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How do I recover deleted app photos?

If any necessary pictures or videos are deleted from the phone, it becomes difficult to bring them back. There are some Android phones that have the option to recycle bin, but not all of them. However, now Google has made its way and decided to offer the Recycle Bin feature in all phones with Android 11. With the Android 11 update, this feature will come in almost all Android smartphones, which can be used to restore a photo or video even after it has been deleted. However, it will only benefit the phones that are going to get this latest update.

Photo will be deleted from the recycle bin after 30 days. After this new feature comes, any photo / video that will be deleted from the phone's gallery app will go to the recycle bin. However, this file will only stay here for up to 30% and will then be automatically deleted from there. That is, users will have 30 days to restore that file.

This feature is already available in Google's app

Google Photos app already has this feature. If you delete a photo or video, it stays in its Trash folder and stays here for about 60 days. Users can restore it at any time if they wish.

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