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UI/UX Designs: Defining the Mobile Apps for the Audience

 There are uncountable mobile applications available on the app store today. Some have been successful while some are still struggling to get users' attention in this competitive mobile app market. But, what is that one common thing with all successful mobile apps? That is, they all have an amazing look and feel. 

Almost every user looks for an application with a crystal clear navigation and engaging user-interface. An appealing mobile app design plays a lead role in enhanced user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). A professional mobile app developer puts the main emphasis on the eye-catchy user interface for an attractive look and feel. Mobile apps with excellent interface grab millions of user's attention and put a long-lasting impact on them. It is therefore significant to focus on UI/UX while developing a mobile app for your business.

So what entails a good Ui/UX design?

Here we will discuss the key points for a perfect UI/UI design of a mobile app for a great audience: In this guide, we will highlight the reasons why a mobile application must have an efficient UI/UX design and how it contributes to your business growth.

User Interface (UI)

It is the main factor to give your app an attractive appearance that catches the user's eyes. It ensures that the users interacting with the app have an awesome experience. It includes some key points like graphics, design, and presentation. An efficient user interface builds a strong connection with users.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) relates to human feelings, emotions, preferences, and perceptions during and after using an application. An App’s simplicity, accessibility, and compatibility offer a satisfactory user experience. To create a perfect UX design, you need to go through deep market research to understand the taste and Preferences of your target audience.

 Reasons Why Your App needs an Efficient Ul/UX design

Coming up with an engaging Ul/UX design for an application is always the utmost approach for entrepreneurs. This requires thorough market research and a pre-planned work approach in order to understand the requirements of the end-users and the problem you intend to solve with your mobile app. Regardless of your business requirements you need to create a design that catches the audience's attention and lets your app survive in the mobile app market.

Below are the reasons why you must follow standard practice for ultimate UI/ UX:

It enhances customer satisfaction hence improved ROI

An appealing mobile app design offers your audience and informative, quality content, and easy navigation. It satisfies users with the services of your application. Satisfied clients are the key to build a strong customer base as one single client recommends your app to another. This way a chain of potential clients build-up. This leads to a great increment in customers. Besides, they will also become loyal to your brand and become potential buyers that come back again to avail the services and products you are offering. This results in increased sales and ROI.

Helps you understand your audience

Before creating a UI/UX, you have to know what your target users are looking for? Understand their needs first. Always remember that you are building for your audience by your audience. Once you know your audiences it helps you to convert the prospective consumers into your loyal customers that lead to increased sales and brand recognition.

Increases sales

While shopping for the required services and products, customers prefer mobile apps more than a website. Installing the application on a mobile device and using it anytime anywhere gives easy accessibility to the end-users. From bill payment to ordering food, from cab booking to healthcare consultation consumers' dependency on feature-rich mobile apps is increasing day by day. In such an era, your app should deliver a great shopping experience and safe payments transaction. It helps an organization to increase sales and revenue.

Build Customer Relationship

User-friendly and feature-filled mobile applications can build a strong customer relationship. It helps entrepreneurs to establish an unbreakable bond with their potential customers. Your application must support the advanced functionalities and clear navigation that help users too conveniently. Clients' care and satisfaction are the two major factors to make your app successful and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Builds Your Brand

Investing and putting efforts in ultimate UI/UX design increase consumer satisfaction hence ending up with happy users. People like to avail products and services from reputed brands. If you want to stand out in the industry and make yourself an unbeatable brand then focus on delivering a flawless user experience. It enhances your credibility and people start recognizing your brand more often. Creating a user-centric UI/US builds a great brand reputation and creates a good relationship between your brand and its users.

Saves Time and Money

If you mainly emphasize great UI/UX design and invest for the same, there are fewer chances that users will avoid using your application. A perfect product will not require frequent upgrades that let you save the time and money you would invest in developing app updates. Upgrading a mobile app takes extra time, effort, and money. A product based on the right methodology, latest tools, and technologies do not need frequent updates.

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How Ul/UX Design Makes Your Mobile App Successful?

App users like those apps that provide easy access and navigation to the content they are looking for. The renowned mobile apps like Whatsapp have relentlessly offered their end-user and interactive experience and seamless navigation. This is the reason that no single person is unaware of such a great innovation in the mobile app industry. Developing an interactive UI/UX is the first step towards the success of your mobile application. This is because the majority of app users prefer an app that delivers visually appealing design and supreme functionality.

Retain Uniformity

Focus on creating a consistent layout that can fit well on all platforms. A consistent mobile app design creates familiarity with the application. It allows users to interact with your app easily.

Use a Simple Design

Keep it simple! Simplicity always attracts users, don't make your app design complicated with a lot of images, content, and loud colors. You should follow the design approach that delivers an exceptional experience with minimal inputs. This enhances the app's usability and customer loyalty to the application. The app consists of a lot of clutter that makes complex navigation that somehow diverts users and puts them away from your app. No doubt that a complex app design ultimately gives away your potential customers to your competitors.

Provide Fast Loading Speed

You never want to wait for so long to get your desired services. So how can you expect the same from your target audiences? Keep your app optimized that it can offer fast performance and loading speed. An ideal mobile app is optimized enough to deliver fast loading to prevent users from moving to another application. Understand the value of users' time and curiosity when they come to your app to get the desired service. One second delay or slow response can take them away from your app.

Use Standard Elements

To enhance the user’s familiarity and confidence with the app, you should utilize standard icons, symbols, colors, and buttons. Your app should act as a guide to the user that helps them to understand where to next. It helps users to easily navigate your app and provide a great experience. The more satisfied users will be, the more your consumer network will grow.     

Make it More Interactive

An interactive app leaves no space for an unsatisfied customer. An interactive mobile app provides easy navigation. Some key elements like color schemes, icons, location, and theme play a lead role to make your app more interactive. Ensure that the color and theme you use in your app should be relevant to your brand. Using complex color schemes reduces the appearance of your application. The more interactive your application is the more traffic it will gain.

Use Large Formats and Visuals

Large formats and visuals keep users focused on your app. It enables users to concentrate on the app features and functionalities. The content on your application should be well structured and arranged in a proper manner so that the user can read and understand it easily. The app content should be arranged in a systematic way so that users can interact with it conveniently.

Use High-resolution Images

You should use high-resolution images in your application that can be clearly visible on all the supportive devices. Using low-resolution images tend to be unclear or blurred. You should multiply pixel counts of the given image by scale factors. It ensures high-resolution images.

Include Feedback and Response Time

Feedback time empowers the customer to collaborate with the app for the completion of the desired task. The clients can leave feedback on their experience in your application furthermore, inform you concerning the zones to develop Feedback establishes the intuitive design and ought to be a part of a decent application. Feedback time is the period wherein the client's feedback gets received. Response time is the manner your application reacts to the feedback of the client. Reaction time should be within 1 to 10 seconds. This way your customers can appreciate utilizing your application.

Provide User Assistance and Help

User assistance and help increase your app usability. This feature is implemented to deliver required information when the user gets stuck or when something unexpected occurs. This feature helps users to find the right solution in case of an emergency situation. With this feature users can easily come out with the complexity they are facing. If users will not get immediate assistance at the time they need it, chances are they will delete your application and look for another application offering the same feature.


The Ul/UX design of a mobile app is the most critical aspect of the application. If your app becomes successful, then it will completely depend upon the two key factors - your mobile app User Interface and User Experience. You need to research and find what is in the trend, taste of the target audience, consumers' preferences, and demands. It will help you to deliver engaging content and an amazing user experience. Following the best practice while mobile app development you must meet the user's expectations and requirements.

Authors Bio:

Brian Comel is a senior mobile app developer at a renowned mobile app development company, Sparx IT Solutions. With great coding skills he is equally capable in writing informative blogs and articles. He likes sharing educational content with readers.


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