. You can capture high-quality pictures and videos and can share them wirelessly WiFi or NFC.
  • 18 MP camera
  • 3 inch LCD screen
  • CMOS sensors
  • 1080 pixels video capturing
  • Built-in flash
  • Rechargeable battery
  • The standard lens having aperture f/3.5-5.6

7. Latest Smartphone

At the time of writing this post about the top 10 tech and gadgets gifts for 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is one of the best latest smartphones.

This smartphone series has been appreciated by the top gadget blogs including Wired, Forbes, Mashable and Time. Its camera is just wow. Its dual aperture lens makes it possible to capture super quality images even in the low light conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are loaded with awesome features. Its camera has a unique feature of creating real-life emojis. You can create emojis of your own selfies with this smartphone.

8. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The best part of Bluetooth speakers is that they are small and portable but despite their small size, these speakers produce surprisingly big sound. If you think that a single speaker is not enough then you can pair two speakers with just one tap.

You can take this UE Wonderboom speaker anywhere you want. No matter if you are chilling at the pool, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be your companion at the beach and pool too.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Battery life of 10 hours
  • Can be easily paired with other UE Wonderboom
  • Compatible with most of the mobile devices


We all were addicted to video games in our childhood. If you want to gift anything to a teenager then you must spend money on a video game console and when it comes to video game consoles nothing will be better than Nintendo gaming consoles.

This ultra-portable gaming machine allows you to play high definition games on the go, at home and everywhere else in between. Dock it, connect with your TV and play games on a bigger screen or undock it to play handily.

10.Power Bank

We use multiple gadgets throughout the whole day and most of our mobile devices such as smartphones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and speakers get discharged.

Once your devices get discharged it becomes almost useless and you become hopeless. Spend money on buying a quality power bank if you yet don’t have one and this can be also used for gifting purpose. The Anker Astro 5200mAh portable charger will be a great option.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Xiaomi Mi 8 is official Lunch New flagship phone with Its Features

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Xiaomi Mi 8 is official Lunch New flagship phone with Its Features

Chinese smartphone maker Xioami today launched Mi8, Mi8 SE, Mi 8 Explorer Edition, Mi Band 3, Mi TV4, Mi VR Standalone and MIUI 10. Mi8 and Mi8 SE are the main focus of all the launching products. The company's flagship MI8 SE is the first smartphone of the company to have Snapdragon 710 processor. The design of Mi8 SE and Nokia is exactly the same as the Mi8, but the company has made it in mind by keeping the mid-range customers in mind. This is the reason that there is a difference between its specifications.

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Mi8 SE specifications

Like Mi8 SE, 5.88 inches full HD plus Super Amoled display has been given to Mi8. Like Mi8, it has been given the Aspect ratio of Novel and the screen 18.7: 9. Talking about the processor, Snapdragon 710 processor has been given in it. This smartphone is launched with two storage options. In a variant, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB memory have been given, while the other variants have 6 GB RAM and 64 GB memory. Talking about the camera, it has a 12-megapixel primary and 5-megapixel secondary camera. Talking about the front camera, it has a 20-megapixel selfie smart shooter. 

This smartphone has been launched in four variant color options Dark Gray, Gold, Bright Blue and Red. The phone has a power of 3210 mAh for power. The price of 4 GB RAM variants has been kept at Rs 18,900, while the variant of 6 GB RAM variant is about 20, Rs 999. This smartphone will be powered by P20 Lite.

Specifications of Hwy P20 Lite: Huawei P20 Lite Android will work with Oreo 8.0 as well as the EMUI 8.0 OS which will support the Nano SIM card. Talk about this smartphone's display, its 5 84-inch full view full HD + display is given. 

This phone will work on the Hisilicon Kirin 659 SOC processor. Speaking of the camera of this smartphone, it has a 16-megapixel primary sensor and a 2-megapixel secondary sensor rear camera and a 24-megapixel camera has been given for selfie. Front camera will be equipped with new features such as 3-D face recognition and AR-based stickers. Talking about the memory of this smartphone, it has 64GB of internal storage with 4GB of RAM, which can be increased to 256GB via micro SD card. Talking about the other features of this smartphone, this will support the USB C-Type Charger, which will help in fast charging. For power it has 3000 mAh battery.

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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

5 Advance gadgets you should have in 2019

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5 Advance gadgets you should have in 2019

Gadget constitutes our life easier. It improves the quality of life. In 2018, gadget set the trademark for basic needs of people. You’ve been using the gadget upon the opening of your eyes in the morning till the closing of your eyes at Night. A gadget is one of the crucial parts of our life, we are attached to. 

Merely imagine the role it plays in our day-to-day life.

Many gadgets are worthy of us. But still, we can’t have access to it. They might be difficult to afford or are needless to us. 

We will look after the most important gadget that we will use in 2018:

Top 5 New Tech Gadgets

1. Smartphone

Looks small, fit in our palm yet we can discover the whole world using the smartphone. The smartphone is one of the noble inventions to date. Thus, it is the must-have gadget on top of our list.

From cell phone to Smartphone, it has emerged. It is still growing. Many features and functionalities are yet to be unveiled.

The first version of the smartphone was gingerbread, and the latest version of it is Nougat.

Smartphones are extremely smart. The most elegant features included in it are:

  • Dual Functionality.
  • Advanced Browsing Capability
  • Human effective Applications
  • Super-Memory
  • Better Camera and many more.

2. Smart TV

Older days with Black and white Screen are only the history. How fast the technology changes?

The colorful screen was introduced. Only the color changes not features. Then, the developer developed Smart TV.

Smart TV is not only just TV they are the future. You can access anything from smart TV. The features included in Smart TV are.

  • Internet Accessible
  • Live Communication
  • Better Screen resolution
  • Wider TV size and
  • Reliable

One of the surveys stated 96.7 % of the citizen of USA owns TV. The importance of TV is behind the program broadcasted every day. The Daily News, Series, Talk shows are the program people are entertained with.

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TV entertains you and the smart TV shows you the future. As follows, it is the most important gadget you must buy in 2018.

3. SmartWatch

In an ancient day, people uses watch just to watch time. But these days watch is not only the watch anymore. More than just a watch, it is the smartwatch. Smartwatch is really smart. All the notifications shown up in the mobile phones are conveyed to the connected watch via Bluetooth.

It is easy to wear and can be used in daily life. Thus, it is another must-have gadget on our list.

The features that can help you with smartwatch are:

  • Heart Rate Track
  • Foot step Track
  • Track Time
  • GPS
  • Voice Commands
  • Music Player and many more

4. Siri

Almost everyone knows Siri. It is the virtual assistant part of Apple. Siri is totally based on Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition. You submit your queries to Siri. Siri tries to respond in human language as much as possible.

You can ask queries to Siri like ‘Siri, who represent the president of the United States of America’. Siri Responds with, ‘The president of the United States of America is blah blah blah’.

You can ask any queries to Siri - whatever in your mind. If it discovered the relevant answer, it will provide you the exact answer.

Siri is fun and helpful to use. Thus, it is, in addition, the one of the best gadget you can try in 2018.

5. Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth Adapter is a device that transmits a Bluetooth signal. Thoroughly connecting with another device, you can convey any data between these two devices. It is frequently used in Desktop computers.

Most of the Desktop pc comes with no Bluetooth device. As a result, you need to use wires to connect printers, mouse, keyboard and other gadgets.

Bluetooth Adapter connects all of these gadgets within a single second. Thus, there is no need to use freaking wires to connect these devices. A portable device connects all of these super gadgets. 

Therefore, it is also the best have gadget on our list.



A gadget is ruling the world. Most often, we spent our time with our own gadget. Either it is a smartphone or TV or Siri. The most important part of a gadget is, it is entertaining us. Above all, it demonstrates us the modern thing.

We can learn the whole new dimension of the world only using gadget. It is freaking easy to use. Smartphone and Internet Accessibility can produce a lot more thing to improve our lives.

There are some negative aspects too. But who cares. Focus on positive aspect and learn as much as you can.

If you have, any queries related to this post, feel free to ask!