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How to Be a Professional YouTube Gamer

Channe ls like YouTube and Twitch are among the prominent destinations for gamer to watch further gamer play. Top gaming streamers play games not only to please their fans but to make money doing it. One of the top five YouTube influences of 2018, Felix Kjellberg, commonly pertained to by his YouTube name, PewDiePie, brags over 91 million subscribers and has attained an estimated 120 million dollars playing games. 

And while PewDiePie is an outlier in terms of making the most money, he’s far from being the only YouTube gamer earning a living from spewing their online gaming prowess. Two of the top five YouTube channels with the most subscribers worldwide are gaming-related. Getting paid to play video games on YouTube is a fast-growing trend, and getting started isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. Here’s how you can become a YouTube gamer.

Let’s get jumped

1. Come up with a theme

Prior to you film your first YouTube video, you'll need to know what your channel is going to focus on. All content produced on your channel should follow your conventional theme from day one.
  • For instance, you might decide to hold with a horror theme, or you might gravitate more toward titles in the first-person shooter genre.
  • You should name your channel something extraordinary that expresses the theme.

2. Differ your content type

While your channel's mutual theme should connect all of your content, that doesn't mean all of your content needs to be similar. You should find a way to weave your channel's theme through different types of content.
  • For instance, you might specialize in doing "Let's Plays", but you could also add a review factor to your channel.
  • Also, you can always put in a challenge-based series of videos to round off your standard walk-through or Let's Plays.
  • If you direct on competitive multiplayer, try analyzing your footage in a live stream or giving other players directions.

3. Purchase and utilize high-quality recording and editing equipment

If your videos aren't high-definition with decent sound quality and proper editing, even devoted subscribers won't spend a long duration of time watching them. Conventional equipment you'll need to ensure high-quality videos includes the following:

  • A capture card - The equipment you'll use to record your on-screen content. These tend to run around $150.
  • microphone - Having a reliable microphone will assure that your audio is both live during the play-through (rather than added in later) and clear. You can usually find these for between $15 and $120.
  • Video editing software - Even offering your videos a cursory edit to eliminate embarrassing or monotonous parts will do admires for your video quality. "Wondershare Fillmore" is a tremendous moderate video-editing software option for both Mac and PC users.
  • An external hard drive (optional but recommended) - Since you're going to be recording and editing high-definition video files, having an external storage unit for your footage will assure that your computer's long-term performance won't undergo from storing too much data. Backing up your videos to an external hard drive also means you won't have to bother about them being missed if your channel goes down.

4. Broadcast your videos consistently

Whether it's once a week or once a day, organize a posting schedule, and clasp to it. Your devoted YouTube subscribers will look forward to your next post date, so don't keep them waiting!
  • If you have to change the time and/or date at which you'll be publishing, address it in a video.
  • Evaluate writing down the time and date that you'll post your next video in the description section.
  • There is such a thing as posting too often you don't want to over-saturate your subscribers' home pages.

5. Stimulate your YouTube videos on social media

If your YouTube video is only available on YouTube, you're restricting the demographic that will find and view your video. Posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other high-profile social media sites will shortly increase the number of people who slip across your video.
  • You can also stimulate your videos on their appropriate subeditor.
  • YouTube-specific sites like Screw-attack tend to feature up-and-coming YouTube gamer.

6. Ask users for their feedback

Doing so will both help you enhance your channel in a way that the majority of your users will recognize and illustrate that you care about your fanbase. The feedback you'll want to look for comprises the following:
  • Games to play - Ask your subscribers for a wishlist of games they'd like to see soon.
  • Story style - The way you speak on the camera will affect how well-liked your videos are by your subscribers.
  • Extra content - As spoke of lately, you'll want to differ your content. Still, you should run your extra content ideas over your subscribers first.
  • Public feedback - Allow your subscribers to tell you what they like and what they don't about any factor of your channel and demonstration.

7.Play high-profile releases

 In a modification to playing the games that your subscribers want you to play, you should also plan any newly released title that fits your channel's content theme. You'll at least want to do this in the initial stages of your channel since the number of people eager in a high-profile new game is usually going to be greater than the number of people eager in watching you play or review a classic.
  • The simplest way to process user feedback on which new releases you should play is to use a Google Form.
  • You can usually preorder an edition of the new release in question and receive it on the day of its release.
  • Live streaming your early few hours with the game is a decent way to change up the rate of your videos.

8. Engage with the community

Outside of soliciting for suggestions or answering questions related exclusively to the content on your channel, you should discover ways to engage your subscribers by answering back to their comments and providing information to their analyses.
  • One simple way to do this is to install the YouTube app to your smartphone and respond to comments on-the-go.
  • Game analysis is always something in which YouTube users participate in the comments section. You can participate in this analysis or deliver one of your own.

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