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5 Smart Home Technology Upgrades that Will Increase the Equity of Your Home

As the desire for smart functioning devices increases in the world of property, so does the price tag attached to your home if you have invested in upgrading your home with technological devices. As the world becomes heavily dependent on technology, we incorporate it into all aspects of our lives- and our homes are no exception. For estate agents, it's easier to sell homes with automation systems, as they signal to prospective buyers that these homes are capable of keeping up with modern times, and in addition to increasing the kerb appeal. Having a smart home enables you to stay engaged with your family and society, increase your homes safety, and add value to your property. So, if you're wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, perhaps upgrading your home with smart home technology is the way to go- and here at We Buy Any House have our top 7 smart home technology upgrades.

#1- Smart Locks:

As the cost of living rises and people begin to find themselves struggling financially, the crime of theft is becoming increasingly common. Home invasions in particular are an area of target, as we keep our most valuable items stored away in our homes. The standard bolt lock is becoming easier for burglars to take advantage of- so investing in a smart lock is wise. Convenient and easy to install, they provide the best security for your home. The locks enable you to unlock your door with a voice command or connecting to an app on your phone.

#2- Smart Thermostats:

Since around the 1950s, programmable thermostats have been around. But the problem is, is that most standard clock-type thermostats are old-fashioned and sometimes difficult to work out. Smart thermostats are a great upgrade, and definitely a step towards the future. Smart thermostats remove all of the guess work (and frankly, thinking process) when it comes to heating your home. Since everything is controlled via an app, you can control your home heating system through your phone.

#3- Smart Smoke Detector:

We all have smoke alarms in our homes, but realistically- how many of us keep on top of smoke alarm maintenance? The smart smoke detector could not only save you money, but also save your life. The device is a pro at sensing air quality and can sense the difference between smoke from a pan of frying bacon- and whether your house is on fire. Unlike other smoke alarms, the device also beeps when the batteries are low- which will remind you to maintain your smoke alarm.

#4- Smart Lighting:

Investing in smart lighting is a huge upgrade from your regular lighting system- and can work wonders for your energy bills, and the efficiency of your home. Smart lighting dimmer and sensor systems can help you to turn your lights on and off using a smartphone app, where they can also be customised to perform in certain ways- such as growing brighter as you wake up in the morning. The lights can also be controlled anywhere- so if you forget to turn your lights off and you have left the house, you can do it with ease from your own phone.

#5-  Smart Moisture Sensor:

Nothing can ruin your chances of selling your home quite like a hint of mold or water damage throughout the property. In the case of damp or mold in a property, prevention is certainly better than cure- as the expenses to fix water or moisture repair can cost a large sum of money. The smart moisture sensor detects any leaks, humidity or temperature changes.

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